7+ Places To Buy Amazon Return Pallets To Make Money Online

Did you know that you can buy Amazon return pallets and sell them for profits?

You’ve probably shopped on Amazon and, at some point, returned a few items that didn’t impress you or didn’t meet your expectations.

You are not alone!

According to Envision Horizon, the average return rate on Amazon is between 5% and 15%, with some categories like clothing and electronics going as high as 40%.

A plausible reason for the high return rate is Amazon’s free returns shipping policy that allows consumers to return almost any item within 90 days.

But have you ever wondered what happens to the Amazon return pallets?

Ponder no more!

I’ll show you what Amazon does with the goods returned and how you can take advantage of it to make money. I’ll shed light on the following:

  • What Amazon Return Pallets Are
  • Where Amazon Returns Pallets Go
  • Best Ways to Buy & Look for Amazon Return Pallets
  • Tips on Buying Quality Amazon Pallets to Make Money Online
  • How To Safely Buy Amazon Return Pallets?

That’s said, let’s dig into the facts!

What are Amazon Return Pallets?

When shoppers return goods to Amazon, the company groups them into pallets known as Amazon Return Pallets for resale at discounted prices.

Instead of sending the returned merchandise back to the sellers, which may be costly, Amazon will palletize them for disposal, but at lower prices.

In other words, Amazon liquidates the returned items as Amazon Return Pallets. It then allows interested people to buy the palletized products.

You can take the risk and start an ecommerce business that refurbishes and resells the returned products to earn profits.

Notably, Amazon groups the pallets depending on the products’ sizes, categories, brands, retailers, and locations.

Where Do Amazon Returned Pallets Go?

Crosschecking Amazon Return Pallets

If buyers on Amazon are unhappy with the items they buy on the ecommerce platform, they are free to return them to Amazon.

Sometimes customers can return the items because they don’t need them anymore, or the products are different from what they expected.

It doesn’t mean that all returned products are faulty or damaged.

Unfortunately, for the seller, inspecting, repacking, and relisting the returned products can be costly from an economic perspective.

So, where do the returned products go?

Amazon will liquidate the products by selling them to liquidators, who provide them to small businesses and resellers through online liquidation marketplaces.

However, liquidators have to sell the products at discounted prices.

Online liquidation marketplaces that sell Amazon Return Pallets make it easy for sellers to access high-quality unbranded and branded merchandise at affordable costs.

Best Ways to Buy & Look for Amazon Return Pallets

How and where can you buy Amazon return pallets and then resell them to earn income?

Upon receiving customer returns, Amazon will always sell them to liquidation companies ready to accept the items and resell them at discountable prices.

Most liquidation companies operate online, including Amazon Liquidation Auctions in the US and B-Stock in the US and UK.

You can buy Amazon’s customer returns from the liquidation company websites and resell them to make money online.

Let’s find out how it works.

1. Buying Returns Pallets from Amazon Liquidation Auctions (US)

Bid on the Latest Amazon Liquidation Lots

Source: Amazon (B-Stock)

Amazon Liquidation Auctions is the best place to purchase a vast range of inventory for your online business.

You can buy the liquidation merchandise directly from Amazon when you launch Amazon Liquidation Auctions as a registered business.

However, the B2B marketplace only allows US-based buyers to purchase liquidated merchandise from them. You need a valid reseller certificate for eligibility.

Upon approval by Amazon, you can bid and buy overstock merchandise directly, including:

  • Apparel
  • Books
  • Consumer electronics
  • Footwear
  • Groceries
Bidding for Consumer Electronics on Amazon Liquidation Auctions

Source: Amazon (B-Stock)

Pro Tip: Amazon Liquidation Auctions has been B-Stock’s partner since 2018. So, you must first register with B-Stock and get approval to start bidding on the marketplace. You won’t pay any fee when applying to become an approved buyer.

2. Buying Returns Pallets from Liquidation with B-Stock (UK)

Liquidation Auctions for Inventory From The UK

Source: B-Stock

Businesses in the UK can also buy Amazon’s liquidated merchandise on B-Stock.

The platform offers liquidation auctions in many countries globally but limits the sale of Amazon’s products in the US and Europe.

So, you can quickly bid on bulk quantities of inventory from UK manufacturers, retailers, and trade-in companies.

The goods’ conditions on the other branded pallets can vary from new to salvage.

Since various marketplaces have unique requirements, you must send an application for each marketplace individually.

Leading Marketplaces for Inventory on B-Stock UK

Source: B-Stock

Don’t forget to factor in the shipping rates, which vary depending on the shipping options.

Pro Tip: Register your business and get resale certificates to buy customer return pallets or LTL (less than truckload).

3. Buying Returns Pallets from Liquidation with B-Stock (Canada)

Liquidation Auctions from Canada on B-Stock

Source: B-Stock

Canadians can also purchase return pallets from liquidation with B-Stock.

Several B2B liquidation marketplaces offer a vast range of products to Canadian buyers who need to invest in selling Amazon return pallets.

