Buzzsprout Review – The Best Free Podcast Hosting Platform?

Looking for the most suitable podcast hosting platform for your show? Buzzsprout might just be the perfect tool for all your podcasting needs. Keep reading to learn everything about Buzzsprout, including its amazing features, pricing plans, and alternatives.

As a podcaster, nothing beats hosting your shows on a platform with a complete toolset. I’m talking about reliable bandwidth, RSS feed, storage, promotion tools, easy publishing, and analytics all in one place!

That is what you will get when you choose Buzzsprout as your podcast host. With the tools to create, share and monetize your podcasts at a $0 starting fee, Buzzsprout easily stands out as one of the best options for many podcasters.

See its intriguing features for yourself in my comprehensive Buzzsprout review below.

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting Service Overview

Best for: Newbies

Price: $0, $12, $18, $24

Annual Discounts: None

Promotion: Free account available

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Compare Buzzsprout to the Best Podcast Hosting Services

Buzzsprout appears constantly at the top of the list of the best podcast hosting platforms around. Apart from its lineup of handy and unique podcasting tools, Buzzsprout comes with a simplicity that other platforms in its category are unable to beat.

Nearly anyone can navigate the Buzzsprout interface and use its features at first contact. Also, it runs a free plan where most of its tools are available to all users.

For the above reason, Buzzsprout is easily my pick for the overall best free podcast hosting service for beginners:

  1. Buzzsprout– Best simple podcasting host for beginners
  2. Soundcloud– Best free podcast for exposure
  3. Anchor-Best for a quick start
  4. Podcastics– Best for free and affordable podcast hosting plans
  5. Fusebox– Best free for WordPress users

After comparing all the top contending podcast hosting platforms in the same category, Buzzsprout took the lead, coming out as the best free choice podcasters.

Despite the fact that the platform is loaded with tools for streamlining podcasting, its operations are simple and quick. Its unique and advanced features, like transcription, visual soundbites, chapter markers, and Dynamic content, also helped Buzzsprout stand out.

As a beginner, starting with Buzzsprout is one of the most reasonable decisions to make for your new podcast. Everything you need, from airing your show, is available on the platform- for free and does not require intense training to use.

And if you ever need more, Podcast provides more features in its affordable paid plans.

What We Liked About Buzzsprout

  • The free version is available with no credit card required.
  • Popular podcast directories like Spotify, apple podcast, TuneIn, Alexa, Google podcasts, and more.
  • Suitable for seasoned and new podcasters.
  • User-friendly dashboard and operations.
  • Reasonable pricing plans and upgrades.
  • Manage multiple podcasts on a single account.
  • Useful resources for users.

What We Didn’t Like About Buzzsprout

  • Your content gets deleted after 90 days on the free plan.

Buzzsprout Features

What makes Buzzsprout interesting is its many thoughtful features added to help streamline podcasting and simplicity of use. Nearly any podcaster can easily find their way around the podcast host because of its friendly user interface.

To maximize its ability, you must know the tools available on Buzzsprout and how they work. Check them out below;

Podcast Directories and Distribution

Buzzsprout can upload your podcasts to several apps where your audiences can conveniently listen to them. With that, you can extend the reach of your releases every time without having to upload them manually on the distribution channels.

Some of the apps you can list your podcast on via Buzzsprout include;

  • Spotify
  • Google podcasts
  • Apple podcasts
  • iTunes
  • Amazon Music
  • Overcast
  • Castro

You can easily list your podcast on any of the platforms above with the guide provided by Buzzsprout. Once you log into your account, go to the Directories tab on the homepage and select the app you would like your podcasts to list on.

How to link your podast to buzzsprout directories

You will see a guide on how to link each Buzzsprout directories to your podcast when you click on them.

Note that you have to upload your first episode on the platform before linking your podcast to the directories.

Chapter Markers

The chapter marker feature on Buzzsprout comes in handy when you record length episodes. It allows you to section the podcasts into several chapters for easier navigation. Your listeners can use the labeled parts to get to important parts of your show quickly.

You can add chapter markers to give your audiences an idea of what they will learn in your podcasts. That, of course, can pull them in or send them scrolling down to find other stuff they can relate to.

Ensure that when you add chapter markers, the labeling texts convey each section’s message appropriately and are enough to spike the listener’s curiosity.

To add your section markers, simply follow the steps below;

  1. Go to the Episode tab on your Buzzsprout account home page.
  2. On the left side of your episode list, click on add chapter markers.
How to add chapter markers on Buzzsprout
  1. Click on Add new chapter to begin adding the markers.
  2. Fill in the start time and title. You can skip the chapter images and URL if there is no need for them.
Where can you add chapter markers to podcasts on Buzzsprout
  1. Click on the Save and update button to complete the chapter marking process.

Ensure you add the markers before your podcasts go live so that all listeners can have the edited file when they download.

