7 Best Facebook Video Downloader Apps & Software (2023)

Facebook has metamorphosed from an online connection tool to a content-sharing giant.

What was once a text-based update site now has video as one of the leading content.

The site registers 8 billion video views daily, most of which viewers prefer to play without sound.

Facebook does not provide mechanisms for users to stream content offline.

A private Facebook video downloader will come in handy.

With these apps you can download live Facebook videos and watch them later. The tools also have video editing features.

I have picked the best Facebook video downloaders for review to cut you the slack.

Let us dive in right away.

What Are the Best Facebook Video Downloaders?

Facebook video downloaders are available as web or chrome extensions.

Using a downloader requires copying and pasting a Facebook video URL in the software’s interface. Your video is available seconds after clicking the download button.

I will now review the following video downloaders. You can select the Facebook video downloader you like most after that or go with my recommendation.

  1. WinX YouTube Downloader
  2. SnapSave
  3. 4K Video Downloader
  4. Video Downloader for Facebook
  5. Facebook Video Downloader
  6. Snap Downloader
  7. MyVideo Downloader

1. WinX YouTube Downloader

Best for Facebook video format, resolution, and file size setup.

winx youtube downloader screenshot

WinX YouTube Downloader supports over 1,000 sites besides Facebook.

Despite the “YouTube” in its name, I will admit that this is my best Facebook video downloader.

It downloads videos in resolutions of between 720p and 4K. An analysis tool helps choose the video file size, format, and resolution.

It can also fetch subtitles for your videos. Besides, its thumbnail previews help make your work easy.


  • Batch videos: It supports bulk downloads with up to 300 URL capacity.
  • Flexibility: The tool can download private Facebook videos and autodetect URLs.
  • Subtitles: This downloader fetches online subtitles.
  • Quality: The software can get videos in numerous resolutions and formats.


  • It is a free Facebook video downloader software.
  • The tool has neat preview thumbs.
  • It is highly functional and straightforward.


  • The downloader runs ads after installation.
  • Some features are missing.


  • The private video downloader is a free resource.

Go to this link to download the best Facebook video downloader.

2. SnapSave

Best for downloading high-definition Facebook videos.

snapsave homepage screenshot

SnapSave lets you download high-quality Facebook videos to your PC, mobile devices, or mobile phones.

It does not require software installation.

The app supports 4K, 2K, and Full HD formats. Even more fulfilling is that these Facebook videos come with sound.

Additionally, it works on Android and iOS platforms.


  • Video Downloads: SnapSave downloads all kinds of videos from your Facebook account.
  • Private Videos: It fetches videos in private Facebook groups.
  • Video Stories: The app can also download videos with permission from Facebook video story creators.


  • It is easy to use.
  • The app does not require sign-up or registration.


  • I did not find any.


SnapSave is a free video downloader forever.

Enjoy fast video downloads on SnapSave here.

3. 4K Video Downloader

Best for downloading HD-quality videos.

4k video downloader screenshot

4K Video Downloader lets you download FB videos in an array of formats.

If you are a creative that loves tinkering with content before reposting it, this is your ideal Facebook video downloader.

Throw any link at this software, which will instantly grab the video.

Let me show you how it works.

Copy the video URL of a video you’ve spotted on Facebook. Paste it on the video downloader for automatic loading.

Its capabilities include video editing and video conversion.

The software’s preset features ensure that you have everything ready. Besides, the tool handles content from other platforms pretty well.


  • Subtitles: It extracts video subtitles in a single click.
  • Output: The tool can download FB videos in 360-degree, 4K, 8K, and HD quality.
  • Audio: It supports OCG, M4A, and MP3 formats.
  • It comes with a smart mode feature.


  • It comes with preset settings.
  • It supports Linux, Mac, and Windows systems.
  • The FB video downloader has 18 languages.


  • It has limited output formats.


4k video downloader pricing plan screenshot

You can use the free version of the Facebook video downloader or the following paid options:

  • Lite: $10 One-Time Purchase
  • Personal: $15 One-Time Purchase
  • Pro: $60 One-Time Purchase
  • Bundle: $65 One-Time Purchase

Grab quality videos on the 4K Video Downloader via this link.

4. Video Downloader for Facebook

Best for batch downloads and playing videos offline.

video downloader homepage screenshot

Video Downloader for Facebook is a user-friendly app that effortlessly enables downloading and reposting of multiple videos.

It boasts an in-built browser and incredible download speeds. You can download MP4 videos and HD videos using this app.

Even more fascinating is the tool auto detects Facebook videos. Your task remains that of clicking the download button.


  • Batch download: You can download huge videos at the same time.
  • Offline video playback: Once you have the videos you like, you may play them at your pleasure, even without internet connectivity.
  • Preview: The app lets you preview videos first before downloading them.


  • It has a built-in player.
  • It does not compromise your online security.
  • You can pause downloading and resume when you’re ready.
  • The app encrypts data making it a safe online resource.


  • The app contains ads.


The Facebook video downloader is 100% free.

Go to the Google Play store and install Video Downloader.

5. fbdownloader

Best for downloading private Facebook videos for free.

fbdownloader homepage screenshot

Facebook Video Downloader is available as essential software. It lets you download live videos and MP4 files.

