5 Best NFC Business Cards – Smart Business Cards for 2023

With every technology, like accounting software or inventory management software, comes a copycat. In the business world, the last thing you want is NFC business cards that do not work.

You immediately lose trust and credibility if your digital business card or NFC business card does not work.

The only way to solve this problem is by choosing and using only the best providers of digital business cards. You will have that list today, as we will show you the best NFC business cards that work!

What are the Best NFC Business Cards?

  1. V1CE NFC business card
  2. POPL NFC business card
  3. Linq NFC business card
  4. Qwerty NFC business card
  5. Mobilo NFC business card

1. V1CE NFC Card

Best for people who want NFC technology with no app required.

V1CE digital business card samples screenshot of metal cards

V1CE is the leading provider of NFC business cards. They have been in the business for a while, and the company’s main advantage is that you do not have to work to get your own NFC business card.

All it takes is for you to sign up for an account and then provide them with the digital business card details. After that, they will take care of printing your one card and ship it to you.

Key Features

  • Instant Transfer – all it takes to transfer information is a tap. You do not need to open an app to communicate with another device.
  • Different Materials – these NFC cards come in metal, bamboo, and plastic. All of these have NFC-enabled capabilities.
  • Easy To Make – all you have to do is go to the website, add your business logo and contact details, and design your digital business card. Once done, the company will make the actual physical card and send it to you.
  • Real-Time Update – if you want to change your contact details, you can go to the website, log in, and then make the changes. All the info will be replaced in the apps of the people who already tapped your card in the past.
  • Security – the company uses AWS architecture (Amazon), which means it has one of the most secure networks in the world.


The prices of the NFC business cards from this company vary but prepare at least $100. Some of these cards cost $144, depending on the type of material you use.

2. POPL NFC Card

Best for people who want a lead analytics program with the card system.

POPL homepage screenshot

POPL touts itself as the best provider of NFC business cards for individuals and teams. With this program, you can also create a team to analyse or segment all your contacts into buckets of leads.

So, essentially, POPL is not just a provider of NFC business cards but also a system where you can organize your target leads and send them messages if you need them.

Key Features

  • Different Encapsulation – you can choose from different types of microchip encapsulation and styles. The most common options are metal cards, badges, and keychains. You can also have a back-of-phone style if that is what you want.
  • Free App – the entire system comes with a digital app that you or your team can use. Most card providers do not use apps.
  • Customer Service – you can call their hotline if something is wrong with your card or team system. You can also call them for support if you need guidance on how to use the program.
  • SSO – if you use POPL team, you can have them sign into the program using Microsoft or Google credentials.


POPL has a lot of pricing options, depending on the specific service and card type you buy.

3. Linq NFC Card

Best for people who want a variety of NFC business cards.

LINQ homepage of products screenshot

Linq is not just an NFC business card, as the company has added other features to it. For example, the system allows you to embed videos and music to your card, which people can see. In addition to this, Linq has a calendar integration system, form integration, and more.

Key Features

  • Social Profiles – you can add your social media profiles to the system, and once somebody gets your details, he will also see your social media credential.
  • Media – you can add photos, videos, and music to your card details. The person who receives your contact information will also get the chance to watch your video or listen to your music.
  • Profile Pages – you can have up to five profile pages; this feature is good if you are a serial-preneur.
  • Spotify – you can embed Spotify, and this is where you integrate your music or podcast.
  • Custom Forms – you can embed custom forms in the app with a third-party software called Typeform.

The beauty of Linq is that the other person—the one receiving your details—does not need an app. Anyone can tap on the card or scan the QR code, and they will instantly get your information. They do not need an app for scanning your QR code, either—they just need their phone’s camera.


You can buy the basic Linq product and get a digital card. However, there is a PRO option where you can use video embed, music, and form embeds for $5 per month.

4. Qwerty NFC Card

Best for people who need an NFC business card that they can share in multiple ways.

QWERTY homepage screenshot

The QWERTY NFC business card is something you can use as an individual or for your team. The card company is not just a provider, but it has baked into its system a lead generation process.

With QWERTY, you can get cards that have customized designs. You have the option to use NFC or QR codes. They offer fast service where they would ship your card to you a day after your order. Shipping is free globally.

Key Features

  • Many Ways To Share – you can share your contact details via NFC, QR code, tapping, or as a static display code in your store. You can also add your card to your Apple Wallet.
  • No App – the recipient of your business information does not need an app to receive your details. It only takes a tap or scan.
  • Affordable – the QWERTY card costs only $49 per year. In addition, there is no contract period or obligations. You also have the option to cancel at any time.
  • Dashboard – you will have access to a dashboard that allows you to manage multiple cards and users if you have a team that generates leads.


The price is $49 per year for a card, but you will get a discount if you buy cards for your team. The team cost is not disclosed, as you have to book a demo with the company.

5. Mobilo NFC Card

Best for people who want a card that can connect with more than 3,000 apps.