It is important to note that some streaming platforms may not support the chapter marker feature. Hence, audiences listening on such platforms will not see them.

Free Website

The Buzzsprout podcast website is a brilliant addition to the platforms as it creates a single base where audiences can access all your podcasts with ease.

As a user of Buzzsprout, you don’t need to spend extra cash on building a website, especially with complex software. Buzzsprout lets you conveniently customize your podcast website at zero cost.

Also, you don’t need any coding or designing experience to create your podcast website on Buzzsprout. It is so straightforward that you can finish the entire process in less than two minutes without help.

To create your site on Buzzsprout, go to the website tab on the homepage, choose a color and upload a background image.

How to set up your buzzsprout website

Although the website does not have much customization flexibility, you can get creative about it. Here is what my podcast website looks like;

Buzzsprout website sample

Your website gets created immediately and goes live, with no need for further actions. You can now share, change your URL, and add your social media links. You can also decide whether to make your site visible to search engines or not.

Once an audience visits your site, they can access your podcast episodes and episode details, like show notes, transcripts, and chapter markers.

Transcription Tool

Transcription is another thoughtful feature that Buzzsprout makes available to users. The platform allows you to attach a transcript to each episode created for your listeners to access.

Although Buzzsprout does not have an inbuilt tool for transcribing, it allows you to upgrade and use podcast transcription services like and Temi integration.

That helps in cases where there are people who have listening problems interested in your show. Other listeners may also need to clarify some of the things you talk about. The transcripts come in handy in either case.

Once you have a transcript ready for your episodes, follow the steps below to add it;

  • Go to the Episode tab on the homepages.
  • Select the episode you want to work on.
  • Click on Add a transcript.
How to add transcript to a Buzzsprout podcast

Note that the transcription tool is available to paid users only. If you are using a free account, upgrade to a paid plan to access the feature.

Visual Soundbites

Visual soundbites on Buzzsprout are a way to generate video podcasts to post on your social media pages. Those videos will help you drive more engagement because the vast majority of people reckon with visuals than audio alone.

Soundbites are easy to make on Buzzsprout. Follow the steps below to create one quickly;

  • Go to the Episode tab on your homepage.
  • Click on Create a visual soundbite from the sidebar of a selected episode.
Page showing How to create visual soundbite on Buzzsprout
  • Set the duration of your soundbite.
  • Click on Sounds Good, and continue when you are satisfied.
How to set up visual soundbite on buzzsprout
  • Customize the look of your soundbite
  • Click on Create my soundbite
  • Wait for Buzzsprout to email you that the file is ready for download

When you get the confirmation email, go to your Buzzsprout account to download the file and upload it on various social media platforms as preferred.

Statistics and Analysis

The stats feature shows your Buzzsprout dashboard, where you can measure the growth of your existing episodes. Under this category, you can see the following data;

  • Podcast overview: This uses graph charts to show the trends and how your episodes have performed over time.
  • Episode download: You can see the number of times your episodes were downloaded and recognize the popular episodes too.
  • Apps and technology: This will show the devices and platforms your listeners used to stream the podcasts.
  • Location: Here, you can get deeper insights into the geographical whereabouts of your listeners.
  • Achievements: This is similar to the achievement trophies you get in games. It tells you when you hit admirable marks.
Page showing How to check your stat on buzzsprout

All the data above are shown under the Buzzsprout stats comprehensively to give you deeper insights into your growth. You can easily interpret them and discover where to improve your show, generate listeners, and increase downloads.

Podcast Monetization

While I cannot give you an absolute figure on how much you can make off podcasting, having different monetization sources can multiply your earnings.

Fortunately, the multiple podcast monetization tools on Buzzsprout can help increase your chances of making cool cash from your shows and passively from other sources, like advertising and referrals.

When I saw the Buzzsprout monetization feature, at first, I thought it would be me running all the ads, but I was wrong. Buzzsprout Ads is a program that allows you to advertise other like-minded podcasts on your shows.

The only part you really have to play here is reviewing the ads and accepting to feature them on your show. Buzzsprout will provide the ads and strategically add them within your episode by itself.

Page showing content of the buzzsprout monetization tab

In return, you will get paid $1.4 per monetized download. After a while, the ad goes away, meaning your episodes will return to the way it was before the ads.

Under the monetization feature, you can also join the Buzzsprout affiliate marketplace to earn passive income. You can monitor your affiliates and sponsor under the sponsor tab as well.

Page showing how to make money on buzzsprout under Monetization tab

There is an option to receive donations for your show under the monetization tab. You can also create private podcasts and sell premium content to members.

Buzzsprout Customer Support

Buzzsprout has a responsive customer support system. Apart from the comprehensive FAQs and guides available in the resources center, you can always contact a rep through email to solve your problems. The platform currently does not have live chat support but the emailing works just fine.

