17 Best Free MP3 Downloader Sites (Music Downloader) 2023

Can you download free music online legally and without a subscription?

Streaming sites such as YouTube restrict downloading copyrighted content.

Yet, artists use free music sites to seek audiences and find inspiration. These platforms save you money, and you can keep the music you download.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about copyright violations. Find and download music videos you love.

Enjoy free MP3 music downloads, follow music trends, and connect with artists. You can link these sites to your social media accounts.

I have rounded up the 17 best free MP3 downloader sites, including AmoyShare and SoundCloud.

Are you ready? Scroll down and get started.

What Are the Best Free Music Downloading Sites

  1. AmoyShare
  2. ReverbNation
  3. Jamendo
  4. SoundCloud
  5. NoiseTrade
  6. SoundClick
  7. Musopen
  8. Last.fm
  9. Internet Archive
  10. Free Music Archive
  11. Audiomack
  12. Bandcamp
  13. BeatStars
  14. CCTrax
  15. Amazon
  16. DatPiff
  17. Spinrilla

1. AmoyShare

Best for searching MP3 music using keyword search or URL.

free MP3 downloader - amoyshare homepage screenshot

AmoyShare offers you a friendly experience thanks to an intuitive user interface.

It boasts a large music database comprising a multilanguage collection.

The site has a simple download process that does not require computer expertise.


  • Universal search: You can search for music using lyrics, album, artist, or track options.
  • It has a neat interface that displays a free download button and other sections.


  • It supports over 250 music websites, including TikTok, Mixcloud, and SoundCloud.
  • The site offers numerous free HD audio quality options for your MP3 downloads.
  • It has fast download speeds.


  • It does not download MP3 files over 10 minutes long.

You can access the free MP3 finder on this link.

2. ReverbNation

Best for music creators to showcase their content.

reverbnation homepage screenshot

ReverbNation is a music download site with access to countless curated free music files.

As a music industry professional, you can share your music or leverage the platform as a launchpad for gigs.


  • An artist profile that lets you showcase content in one place.
  • A customizable electronic press kit where you can include music, videos, and events.
  • Embed content for your social networks and blogs, and allow sharing of your work.


  • It allows the posting of songs, music video files, and photos.
  • Artists can contact record labels and recording agents.
  • You can link ReverbNation to your social networks.


  • The site has many functions with no guiding instructions.

Visit the site for free MP3 music download here.

3. Jamendo

Best for downloading royalty-free music.

jamendo homepage screenshot

Jamendo features music in well-curated playlists. All songs are under a Creative Commons license.


  • Latest releases: If you are always chasing all the newest music, Jamendo is the perfect search ground. You will find new songs every day.
  • User-friendliness: The site boasts ease of use. All you need to do is type an artist’s name and click on the search button to download songs.


  • It has a massive free music downloads collection.
  • The site offers access to royalty-free music.
  • Jamendo music downloader has a built-in radio.


  • It has limited customization.
  • You must sign up to play music on the site.

Click on this link to download completely free music.

4. SoundCloud

Best for downloading music on android and iPhone.

soundcloud homepage screenshot

SoundCloud is a free music download site with high-quality audio tracks. It boasts compatibility with almost all mobile devices.

It also allows music streaming, with over 135 million tracks on its database. SoundCloud connects music creators with fans online.

The site lets you create a playlist or access an existing music list.


  • High-quality MP3 files.
  • Allows customization of music playlists.
  • Music fans can follow their favorite stars.


  • Provides streaming option before downloading free music.
  • It supports Android and iPhone platforms.
  • Unique filters that help you find free music.


  • You cannot stream songs without logging in first.

Visit the website on this link to download music.

5. NoiseTrade

Best for building an audience base and connecting with artists.

noisetrade homepage screenshot

NoiseTrade provides an updated music selection to listen to online or download.

It distributes free music and collects fan data. Derek Webb, one of the site’s founders, established the free music for data approach in 2006.


  • Connects artists with fans by stating upcoming concerts and album release dates.
  • It lets you find free music and listen to songs online with play and pause options.


  • It has a quick view of the top 10 downloadable songs.
  • Allows interaction with content creators.
  • It offers easy navigation with well-displayed headers.


  • It has a slow website speed.
  • Advertisements on the site might irritate some users.

Experience a smooth and free music download here.

6. SoundClick

Best for musicians to connect with target audiences.

soundclick homepage screenshot

SoundClick holds an extensive collection of new and old free music for your enjoyment.

It lets you quickly find your favorite music downloads or listen to them. Also, this music downloads website allows custom playlists.

Categorizing music as per genre or album is another exciting feature on SoundClick.


  • It has a simple user interface.
  • Site administrators keep the platform updated with fresh content.
  • Access to an extensive free music archive.


  • There are annoying pop-ups and ads.

Click here for completely free music downloads or streaming on SoundClick.

7. Musopen

Best for filtering music by mood, length, license type, and rating.

musopen homepage screenshot

Musopen offers a platform for listening to or downloading music. The site is among the best free sites to use, plus you download legal content.


