7 Best Amazon Review Checker for 2023 (Spot Fake Reviews)

Both sellers and buyers on Amazon have to deal with fake reviews.

It is a pain for buyers to get lured into believing that a product is of good quality even if it isn’t. On the other hand, sellers need a tool to help them manage competitors that work hard to sabotage their business.

I found the solution for both. My list of the Best Amazon Review Checkers to Spot Fake Reviews is based on price and features like depth of analysis, limit on monitoring, and review management capabilities of different Amazon review checkers.

Best Fake Amazon Review Checker For Buyers

1. FakeSpot

Free Amazon review checker that buyers can use to determine if product has fake reviews

FakeSpot helps you avoid sellers trying to game the system. To me, it is the best Amazon review checker for buyers.

They not only analyze product reviews on Amazon but also on other websites. You can get the extension of FakeSpot for Chrome and Firefox. The company also offers iOS and Android apps from the Google Play Store.

The system not only reviews the product. It also tells you the grade of the company selling it.

So, for example, if you are looking at a Hershey’s Kisses package on Amazon, and the company name is Sunny Island, FakeSpot will say if it is a Grade A, B, C, etc.

You can use the grade rating as a guide to decide if you want to deal with this company or not. For example, you do not want to deal with a company with a grade of C or lower as it is likely that it uses fake reviews or negative reviews.

Report of FakeSpot where people can see if the seller is approved by the system or not.

Key Features

  • Multiple Platforms – the FakeSpot review checker is available for use on Amazon, eBay, Sephora, Best Buy, Shopify, and Walmart.
  • Different Filters – you can filter product reviews by review grade-; you can choose to view only the negative reviews.As such, you will only see products that the system approves. Do not waste your time on shady products.
  • Bad Seller Notice – if the product you are looking at has fake reviews, the system will give you a warning that says, “This seller has a caution.” This warning is either above or below the Add-to-Cart button of the product page.
  • Review Summary – this Amazon review checker offers a link that shows you the best highlights about the approved product. This section is a snapshot of what you need to know about the product to make a decision.


FakeSpot is a free product that you can get now as an extension or an app. All you need to do is choose which platform you want to use.

2. Review Meta

Review Meta can check if an Amazon product is suspicious; it tells shoppers if the product passed or failed its assessment.

Review Meta is a simple tool to use. All you need to do is paste the URL of an Amazon product in the box provided, and the review checker tool will show you what it thinks.

The developers said it is a must-have for anyone shopping on Amazon who wants to spot fake reviews or negative reviews. What I like about it is that it tells me why it is scoring a product so low.

For example, the review checker report shows me if the product has same-day reviewers, substantially repeated phrases in the reviews, and so much more.

It also has a report card that shows if the grade of the product is Pass or Fail. In addition, it shows you the rating on several categories: Deleted Reviews, Suspicious Reviews, Word Count Comparison, and Reviewer Participation.

The report shows the real score of the product if the suspicious reviews are removed.

Key Features

  • Availability – you can use the Amazon review checker on iOS, Android, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. All these extensions and apps are free.
  • Multiple Amazon Sites – the system provides feedback for fake reviews in Amazon US and other countries like France, Italy, Canada, and so much more.
  • Adjusted Reviews – even if the Amazon product page shows that the rating is 4.2, the Review Meta algorithm will show you an adjusted score. If it is that bad, this score of 4.2 will go down to 3.0.
  • Report of Adjustment – once the system has checked all the reviews, it gives you a report. It explains why it recommends the product or believes that there are fake reviews.


The entire system is free to use. Go to the Review Meta review checker website now to get the free extension. If you are using mobile, download it from the app store.

3. The Review Index

Get a free summary of review commentaries for an Amazon listing; all you need to do is to paste the URL in a box.

The Review Index is another simple tool where you paste the URL of the Amazon product in a search box. What the system does for all the reviews is quantify statistical probabilities.

I like the report because it gives a summary of the product’s trustworthiness in terms of numbers. The Amazon review checker scores the product between 1 to 10. At the bottom of the review, you will also see a Pass/Fail summary for different categories.

The best thing I like about the Review Index is the summary of comments per product feature.

