11+ Best Instagram Story Viewer Apps (Ranked & Reviewed)

Sometimes, you want to view Instagram stories anonymously because you do not want Instagram users to find out. It is a usual tactic if you want to make money on Instagram—you want to get ideas from IG stories.

So, how do you do it? I tried several online Instagram story viewer apps that will allow me to watch Instagram stories anonymously, even for private accounts. So, today, I will share with you the best story viewer apps so you can watch Instagram stories anonymously.

These options are ranked according to their ease of use, price, and efficiency. The process I used is the same as how I selected the best YouTube video converters in one of my posts.

What Are the Best Instagram Story Viewer Apps?

TL;DR? – Here are the best Instagram Story Viewer apps:

  • ByClick Downloader – Best offline Instagram story viewer (safe & reliable)
  • Insta Stories Online – Best for people who want a browser-based app.
  • Anon IG Viewer – Best for a simple and easy-to-use Instagram posts story viewer.
  • Story Saver – Best for people who also want to see Instagram account highlights.
  • Storiesig – Best to download Instagram photos and videos quickly.
  • Blindstory – Best for people who want a reliable app.
  • Insta Navigation – Best for people who want to read comments.
  • Insta Story Stalker – Best anonymous Instagram story viewer.
  • SilentStory – – Best for people who want an APK for an app they cannot download.
  • StoriesDown – Best for people who want a system that shows many profiles.
  • IG Undercover – Best for people who want an app with a dark mode.

1. ByClick Downloader

Best desktop app for viewing Instagram stories anonymously (Safe & Reliable)

Instagram story viewer app - ByClick Downloader

ByClick Downloader will help you download Instagram stories anonymously.

Make sure to download the app and follow the software instructions to download your stories.


  • Free plan available
  • 50% off right now – $14.99

2. Insta Stories Online

Best for people who want a browser-based app.

Unique Feature: Free to use, and it works on a browser.

Instagram Story Viewer Apps - Insta Stories

Insta Stories is a browser-based app that you can use to watch Instagram stories. The beauty of this Instagram story stalker is that you do not need an account to use it.

Here are the things you can do:

  • View Instagram stories anonymously
  • Download the videos to your device like a PC or phone
  • Swipe left and right to view the stories

You can use the platform for free with no limitations. There is no app required, and you can simply bookmark the website if you want to return to it.

Insta Stories Search screenshot

Insta Stories Online Features

  • Search Bar – there is a search bar where the only thing that you must do is type the username of the Instagram account you want to view.
  • Player – watch Instagram stories anonymously by clicking on the story, and the software app will automatically play the video.
  • Download Stories – you can download the Instagram story you viewed with just one click. There is no special software program required.

Since you are not logged in to your Instagram account, no one will know that you viewed someone else’s story.

Insta Stories Results screenshot


The product is 100% free.

3. Anon IG Viewer

Best for people who want a simple and easy-to-use Instagram posts story viewer.

Unique Feature: Has a drop-down for similar-sounding profiles.

Anon Homepage screenshot

Anon IG Viewer is also a browser-based app for viewing Instagram posts and stories. I like that I do not even have to log in to my Instagram account to view the results.

Here are the things you can do with it:

  • View as many profiles as you want
  • Download the story or post
  • Filter the results according to type

You do not need to install this on your phone. However, expect many ads to pop on the browser. The ads are how the creators make money.

Anon Dropdown screenshot

Anon IG Viewer Features

  • Search Field – like the previous viewer, just type the name of the celebrity or Instagrammer you want to view. Click on the search icon and wait for the results.
  • Dropdown – there is a drop-down of results where you can choose the profile that you want to view. For example, there are several profiles for Dwayne Johnson, so make sure you choose the right one.
  • Stories or Posts – you have the option to filter the results. If you want stories, click it, and the app will only show stories.
Anon Search screenshot


You can view Instagram accounts with Instagram story viewer apps like Anon IG Viewer for free. There is no need to upgrade.

4. Story Saver

Best for people who also want to see Instagram account highlights.

Unique Feature: You can download Instagram highlights and other stories you want.

Story Saver Homepage screenshot

Story Saver does not allow you to repost stories, but you can certainly check out an Instagram story anonymously. You do not have to create an account or log in to your Instagram account.

Here are the things you can do with it:

  • Search by profile
  • Download an image or a video
  • Filter the results based on highlights only
Story Saver Current Stories screenshot

Take note that the highlights no longer play as videos. If you want, you can just download the thumbnails as images.