You can bid on a vast range of products from leading manufacturers in Canada who sell various products, from brand new, like new, mixed condition, to salvage.

Liquidation Product Categories on B-Stock

Source: B-Stock

Pro Tip: In B-Stock, liquidation auctions from Canada are only available in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

Buying Amazon Customer Returns Pallets from Other Websites

You can also buy Amazon customer returns from other online resellers like BULQ, Direct Liquidation, Liquidation.com, BlueLots, 888Lots, and BoxFox.

Let’s look at how these websites sell pallets of returned Amazon products.


Listing of Consumer Electronics on BULQ

Source: BULQ

If you don’t like bidding when buying Amazon returns, you need to visit BULQ, one of the biggest ecommerce platforms for selling liquidation merchandise.

With BULQ, you can always add your favorite pallets to your cart and check out without bidding. That’s because the marketplace doesn’t sell merchandise through auctions.

What makes BULQ different from some liquidation websites is that buyers can know the products in pallets before buying Amazon returns..

You’ll see a descriptive photo of the pallet and its content list, making it easy to purchase the exact products you need.

However, BULQ doesn’t display the condition of the products on the pallets. You may get some items broken, missing parts, or maybe non-functional.

List of Products on a Pallet on BULQ

Source: BULQ

Pro Tip: You must register and get a resale certificate to purchase Amazon pallets from BULQ. Also, it offers shipping to US addresses only at a flat fee of $30.

5. Liquidation.com

Liquidation.com Homepage with Filters for Lot Size, Brands, and Location

Source: Liquidation.com

Like BULQ, Liquidation.com also works with major retailers and outlets, including Amazon.

The product categories available on Liquidation.com are apparel, computer, electronics, houseware, industrial, and vehicles.

You can buy some items in boxes, pallets, or truckloads. However, Liquidation.com sells Amazon return pallets through auctions.

Pallets with fewer bids tend to be less expensive, and you can earn a great deal with them. However, pallets with several offers can cost worth more than their price.

Unfortunately, Liquidation.com doesn’t provide much information about the products and brands on the pallets. You can only guess what’s inside.

Bidding a Listing on Liquidation.com

Source: Liquidation.com

Pro Tip: To start bidding on Liquidation.com, you must first register with the marketplace. Remember to familiarize yourself with the requirement.

6. Direct Liquidation

Direct Liquidation Homepage with Listings from Different Brands

Source: Direct Liquidation

Another reliable place to purchase Amazon return pallets is Direct Liquidation, a liquidation marketplace that works with Amazon and other online stores like Walmart.

Direct Liquidation conducts all the retail sales by auction. Like in physical stores, you must have excellent bidding skills to win big in the online marketplace.

If you don’t wish to participate in live auctions, you can look for pallets sold at fixed prices. Check for pallets with the “Buy it Now” button and click on the button to buy immediately.

The good thing about Direct Liquidation is that you can perform searches for customer return pallets based on store or brand by using the filters.

But before you buy any Amazon return pallet from Direct Liquidation, you must sign up for a free account. The sign-up process is pretty simple.

Product Listings for Walmart on Direct Liquidation

Source: Direct Liquidation

Pro Tip: Be careful with the photos displayed on the auctions because they may not reflect the actual products in the pallets.

7. BlueLots

BlueLots Homepage for Wholesale and Liquidation Auctions

Source: BlueLots

BlueLots connects small businesses and entrepreneurs looking forward to earning extra income from buying bulk liquidation inventory and reselling for profits.

This B2B marketplace sells customer returns from some of the biggest brands globally, including Amazon.

The product categories on BlueLots are clothing, shoes, general merchandise, electronics, health and beauty products, sporting goods, and Home and Garden products.

Unlike some liquidation marketplaces, BlueLots doesn’t include markups in their inventory. Instead, they earn profits by applying charges to retailers directly.

A Customer Return Pallet Listed on BlueLots

Source: BlueLots

Pro Tip: You can check the clearance without creating an account. However, you must register on the website to access an entire inventory and make online purchases.

8. 888Lots

888Lots Homepage with Discount Offers for New Members

Source: 888Lots

Buyers can also source customer return pallets from 888Lots, which gets a significant part of their inventory from Amazon.

You can purchase small, individual Amazon pallets as well as oversized bulk pallets. 888Lots sells individual products at low prices, helping you save a few hundred dollars.

Unlike some marketplaces, 888Lots sells clearance lots for brand-new products.

The best thing about 888Lots is that it sells various pallets, with each pallet having a description of the items inside and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

You’ll be able to see a product’s condition, Amazon sales rank, ASIN, Amazon reviews rank, and product images. 888Lots also offers estimated profits for reselling each item.

Product Listing on 888Lots and the Suggested Price

Source: 888Lots

Pro Tip: As a US-based customer, you need a valid resale certificate to buy products from 888Lots. However, non-US customers only require valid business registration.