For example, if you check an earphone, the system has a section for Comfort. Here, you can see all the positive comments about the product comfort in your ear. You will also see negative feedback.

There is also a Spam Test that tells you a warning. If there is a warning, you should be aware of unnatural patterns in the reviews. If you click that button, you will see a detailed report.

The report has a score according to proprietary algorithm. High scores indicate that the seller is trustworthy.

Key Features

  • Browser Support – you can use an extension of the review checker on Chrome and Firefox.
  • Overview – this report shows you the overall score. A rating of 7 and up is an excellent place to start as a standard.
  • Overview Summary – the report shows positive and negative reviews for each aspect of the product.
  • Spam – this section tells you whether the product passed or failed several tests like Review Count Per Reviewer, Unverified Review Streak, Verified Reviews, High-Velocity Reviewers, and others.
  • Recommendations – it has a section where you can see product recommendations. These are products similar to what you are viewing.


The Amazon review checker is free to use.

4. AppBot

A paid software program that is great for checking reviews for apps, not just Amazon.

AppBot analyzes reviews and the general sentiment of the people who reviewed the product. It is not only an Amazon review checker, as it works on other platforms like iOS and Google.

As a buyer, you can benefit from this if you consistently make big purchases on Amazon. It uses natural language processing technology, plus it shows you charts that you may find helpful in your product analysis.

The report shows a chart that is easier to understand than words. It gives you a visual representation of the analysis.

Key Features

  • Integration – you can integrate the system to different platforms like Slack, ZenDesk, Zapier, etc. The Amazon review checker will send notifications to you in your preferred channels.
  • Easy to Understand – the report shows a breakdown of customer reviews by rating. Each rating in the scale shows how many reviews belong to it. So, for example, you will know if there are 60 verified reviews with 5 Stars against a total review count of 100.
  • Exporting – you can export the data in CSV format and paste it on a spreadsheet. It should help you analyze if you are a bulk buyer.
  • Sentiment Analysis – the system gathers words and forms a word cloud. From here, you can see what most product reviews are saying.


  • Small – cost $49 per month; good for only one user. You can use it on up to five apps, including Amazon, to spot fake reviews.
  • Medium – costs $99 per month; you can have up to three users and measure reviews for up to 40 apps.
  • Large – costs $199 per month; measure reviews for up to 100 apps.
  • Enterprise – costs $349 per month; get all the features plus a single-sign-on.

AppBot offers its services for free for 14 days.

Best Fake Amazon Review Checker For Sellers

1. AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is best for sellers who want a review and promotion tool to improve their conversion rate on Amazon.

AMZ Tracker is a fake review software program and a suite of tools to promote your products. Once you register for an account, you will receive email notifications about the reviews.

As a seller, Amazon review checkers like AMZ Tracker tell you if people posted negative reviews about your product.

Once you get that notification, you can work out something with the buyer and ask him to remove the review. Likewise, if you spot fake reviews, you can tell Amazon to reverse them.

You can promote your Amazon product in a marketplace that displays Amazon products.

Key Features

  • Product Promotion – the system works with another software called Vipon. You can promote your Amazon listings on their site and enjoy sales from over 2 million shoppers.
  • Negative Reviews Management – the system sends you alerts if there is a negative review about your product. Any review that is less than 5 triggers an alert.
  • Hijack Alert – get notified if someone attempts to sell a counterfeit version of your product. It only applies if your product is original or has a patent for it.
  • Keyword Research Tool – find keywords you can use in your product listing. It makes it easier for people to find your product on Amazon if you use the right keywords.
  • Competitor Analysis – look for flaws in your competitor’s listings; you can track their sales and rank in the bestseller list and then copy their best practices.


  • Basic – costs $50 per month; you can research up to 100 keywords and access an on-page analyzer.
  • Professional – costs $100 per month; you can manage up to 100 products and get a notification for up to 100 products only.
  • God Mode – costs $200 per month; you can have up to two users, track 200 products and create promotional coupons.
  • Legend – costs $400 per month; you can track up to 400 products and get notified for up to 400 negative reviews.

You can try the review checker tool with its 7-day free trial.