Buzzsprout Podcast Host Pricing and Options

Buzzsprout offers four different pricing tiers: one free and three paid plans. As expected, a free account is limited while subscribing allows you to access all the tools available on the platform. See how each plan works below;

Page showing buzzsprout pricing plans

Buzzsprout Free Plan

One of the attributes that make Buzzsprout a great platform is its $0 basic plan. For nearly any podcaster just starting their journey, the Buzzsprout free account is total flex. Although free, you can access almost all the tools you need to start your podcast.

The only thing you may find displeasing about it is that your podcasts get deleted after 90 days. However, if you subscribe to a plan before the 90 days elapse, there will be no reason to lose your existing episode.

See what to expect from a free account below;

  • Advanced stats
  • Unlimited team members.
  • Upgrade to remove ads.
  • Can only upload 2 hrs of podcasts each month.
  • No transcription
  • Hosting lapses in 90 days.

Paid Plans

The difference in what the Buzzsprout paid plans offer is the podcasting hours you have each month. You can subscribe to any of the three premium plans below;

  • $12- 3 hrs/mo
  • $18- 6 hrs/mo
  • $24- 12 hrs/ mo

With the plans above, you can simply stick to the pricing that fits your show. If your uploads will not go beyond 3 hours in a month, pay only $12 to enjoy everything $24 subscribers can also access.


  • $0.25/minute for auto transcription.
  • Add Magic Mastering on the paid plans for $6, $9, and $12 per month, respectively.

Buzzsprout Offers, Discounts and Promotions

Buzzsprout currently does not have any active promo code or promotion offer. However, the site dishes out discount codes once every while to its users. You can look out for coupons in case of any drops.

Getting Started on Buzzsprout

The simplicity of Buzzsprout’s operations makes it a quick and easy platform to start your podcast. You can easily find your way around the software, and to make it easy, Buzzsprout has numerous resources to put you back on track when lost.

To make it even easier for you, read below to learn how to set up your account and perform other common operations on Buzzsprout.

Setting Up Your Buzzsprout Account

There is really nothing much to do here. Simply sign up on Buzzsprout by filling in the required field, including your first name, email address, and podcast description. When you have done that, your account gets created immediately and you can start creating.

PS- You can always change your podcast details under the info tab on the homepage.

Publishing your first podcast episode On Buzzsprout

Uploading your first episode on Buzzsprout is equally easy as signing up. Go to the Episode tab from your homepage to start editing. You will see three tabs: Episode, Magic Mastering, and Dynamic Content.

Page showing where to publish an episode on Buzzsprout

Editing Your Episode Details

Under the Episode Tab, you will be required to do the following:

  1. Upload an audio file- This is simply a pre-recorded audio for your show.
  2. Supply an episode title.
  3. Fill in the episode description.
  4. Upload a befitting artwork.
  5. Supply season and episode numbers.
  6. Choose episode type: Full, Trailer, or Bonus.
  7. State whether your audio file contains explicit content.
Page showing the fields to fill when uploading a website on buzzsprout

It is important to note that you cannot publish an episode without uploading an audio file.

After editing your episode details, you may publish immediately, save for later or continue to edit magic mastering and dynamic content.

The role of Magic Mastering™ is to improve the quality of your audio. It will change your audio to sound clear, crisp, and pleasant to hear.

Dynamic content allows you to upload audio files for your intros and outros. You can add the sound at any point in your podcast episodes instead of recording the info many times.

Buzzsprout Alternatives: Other Podcast Hosting Platforms

Other podcast hosting platforms are offering similar services to Buzzsprout. See how Buzzsprout compares to them in the tale below;

Podcast host

Basic plan $/mo


Free version




Team members






Beginner level








Expert level








Expert level








Beginner level



FAQs On Buzzsprout Podcast Host

1. Does Buzzsprout Support Video Podcasting?

No, Buzzsprout does not support video podcasting at the moment. However, you can always incorporate videos into your podcasting. Watch this video to see how.

2. Can I Pause My Podcast On Buzzsprout?

Yes, you can pause your podcast when you need a break from podcasting by using the Buzzsprout archive plan. That will help keep your podcast episodes from deleting since you will be migrating to the free plan. It costs $5 to archive your podcast on Buzzsprout.

3. Can I Transfer My Podcast To Another Host From Buzzsprout?

Yes, you can transfer your podcast to other popular podcast hosting platforms of your choice. Read this article for full details on how to transfer your podcast from Buzzsprout to Libsyn, Anchor, Blubrry, and more.

My Personal Take On Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting

Overall, Buzzsprout works for all levels of podcasters, from newbies to experts.

I recommend it as the best platform to start podcasting for beginners especially because of its simplicity and pricing. You can begin your podcast without any rigorous exercises, processes, or verification procedures.

Seasoned podcasters will equally enjoy the advanced podcast features on Buzzsprout as they help to streamline podcasting to a very large extent.

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