Story Saver Features

  • Save Button – there is a dedicated Save button for each photo or video that the apps show you.
  • Show Highlights – there is a section where you can ask the app to only show highlights for that particular celebrity you are viewing.
  • Anti-Bot – the system cannot be clogged. Every time you search for an Instagram profile, you must click a captcha.
  • Full-screen view – if you double click on an image, the browser will automatically play the video on full-screen.
Story Saver Highlights screenshot


Viewing Instagram stories is free on this platform. Downloading photos and stories is also free.

5. Storiesig

Best for people who want to download Instagram photos and videos quickly.

Unique Feature: The system has a photo downloader and a video downloader.

StoriesIG Homepage screenshot

StoriesIG is a browser-based Insta viewer. All your sessions here are anonymous—the users account holders will never get notified of who you are.

Here are the things you can do with it:

  • Download stories
  • Use the anonymous story viewer
  • View Instagram users or Instagram accounts

You cannot view private stories here. Only the publicly viewed images and videos are available for you to browse and see.

StoriesIG Auto Profile Dropdown screenshot

You can use the device on your PC or mobile phone. There is no need to install the app as it works perfectly with your browser.

StoriesIG Features

  • Automatic Drop Down – if you type an Instagram account name, the system will automatically show a drop-down selection where you can choose the profile.
  • Fast Load Time – the wait time is quick, and it takes only a few seconds before you can watch stories.
  • Downloads – it is free to download an Instagram story, including videos and photos.
StoriesIG Phone View screenshot

For as long as the images and videos are publicly viewable, you can download them to your device.


The app is 100% free.

6. Blindstory

Best for people who want a reliable app.

Unique Feature: There is an actual app you can install.

Blindstory Homepage screenshot

Blindstory is an app that allows you to search, watch, and download stories for Instagram without a trace. It is great for people who want to spy on their competitors without being discovered.

Here are the things it can do:

  • View stories anonymously
  • Use the Instagram story viewer
  • Search by users
  • Download stories
  • Repost the images you see

Since there is an app, you do not need to launch a browser to access the application. Just tap on the app icon to use it. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Blindstory Phone screenshot

Blindstory Features

  • Instagram stories highlights – you can watch the stories in HD. This applies to both stories and highlights.
  • Instagram account search – there is a search bar where you can type the username of the person you are looking for.
  • Repost – if publicly available, you can repost the stories in your account.
  • Notification – you can add some users to your “favorites.” You will get notified if there is a new post from them.
Blindstory Screenshots


The app is free to use.

7. InstaNavigation

Best for people who want to read comments.

Unique Feature: You can view the comments of other Instagram users for the stories you viewed.

Insta Navigation Homepage screenshot

InstaNavigation is an excellent tool to view posts if you also want to see what other people are saying. Of course, the entire activity is anonymous.

Here are the things you can do with it:

  • Browse Instagram per user
  • View the contents of that user anonymously
  • Download copies of the post
  • View comments without being seen

The system also has three areas of filters. These are Stories, Posts, and Highlights.

Insta Navigation Show Comments screenshot

InstaNavigation Features

  • Download stories – you can save Instagram stories once you click on each story. There is a tab you can click to download the content to your device.
  • Comments – if you want, you can view the comments for a particular story you viewed. The comments should give you an idea of what the netizens think about a post.
  • Navigation Bar – after clicking a post, you do not have to go back to the results page of the Instagram story viewer. Just click “previous” or “next.”
Insta Navigation Results screenshot


The free app is complete 100% free of charge. However, there are many ads on the webpage.

8. Insta Story Stalker

Best for people who want a quick and easy way to view Instagram profiles with no trace.

Unique Feature: There is an app available on Android.

Insta Story Stalker Homepage screenshot

Insta Story Stalker is not something you can use to download videos or content from Instagram. Instead, the sole focus of the app is to allow you to view content.

The thing is that you can only view content that is publicly available. If an Instagrammer decided to post something privately, you could not view it even if you have the app.

Insta Story Stalker Anonymous screenshot

Insta Story Stalker Features

  • Easy to use – the interface is pleasant and easy to navigate.
  • Anonymous – you do not need to log in to the app or your Instagram to start stalking other accounts.
  • Block Does Not Work – even if an Instagram user blocked you, you could still view that account’s contents.
Insta Story Stalker Feed screenshot


The app is free to use.

9. SilentStory

Best for people who want an APK for an app they cannot download.

Unique Feature: It has an APK that you can download from their website.

SilentStory Homepage screenshot

SilentStory is an app where you can download images and videos from other Instagram users. It is not available for all countries if you want to get it from Google Play.

The good news is that it has an APK. It is an application that you can install on your mobile device without going through Google Play.

SilentStory Features

SilentStory Download screenshot
  • Downloads – you can save the videos you viewed, including photos, with a download or save button.
  • Safe and Secure Player – no one will know that you stalked an Instagram account. All your online activities are private.
  • Notification – you can set it up where you will get notifications if there is a new story.
  • HD Profile – you can view the profiles on Instagram in HD. You can also zoom them and download them to your device.