2. Review Monitoring

This software monitors the reviews left for your Amazon products so you can take action.

If you want an Amazon review checker that also tells you the IP address of fake reviews, then Review Monitoring is the software that you are looking for.

With this tool, you can verify reviews and block the account of fake reviewers on Amazon. This tool is something I recommend for sellers who have their brand. It helps you manage the narrative of customers about your product.

This Amazon review checker does not only helps you search for a fake review in your listing but also sees the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Once you have this information, you can change how you want to approach your marketing strategy on Amazon.

Overall, the system helps you make sense of the reviews about your listings. Instead of asking the questions yourself, just look it up at the tool.

The report gives the user word clouds. These are the most common words that customers used on their reviews.

Key Features

  • Advanced Analytics – the system uses data science and natural language processing to analyze reviews, including fake positive reviews. It will tell you which ones are fake so you can take action.
  • Word Cloud – you can see trending keywords about your and your competitor’s products for positive and negative keywords.
  • Strength Analysis – you will find common words that appear in positive reviews about a product.
  • Weakness Analysis – see what keywords often pop for negative reviews. You can further analyze and find out what these consumers are complaining about.
  • Question Cloud – the report shows a word cloud for questions that people are asking about a product. If you know what customers are worried about, you can change your product listing.


The price of this service is not known. You need to book a demo and consult with them to get a price.

3. AMZ Finder

AMZ Finder lets you manage reviews for your products once they get published. You will receive alerts in real time.

AMZ Finder is about feedback management and analysis. For example, you can use it to send emails to your customers along with invoices automatically.

You can monitor the reviews for your products. For example, you can contact a buyer who left a negative review as you get these alerts. From here, you can work out a solution with the buyer and then ask them to change the review.

The report tells you the review and you can decide what to do with it.

Key Features

  • Send Messages – you can design email templates and automate the system to send your customers.
  • Review Management – the review checker allows you to import reviews from Amazon. After you complete the import, you will get an overview of your entire Amazon store.
  • Multiple Marketplaces – you can use the amazon review checker in eight marketplaces. These are the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. They do not charge additional fees for this.


  • Starter – costs $29.99 per month; monitor the reviews for up to 50 ASINs; get a view of review history and track suspicious negative fake reviews in your products.
  • Basic – costs $34.99 per month; track up to 100 ASINs to find fake reviews. You also get access to the dashboard and get email alerts.
  • Pro – costs $39.99 per month; the review checker increases your limit to 200 ASINs.
  • Enterprise – costs at least $54.99 per month; your limit for tracking is 400 ASINs, but you can increase this as you pay more.

This Amazon review checker offers a free trial.

What Is An Amazon Review Checker?

An Amazon review checker is a software program that helps spot fake Amazon reviews. It is a third-party tool, as Amazon does not have one built in-house.

Amazon review checkers scans the star rating of Amazon products. Then, the machine uses an algorithm to adjust the review into what it thinks is the legitimate score.

When we say adjustment, it is merely what the tool will show you; Amazon will not change the score on the product page. The new score tells you the real deal.

The tool benefits both buyers and sellers. Buyers can prevent scams, and sellers can determine whether an item positively impacts buyers.

How To Spot A Fake Review On Amazon

You certainly do not want to get duped when you do online shopping. However, there are telltale signs by which you can spot fake reviews on Amazon, which will help you make the right decisions.

1. Check The Percentages Of Ratings

To spot a fake review, check on the distribution of the star rating. Unfortunately, a product rarely has an equal breakdown of 1-star to 5-star ratings.

In Amazon, ratings do not use a straight average. Instead, the system uses a complex algorithm that weighs each review. It means that both reviews with the same 5-star rating do not have the same value.

Many cheaters do not know this, so they fake positive reviews. They pump their stores with positive ratings. If you see this kind of abnormality, consider the rating as suspicious.

2. Check If The Review Is Vague

Vague reviews have 5-star ratings, yet the reviewer does not explain why. Vague reviews are based on the reviewer’s statements.

Here are some examples:

  • “I love it!”
  • “Got it, and I am so happy.”
  • “You should buy this one; you will not regret it!”