  • Custom radio stations: The free music streaming site features an online radio accessible via mobile app or computer.
  • Filters: Musopen lets you browse music in lots of ways.


  • Free downloads.
  • It offers royalty-free songs with no infringement of copyright.
  • You preview music before downloading it.
  • The site supports sheet music downloads.


  • Its free version has a daily download limit of five music files per day.
  • You must create a user account to download music.

Here’s the download link to access Musopen.

8. Last.fm

Best for getting recommendations for downloadable music.

last.fm homepage screenshot

Last.fm offers you numerous genres of free songs for download.

Among the types available include new releases, categories, and coming soon. Browsing the complete list is another option.

The site recommends other tracks based on your search preferences.


  • Music genres: The site supports browsing downloadable music by categories.
  • Download and streaming: You can stream songs and decide what to download.


  • Last.fm allows pre-download previews.
  • Thousands of songs are available for streaming.
  • You can find globally trending artists on the site.
  • Downloads files in one click.


  • Each search yields both free and premium music files.

You can enjoy the features offered by Last.fm here.

9. Internet Archive

Best for downloading music in MP3 and other formats.

internet archive homepage screenshot

Internet Archive boasts an audio library with over two million files.

Satisfy your love of music by searching tracks according to the creator’s name, language, year, etc.

Besides, the site features a trade-friendly music collection. Moreover, you will enjoy free downloads in MP3 format.


  • File formats: The Internet Archive offers multiple formats for your chosen songs.
  • Audio library: Audio section has over 2 million files, including audiobooks and podcasts.


  • It has a live music archive, podcasts, and audiobooks.
  • Downloading music from the site does not infringe copyright laws.


  • The site does not categorize songs properly.

Click here for free MP3 music downloads.

10. Free Music Archive

Best for finding trending music in a week or month.

fma homepage screenshot

Free Music Archive or FMA offers music enthusiasts a free download platform.

Additionally, you can curate playlists on the music website.


  • Filtered searches: FMA’s advanced search box lets you organize your searches the way you want. For instance, you can search by music duration and genre.
  • Genres: The site offers a choice of 16 genres, including international, pop, jazz, and blues.


  • It has an elaborate content search box.
  • No logins are required for you to download free songs.
  • The site allows you to stream music files before downloading them.


  • MP3 is the only download option available.
  • It has a cluttered user interface.

Go here to download music from the Free Music Archive.

11. Audiomack

Best for finding the newest music in a specified genre.

audiomack homepage screenshot

Audiomack features an updated music list.

Also, the site permits streaming on a tablet or phone. Whether you’re on iOS or Android, you’re in the perfect place for legal music downloads.

Most of the content is in MP3 format. Genre options include afrobeat, hip-hop, reggae, instrumental, R&B, and pop.


  • Searchability: Browse for content according to artists, albums, and free songs.
  • Recently Added page: helps you find the latest music on the site.


  • You can stream any song uploaded on the site.
  • Finding songs uploaded is an easy task.
  • The site offers search flexibility.
  • You don’t require a user account.


  • Not every song is downloadable.

Click here to download or stream MP3 songs.

12. Bandcamp

Best for finding bestselling music, new releases, and recommendations.

bandcamp homepage screenshot

Bandcamp offers a unique setting for users to pay for the content or download it for free.


  • A Discover Page where you can find the best music.
  • Name Your Price setting with the option to pay or proceed with a free download.
  • Multiple file formats: Most songs are in MP3, WAV, OGG, AAC, and FLAC formats.


  • The site offers you the option to download albums and singles.
  • While it is free, there’s a paid version if you want it.
  • It has more songs in its music library than other free download sites.


  • Not all songs are free; some require paid membership.

Here’s the link to free MP3 downloads.

13. BeatStars

Best for following or subscribing to artists’ profiles.

beatstars homepage screenshot

BeatStars lets you download music for free in a simple way. It boasts unique sorting and filtering settings.


  • Sort and filter: Use this feature to find songs collated by genre or new additions.
  • Filter by mood: This unique aspect categorizes songs by their emotions, e.g., silly, inspiring, lazy, and mellow.


  • The site has a choice of download genres.
  • You can use find music by its mood.
  • All freely downloadable music is in a category.


  • Not all the songs are easy to download. Some require that you subscribe to an artist’s profile.

Use this link to find downloadable songs for listening to offline.

14. CC Trax

Best for downloading Creative Common music.

cctrax homepage screenshot

CCTrax features a well-laid-out site for free and safe MP3 music downloads.


  • Search options: The site lets you search according to artist, label, genre, and license.


  • Simple web layout.
  • You can download entire albums.


  • Not every song genre is available on the site.

Go and download MP3 music from CC Trax here.

15. Amazon

Best for previewing MP3 files before downloading them.

amazon homepage screenshot

Amazon packs thousands of downloadable MP3 music files. You will find new music that you can legally download.


  • Sorting Options: You can find free music downloads by genre, length, release date, album, or song title.
  • Preview: The site lets you play songs to decide whether to download them or not.
  • Check out: This feature works like an ordinary online purchase.