9. BoxFox

Placing Bids on Lots on BoxFox

Source: BoxFox

If you plan to buy Amazon return pallets from an online marketplace that stocks new items, you can opt for BoxFox. You can get incredible deals on overstock inventory.

The BoxFox marketplace sells only products that are new in condition. It’s the best place to source new inventory and resell the items for profits.

You can buy pallets directly from retailers through auctions. For instance, you can source Amazon return pallets from Amazon’s warehouses through BoxFox.

You can create a BoxFox account for free to track live auctions. The good news is that BoxFox also offers a mobile application to ensure you don’t miss great deals.

Signing Up on BoxFox for the Buyer's Account

Source: BoxFox

Pro Tip: BoxFox sells only brand new merchandise, with each product having preset appraisal values. However, you can bid below or above the listed pricing.

Tips on Buying Quality Amazon Pallets to Make Money Online

When buying Amazon pallets, your primary objective is to resell them and make profits.

You must implement strategies that will help you maximize your profits. For example, you can repair or refurbish the items to make them look “like new.”

Let’s dig deeper into the tips!

Inspect the Products

A Worker Inspecting Boxes on a Pallet

Source: Western Pallet

Inspect the items on a pallet and group them into multiple categories before listing them.

Inspecting the goods helps you classify their conditions as brand-new, like-new, or used.

You can group the inspected products into the following categories:

  • New Factory-Sealed: Brand new items in their original unopened packaging
  • New Open-Box: New items in opened packaging
  • Refurbished: Inspected, repaired, accessorized, and repackaged products
  • Used: Functional but used items with a few signs of tear and wear

Repair or Refurbish Broken Merchandise

Some of the items on an Amazon return pallet may be broken or damaged.

You can repair or refurbish the products before resale to increase their resale values.

The good news is that items on Amazon return pallets require minor and quick repairs.

If a pallet has many faulty products, you can remove a few functional components from one item and install them in another similar product to make it complete.

Unboxed Broken Kettle

Source: iStock

Sort and Bundle

Upon buying an Amazon return pallet, you need to examine and sort out individual items.

You can group the items into two categories. One group for products you’ll resell straight out of the boxes, and another for goods requiring attention.

You can bundle some of the products to make them more attractive and valuable.

Accessorize the Missing Parts

Most Amazon customers return products that miss essential components.

Consider adding the missing pieces and relist the merchandise online on your ecommerce store.

For example, if a client had to return a smartphone because it had no charger, accessorize the smartphone with a new charger to make it complete.

Repackage the Products

Damaged Product Packaging Made of Cardboard

Source: iStock

If the packaging of some products is damaged, you’ll have to repackage them to make them more secure and attractive.

Use the original replacement packaging, if possible. But if you can’t find the original packaging material, use high-quality, plain packaging.

How To Safely Buy Amazon Return Pallets?

Liquidation companies that sell Amazon return pallets always want their merchandise to sell faster. That’s why they sell the items at competitively lower prices.

Here is how to safely purchase the Amazon return pallets to avoid inconveniences.

  • Buy the Amazon return pallets from a highly experienced and reputable seller. Ensure that the seller offers an exceptional customer experience.
  • Know the condition of the inventory you plan to buy. Some products may need repairs, while you can buy and sell others for parts.
  • Check the seller’s online reviews to get more insight into its products and return policies. Get the reviews on a reliable review site like Trustpilot.
  • Calculate shipping costs as it will affect your profits. Some sellers may deliver the pallets to you and charge shipping costs, while others will want you to pick them.
B-Stock's Reviews on TrustPilot

Source: Trustpilot

FAQs – Amazon Return Pallets

So far, you know how to buy Amazon return pallets and the best places to buy the returns.

However, you may still find yourself asking the following questions.

1. Can You Make Money Buying and Selling Amazon Return Pallets?

Yes! You can make lots of money by buying and selling high-quality products. However, the profits will depend on your efforts. You’ll make more money when you repair, refurbish, and repackage damaged products before selling.

2. Where Do Amazon Returns Go?

Whenever customers return goods to Amazon, the company will avail the items to liquidation marketplaces, which will then sell the products at discounted prices.

Interested buyers can buy liquidated merchandise on pallets and resell them to earn profits. Top liquidators include Liquidation Auctions, Direct Liquidation, and B-Stock.

3. How to Get Amazon Return Pallets Near Me?

Consider buying Amazon return pallets from an online liquidation marketplace with a vast network of distribution centers.

The best liquidation marketplace has branches near Amazon warehouses and major highways to cut down wait times and transport costs.

Wrap Up

Buying and reselling Amazon return pallets is one of the most exciting ways to make money online. You’ll enjoy opening the mystery boxes and reselling the items for profit.

Consider sourcing the pallets from a reliable seller. The best places to consider are B-Stock, BULQ, Liquidation.com, Direct Liquidation, BlueLots, 888Lots, and BoxFox.

The good news is that you now know where to buy Amazon return pallets and what to do to maximize profits from your sales.