Vague reviews come from review mills. Indeed, you cannot post a review for a product if you did not purchase it. So, how do sellers do it?

They have partners in crime. First, they ask their allies to buy the product on Amazon; then, these “legit” buyers will leave positive reviews.

3. Check Product Reviews If There Is A Recommendation

This method allows you to see fake negative reviews. Some competitors will spend money and buy a product. Then, they will leave a bad review.

Their comment will recommend a brand, which they claim is “better.” Obviously, this is sabotage. Since they left the brand name of the “better” product, people will search for it and buy it instead of the current one they are looking at.

As a consumer, you need to be wary of these reviews. As a seller, product reviews like this can hurt your business. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything about this unless the review has some violations. If it does, you can submit a request for review removal.

4. Check For The Product’s Popularity

You must check whether or not the product is popular to find out if the positive reviews are fake. Search on Google. If the product is popular, there should be a lot of results.

You can do the same on Amazon. Type a keyword and check the results. If a product is popular, there must be a lot of sellers competing for it.

Generally speaking, the number of reviews is also essential. If there are hundreds, then it must be a popular one. On the other hand, if there are only a dozen reviews and the ratings are high, it must be too good to be true.

5. Check With A Third-Party Product Review Monitoring Tool

The last suggestion I have is to use Amazon review checkers. These software programs use sophisticated machine learning and AI to make decisions.

The beauty of these software programs is you no longer need to do manual work. Instead, they have the power to check a review against hundreds or even thousands of similar products. From there, the machines can statistically say whether or not the review is legit.

How To Remove Negative Amazon Reviews

You cannot remove negative reviews on Amazon unless they meet some conditions, which I will discuss below.

  • Inappropriate Content – for as long as the review is hateful, violent, or contains anything illegal, Amazon will remove it.
  • One-word Reviews – reviews that only have one word; Amazon removes them because these reviews do not make sense.
  • Promotional Reviews – this is a type of a fake review where the buyer asks readers to buy another product.

As a general practice, Amazon does not remove a review. It is only on rare occasions that they do.

Reviews that do not discuss the product are also good samples that you can report for removal. Sometimes, Amazon will also remove reviews where the buyer is unhappy about Amazon, not the product.

An excellent example of this is shipping. If you are an Amazon FBA seller, you are not responsible for shipping. However, you could file a dispute if the customer left a bad review. For example, you could file a dispute because the shipment took too long.

If anything, Amazon has a policy about buyer feedback removal. Although there are rules, I still suggest that you try to complain.

Sometimes, they remove reviews even if it does not meet the requirements. For example, product reviews in your product review monitoring system show that the customer wants to rant about something political. In this case, Amazon may remove that review, and you would get a better rating.

FAQ: Spot Fake Amazon Reviews

How Can You Tell If Reviews Are Fake On Amazon?

You can tell it the manual way or the automated way. Manually, you read product reviews one by one and use your logic to decide. In an automated way, you use an Amazon review checker software program, which will do the job for you.

Is Fakespot Legitimate?

Fakespot is a legitimate company. It is an analytics firm that uses AI to spot fakes. The machine uses millions of data points to spot fake Amazon reviews. It helps buyers identify shady sellers. They have apps for Chrome, Android, and iOS.

Are Amazon Reviews Trustworthy?

Yes, Amazon reviews are trustworthy. It is rare for scammers to get away with anything. Big companies like Amazon spend billions of dollars in technical infrastructure to make their customers happy. But again, a legit review does not mean that you and that reviewer have the same standards.


For buyers, the Amazon review checker I recommend is FakeSpot. It spots fake reviews, and it offers a grading system. As a buyer, you can quickly decide whether or not the seller is legit. In addition, it is free, and there is no need to upgrade to get its full benefits.

For sellers, the Amazon review checker I recommend is AMZ Tracker. It offers a review system and other essential tools like keyword research and product promotion. With it, you can manage negative and untruthful reviews.

Overall, I like AMZ Tracker because you can do something about negative product reviews and improve your overall product rating.

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After that, you can use the best inventory management software to accurately manage the right amount of products at the right time.