  • Amazon allows you to preview songs.
  • It has numerous ways of filtering the desired content.
  • It offers you the option of sorting download lists.


  • The site has a complicated download process.
  • You must create an Amazon account.

Download free music on Amazon via this link.

16. DatPiff

Best for rap and mixtapes downloads.

datpiff homepage screenshot

DatPiff has a vast collection of mixtapes and rap music that you can download for free.

You can also stream the best music online.

Artists seeking recognition share their mixtapes on this site. Jadakiss, Big Sean, and Lil Wayne are some examples of artists who have given out free music on DatPiff.


  • Categories: You can search using sections such as hot this week, highest rated, most downloaded, and most listened.


  • The site allows album downloads.
  • An excellent option for rap music lovers.
  • It does not require creating a user account.


  • You can only download MP3 files.
  • Its download buttons are confusing and do not yield music files.

Here’s the link to your free downloads.

17. Spinrilla

Best for downloading free hip-hop mixtapes.

spinrilla homepage screenshot

Spinrilla offers you free mixtapes with easy category browsing. You can search for them by name, chart, and popularity.

Also, the site has whole albums and single songs. Additionally, a mobile app option is available besides listening or downloading from the website.

The site lets you keep up to date with recent and future releases.


  • Easy site navigation.
  • It has a page that shows upcoming mixtapes and availability dates.


  • This music download site supports the streaming and downloading of MP3 files.
  • It does not have annoying website ads.
  • You can download single or bulk music files.


  • Some files allow streaming only.

Download your mixtapes here.

How to Download Music For Free?

Downloading music for free is something you can easily do with a few clicks online. I will now show you the steps using AmoyShare.

  1. Type the name or address of your free MP3 downloader website on your browser.
pro music downloader - homepage
  1. Once you are on the user interface, enter the song’s title or artist’s name on the search bar.
pro music downloader- music search options
  1. Click on the download icon to start downloading songs.
pro music downloader - download option
  1. Click the download button, and the MP3 file downloads automatically.

If the downloader site provides music quality options, select your preference. Other sites don’t have this option.

Save your music file in a dedicated folder where you keep all the downloads.

FAQs – Free Music Download Sites

1. What is the best free MP3 download site?

Sites such as Jamendo feature a music filter that lets you find recent MP3 songs. SoundClick enables you to browse through genres and charts.

Other download sites allow you to preview music before downloading. Plus, some require you to log in before streaming or downloading content.

2. Are there any free MP3 download sites?

Yes, there are numerous free MP3 download sites. Examples include ReverbNation, NoiseTrade, Musopen, and BeatStars.

I have reviewed 17 free music download sites. You can refer to the same above.

Choose one and check out its features. Explore your options by trying others out before settling on a befitting website.

3. Where can I download high-quality MP3?

There are dozens of online sites offering high-quality free MP3 music downloads such as Amazon, Fee Music Archive, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud. These let you browse and filter your results.

Also, you can stream songs online and download free music when you’re confident. Additionally, interact with other listeners on a site and discover what they recommend.

4. How can I download MP3 songs for free on mobile?

You can do so directly through a browser. Open the browser window on your phone.

Type the free MP3 music download site’s name, search, and open it.
Browse through the music library and select the song you want to download.

Tap on the download button, and the music file is available for offline listening in a short while.

Free Music Download Websites in 2023

While online music subscription sites provide access to millions of songs, they require monthly payments. Once you stop subscribing, you lose access.

On the contrary, free music download sites allow you to download songs without restrictions.

You can legally download music and keep it for as long as you want. I trust you will find sites like ReverbNation most useful.

AmoyShare is another best free music download site that I love. It is versatile and supports other sources of free MP3 songs.

Whether you seek new music, or variety, or are niche-oriented, choose a befitting website from the list.

Download free songs and enjoy them anytime.

To wrap up, here are the 17 best free MP3 downloader sites (music downloader) 2023.

  • AmoyShare – Best for searching MP3 music using keyword search or URL.
  • ReverbNation – Best for music creators to showcase their content.
  • Jamendo – Best for downloading royalty-free music.
  • SoundCloud – Best for downloading music on android and iPhone.
  • NoiseTrade – Best for building an audience base and connecting with artists.
  • SoundClick – Best for musicians to connect with target audiences.
  • Musopen – Best for filtering music by mood, length, license type & rating.
  • Last.fm – Best for getting recommendations for downloadable music.
  • Internet Archive – Best for downloading music in MP3 and other formats.
  • Free Music Archive – Best for finding trending music in a week or month.
  • Audiomack – Best for finding the newest music in a specified genre.
  • Bandcamp – Best for finding bestselling music, new releases & recommendations.
  • BeatStars – Best for following or subscribing to artists’ profiles.
  • CC Trax – Best for downloading Creative Common music.
  • Amazon – Best for previewing MP3 files before downloading them.
  • DatPiff – Best for rap and mixtapes downloads.
  • Spinrilla – Best for downloading free hip-hop mixtapes.

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