Mobilo homepage screenshot

The last on our list, Mobilo, does not require an app, but it can connect to more than 3,000 apps. It means is that you can do integration with CRM tools or integrate with third-party applications where you can gather data for your leads.

Key Features

  • Business Card – the card can show your social media channels and links to your website, not just your contact details. It is useful for individuals who have a freelancing business.
  • Landing Page – you can make a landing page that people can go to find out more about your business. You no longer have to use landing page makers separately.
  • Lead Generation – you can use the system to become your default CRM and connect t to thousands of applications that can help you manage your leads and business.
  • Data Insights – the system has an analytics dashboard where you can calculate ROI and individual performance.
  • Teams – you will have access to the system where you can manage admin roles, ownership capabilities, automation, integration, and others.


There are three types of pricing for this product. A personal card costs $11 only. A customized card costs $19.50, and the team application costs $59.

What is an NFC Business Card?

The term NFC stands for near-field communication. It is a technology where two systems communicate if they are close. When these two devices are close, the near-field communication technology allows them to swap or exchange information.

To make it work, you need an NFC tag, as the NFC tag is your identifier. Therefore, an NFC digital business card has two components: the digital business card and the NFC tags.

The NFC tags come in many variants or forms. The most common examples are:

  • Stickers
  • Keychains
  • Physical business card made of plastic
  • Metal business card

These cards or stickers have a microchip, and this microchip contains information. Of course, there has to be a brain or system to make NFC tags work.

Why Should You Use NFC for Business Cards

Here are some excellent reasons to consider using an NFC business card.

  • Virtual Business Card – the providers of the best NFC business cards give you an option to have a virtual business card. So if you forgot your physical business card, you could still swap information through your phone.
  • Multiple Ways To Share – You can share a smart business card in many ways, such as through a Zoom call, QR codes, widgets, and iMessage.
  • Instant Cards – traditional business cards can take days to print, but an NFC business card takes only a few minutes to make as soon as you have your NFC tags.
  • Easy To Edit – if you misspelled your name or information on traditional business cards, you cannot use them anymore. On the other hand, you can edit your NFC digital business card anytime and change your logos for your own branding if you want.
  • Environmental Issues – NFC business cards do not harm the environment; you can have multiple business cards without killing a tree. On the other hand, traditional business cards like paper business cards require using natural resources.
  • Always Available – since an NFC business card works with NFC tags, it will never get lost, even if you lost your metal business card that has the chip in it. You can always access the virtual business card version and share it.

Here’s What To Look For In The Best NFC Business Card

Here are some tips on what you should look for in a digital business card provider or product before you buy one.

  • Materials – paper business cards are typically made of paper or cardboard. You have more options in an NFC business card. While paper business cards are cheap, they are also easy to destroy. Choose a digital business card that is sturdy, like metal or hard plastic.
  • Encapsulation – a smart business card has NFC tags, which are in a microchip that needs protection. Choose a card provider or digital business card maker that offers protection and style packaging, such as wristbands, epoxy cards, keyfob, and key chains.
  • Applications – sadly, not all digital business card makers make their NFC cards accessible by any app. In this regard, choose one that is widely recognized by many applications, such as android phones or the iOS universe.

We can also add here that you must use a chip designed to make an NFC card work. The most commonly used are Ntag21X series and Ultralight EV1.

FAQs – Smart Digital NFC Cards

1. Are NFC business cards safe?

Yes, and the NFC business card is safe. Digital business cards work like credit cards that carry a microchip. It is not easy to copy the contents of this chip, let alone hack into the system to manipulate it.

2. Are smart business cards worth it?

Yes, they are worth it because they serve a specific function. Many people say that digital business cards are nothing more than a fancy version of traditional paper business cards. However, it is actually more than that. It provides you with security and convenience.

3. How do I make business cards with NFC tags?

You can use an app to make it or buy NFC tags from Amazon or Etsy. Once you have the NFC tags, you can create your own card. However, you will also need graphics and editing skills, so it is better to just use an app designed to make the best NFC business cards.

4. Can I make my own NFC business card?

Yes, you can buy your NFC tags from a provider like Amazon. These NFC tags are blank, and you can create your NFC business card from there. The other thing you need to make an NFC business card is an app that allows you to link your business digital business card and NFC tags for free.

Executive Summary

Here is a recap of the best NFC business cards:

  1. V1CE NFC Card – Best for people who want NFC technology with no app required.
  2. POPL NFC Card – Best for people who want a lead analytics program with the card system.
  3. Linq NFC Card – Best for people who want a variety of NFC business cards.
  4. Qwerty NFC Card – best for people who need an NFC business card that they can share in multiple ways.
  5. Mobilo NFC Card – best for people who want a card that can connect with more than 3,000 apps.

The best one that we suggest for individuals is the V1CE brand–it is easy to use and there is not a lot of fuss with it. For teams, your best et is POPL as it was designed for collaboration and lead generation.

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