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I have helped thousands of people to transition from a mere online store to a business owner with customized eCommerce strategies.

Starting an eCommerce Business Requires Smarter:

Strategies to Scale Your Sales and Increase Margins

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And Systems to Accelerate Your Traffic Growth

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I can sum up everything I’ve ever learned about eCommerce in one sentence:

Sell Like a Brand, Not Like Your Competition.

If you want to learn how to start an eCommerce business in 2022 to make life-changing money, you need to stop selling cheap products from china & start developing the right mindset, systems & processes to scale your eCommerce journey like a real business, not a hobby.

I started my eCommerce journey back in 2016 while I was still at my corporate job, building my business on the side.

I took what I learned in the startup world and started to scale my eCommerce brand like a startup.

By treating my eCommerce journey like a real business from day one, I stopped being the tortured employee who does packing & shipping and doesn’t care about the customers, to becoming the CEO of a six-figure eCommerce brand.

First, let’s face it – most advice for starting an eCommerce business as a Soloprenuer is outdated.

Whether you’re selling on Amazon, Shopify, ebay or any other platform,

The truth is eCommerce have changed immensely over the last couple of years, and what made sense then doesn’t really make sense now.

In my opinion, Old school Private Label is Dead, and what made sense then doesn’t really make sense now.

What that means is that the Traditional way of doing it is extremely outdated, and if you want to succeed in 2022 and beyond with eCommerce, your strategy needs to be changed.

You’re sold on the dream of passive income, all while 99% of people who get started in the online business world are failing, and the same gurus are making money selling courses.

I hate to break it to you, but you’ve been lied to.

These online gurus tell you to sell what everybody else is selling; you don’t need money and you only do a 4-hour workweek, and you’ll make a ton of money.

They make it sound a lot better than it actually is.

From my Experiences, (After growing two successful eCommerce brands to multiple six figures)

To grow your eCommerce business in 2022 and beyond, you need New Tactics, New Mindset, and New Processes.

The entire reason I created this blog is to abandon this old advice & update your eCommerce tactics for 2022 & beyond.

Here’s what I intend to help you with for your eCommerce business:

Our community of eCompreneurs is built to help you:

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