You can also anonymously download private videos.

Additionally, the downloader grabs live Facebook videos. However, it can only kick in after the completion of live streaming.

The online tool boasts a simple user interface. To download a video, copy its URL from your Facebook account and paste it into the app’s text box.

Click the download button for a fast download of your content.

The tool has no download limitations. You can use it repeatedly to capture as many videos as would be necessary.

It is risk-free and does not store downloaded videos on its servers.


  • It downloads MP3 and MP4 videos.
  • The free Facebook video downloader has no ads on its interface.
  • It has a two-step download process.
  • The downloader is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS systems.


  • The Facebook video downloader offers you fast video downloads.
  • It gives you results via a simple download process.


  • The software can only achieve a bare minimal download.


It is a free video downloader.

Use this link here to access Facebook Video Downloader through its website.

6. SnapDownloader

Best for high-speed downloads.

snapdownloader homepage screenshot

SnapDownloader helps you fetch HD videos to watch or repost.

It boasts a simple user interface making your download tasks easy.

Another selling point is the software’s compatibility with over 900 video-carrying websites.

Do you love editing videos? If so, SnapDownloader offers you a built-in video editor.


  • Platforms: The software supports Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Parallel Downloads: You can download multiple videos from Facebook and other websites.
  • Video conversion: The online tool lets you convert downloaded videos to MP3 or MP4.
  • Audio Extraction: It will convert Facebook videos to audio.


  • It is super fast.
  • The software is user-friendly.
  • There are no running ads.
  • You can download up to 15 videos at the same time.


  • The free trial only lasts for 48 hours.


snapdownloader pricing plan screenshot

The software has a free trial lasting 48 hours, while the premium version offers the following packages.

  • Monthly Subscription: $7.99/Month.
  • 3-Month Subscription: $16.99/3 Months.
  • Annual Subscription: $29.99/Year.

Alternatively, you can go for a lifetime license on a one-off payment. See the details below.

  • Personal License: $39.99 for one computer.
  • Family Edition: $69.99 for three computers.

Visit the SnapDownloader website to enjoy reliable Facebook video downloads.

7. MyVideo Downloader

Best for quick Facebook video and GIF downloads.

myvideo downloader homepage screenshot

MyVideo Downloader boasts high-speed video downloads.

It enables you to find videos you’ve watched, saved, or liked on Facebook. Besides, if you find funny GIFs you would love to save on your device, this online tool will fetch them.

The app detects the videos you want. You only need a single click to download and save videos.

Thanks to this software, you’ll get to watch Facebook videos even without internet connectivity.

The app runs on Android devices, and anybody can download it.


  • Speed: It downloads videos fast
  • Compatibility: It can fetch videos from social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.


  • The tool has a user-friendly interface.
  • It allows easy sharing of Facebook videos.


  • Heavy downloads may cause lagging.


It is a free Facebook video downloader that you can install and use.

Here’s the link to install the app from the Google Play Store.

FAQs – Download Facebook Media

1. Are FB Video Downloaders legal?

Facebook carries creative content where the owners have copyright.

You infringe no laws if you download videos and repost them on the platform.

However, using other people’s work for commercial benefit is breaching copyright laws. If they take legal action, your brand or company could face serious legal issues.

I strongly advise using FB video downloaders for personal use.

2. How can I download a Facebook video?

Very easy, Most downloaders use copy and paste.
Follow these simple steps:

a) Copy the video URL from your Facebook account.
b) Paste the link into your video downloader’s text box.
c) Select the desired output quality, e.g., MP4.
d) Click the download button and wait for the process to run to completion.

3. What is the safest Facebook video downloader?

I will vouch for WinX Video Converter.

This downloader does not force you to use an alternative search engine. At the same time, it harmoniously installs and runs on your PC.

It carries no viruses, spyware, or malware. Moreover, it is 100% free and does not run ads during the installation.

4. Can you monetize Facebook videos?

Yes, you can monetize Facebook videos by leveraging Facebook ad breaks. Facebook runs short ad clips placed in between runs.

You must satisfy the policies on monetization, e.g., having an established presence and posting authentic content.

Besides, you must have full rights to all the content in your videos.

5. Can a Facebook Video Downloader work for other social media platforms?

Yes, it can, but this depends on the software you have in mind. Most video downloading tools work across social media platforms.

SnapDownloader, which I have reviewed above, is a perfect example.

Besides Facebook, this tool can extract videos from YouTube and Vimeo, among hundreds of other platforms.


I have reviewed the best Facebook video downloaders. These will allow you to grab all your favorite FB videos and save them on your phone or PC.

WinX YouTube Downloader stood out as the best out of the seven on my list. It is free and downloads high-quality FB videos.

Also, the online tool can convert Facebook videos into MP3, MP4, AVI, AAC, and many more formats.

I would also recommend SnapSave, another freemium tool that also downloads private videos.

Of course, if you want more features, you can opt for a premium Facebook video downloader.

Try the 4K Video Downloader. Besides Facebook, it can also grab videos from other social media platforms and music websites such as YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo.

To Wrap up, here are the 7 best Facebook video downloader apps & software (2023).

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