What you will like about SilentStory is that you can download the video on your device. You do not have to save it in the cloud.

In addition to these features, you can add Instagram users to a list. For example, you can add your friends. Later, you can stalk them and view what they posted. If you do, they will never know that you viewed their posts.

SilentStory Download screenshot


The app is free to use with lots of ads.

10. StoriesDown

Best for people who want a system that shows many profiles.

Unique Feature: Has a list of names close to what you searched.

StoriesDown homepage screenshot

StoriesDown is a free-to-use web-based software. There is no app that needs to sit on your phone. Launch a browser and go to the site’s homepage, and you can start your stalking.

I have to say that it is a simple app. You cannot create a list here. What it means is that you will never get a notification that the person you are following has a new post.

StoriesDown Results screenshot

StoriesDown Features

  • No Account – you do not need an Instagram account to view the profile of other people. There is no need to log in to the StoriesDown app.
  • Anonymous – no one will know if you viewed a story. Those you stalk will never find out that you viewed their profile or post.
  • Download and Share – you can save the photos and videos in high-definition quality. Then, you can share them with others.
StoriesDown Search screenshot

Overall, StoriesDown is excellent for quick viewing but not for people who want to consistently follow a personality on Instagram.


The web-based software program is free to use.

11. IG Undercover

Best for people who want an app with a dark mode.

Unique Feature: There is a dark mode for viewing, which helps protect your eyes and save battery.

IG Undercover Homepage screenshot

Like other apps for viewing Instagram pics, this one is not available worldwide. It is on Google Play, but you may not be able to download it.

Here are the things you can do with it:

  • View Instagram profiles
  • Download videos, stories, and posts
  • Keep the files organized in a gallery in the app
IG Undercover Post screenshot

There is an APK, which you can download online. The APK is an app that you install without getting it from Google Play.

IG Undercover Features

  • Easy to Use – the app is easy to navigate. The interface is intuitive. You can view profiles and contents in no time.
  • Downloads – you can download photos, videos, and stories. There is also an in-app gallery to separate Instagram items from your personal saved photos.
  • Dark Mode – the dark mode allows you to view images and photos for a long time without your eyes suffering. This feature also helps you save battery life.
IG Undercover Saved Media screenshot


The app is free to use.

How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously

One thing you can do is to turn on the flight mode of your device. Before you do this, launch the Instagram app, so the IG stories are automatically pre-loaded on your phone.

Then, you can now turn on the flight mode. From here, your internet connection will be severed. Now, go back to the Instagram app and start browsing.

You can keep viewing stories from different Instagram accounts for as long as the phone pre-loaded it earlier. If not, you cannot view the Instagram story.

Once done, turn off the Instagram app. Close it, and then disable the flight mode. Your internet connection will be restored, but the app will no longer register that you viewed all the stories previously.

What is an Instagram Story Viewer App?

Instagram viewer apps allow you to watch Instagram stories anonymously. You can also use these apps to watch the stories in full size. Those who pay for the pro plans can watch the stories from private accounts that they could not access otherwise.

Why would someone do this? Well, some people, especially some celebrities, keep their accounts private. As such, you cannot view their content unless they approve of you. Sadly, you cannot do anything about it.

But then, you can use a story viewer to watch Instagram stories anonymously. The person who owns the account will not find out. This app is especially useful for journalists who want to snoop on someone’s life.

Instagram Story Viewer Apps – FAQs

1. How can I see private Instagram stories?

You can view private IG stories with a story viewer. The apps can bypass some systems, which then allows you to watch Instagram stories anonymously with no captcha.

2. How can I see private Instagram stories without them knowing?

There are numerous apps that you can choose from, most of which are free. You need to download these apps and enable the anonymous feature so you can view the Instagram account of other people without being noticed.

3. Can an Instagram user know how many times their story was viewed by a single viewer?

Yes, they can see these data in their statistics or reporting dashboard. If they do not like what they see, they can block that user from viewing the stories again. This thing happens all the time between business competitors, and it is why you need something like the Insta story stalker app.

4. How can I see Instagram stories without any apps?

Yes, you can view Instagram stories online. Here’s how: Google search for an online story viewer. These Instagram story viewer websites are not apps. Use them to find stories without logging in to your Instagram account.

Instagram Highlights Viewer – Wrap Up

The two best apps for stalking anonymously on Instagram are ByClick Downloader and Insta Stories Online. Both of them are free to use; there is no fuss in the process of using them.

In addition, both of them do not require an app. They are easy to use, and you are guaranteed that your views and downloads can never be traced.