The 7 Best Free (and Online) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2023

We all need an email, but safety is one of the biggest problems today. According to surveys, 83% of companies suffer from hacking attempts through phishing on emails.

From Gmail to Yahoo! to Microsoft—there are so many choices. However, is the best free email service where your privacy and safety are guaranteed?

I have multiple email addresses from various free email service providers. I will tell you the best providers based on my experience. But, in the end, I hope my list can help you decide which one to use.

Types of Email Accounts

There are three basic types of email accounts. These are POP, IMAP, and Exchange.

POP, or Post Office Protocol, is a program that allows email clients to connect to email services. The POP makes it possible for your Outlook to send and receive emails.

Right now, the most current version of POP is POP3. Its main job is to retrieve emails from servers.

IMAP came after POP. It means Internet Message Access Protocol. It is a standard method of retrieving emails from servers. Unlike POP, IMAP is more powerful because it can sync emails from one device to another.

For example, if you read an email from your tablet, you can also read the same email from your PC. Essentially, there is no need to re-download the email from different email clients.

The Exchange protocol came from Microsoft. They built it to allow machines to sync not just emails but also calendars and contacts. Anyone who has a Microsoft account can get this service.

What are email clients?

An email client is a computer program that you must install on your computer. Its job is to send and receive emails. A typical example of an email client is Microsoft Outlook.

What is webmail?

Webmail is an email system that does not need an email client. What it means is that you do not need to install a software program on your computer or mobile device. Instead, you must access the email from a browser.

Best Free Email Account Service Providers (Free & Online)

Here is a quick list of the best free email service providers.

  1. Gmail
  2. Yahoo! Mail
  3. Outlook
  4. AOL
  5. iCloud Mail
  6. Zoho Mail
  7. ProtonMail

1. Gmail

Unique Feature: Always upgraded to meet new trends and demands

Pricing: Free to use

Screenshot of Gmail interface

Gmail is by far the best of all free email service providers. Google runs it and opens a whole world of a technological ecosystem for you. It is not just a personal email platform but one you can use for business.

The system also allows email forwarding. As a free user, you do not have to worry about security, as Gmail is always at the top of its game. With Gmail, it is easy to access the universe of Google. The system can detect that you are the same person.

Product Features

  • Storage – the free account of Gmail gives you 15 GB of free storage; if you want more, you can always purchase it from Google.
  • Spam Protection – Gmail has a powerful anti-spam system. It can detect emails that you typically delete and eventually moves these emails to your spam folder.
  • Integration – one of the best things that make Gmail the best is not the hefty free storage but the integration with other apps. For example, you can easily use Gmail as your credential in all Android apps. As a result, it gives you a better experience.
  • Interface – not all email providers offer an interface that is easy to use. Gmail does not clutter you with ads, and the entire design makes it so that it is easy to find what you are looking for.

This is how Gmail spam folder looks like.

Pros of Gmail

  • Integration with many Google applications
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Support for additional storage
  • Has a strong anti-spam system

Cons of Gmail

  • No built-in appointment tools

Email format example:

You can get Gmail now and use it for free.

2. Yahoo Mail

Unique Feature: It has a folder system that makes email management a breeze.

Pricing: Free

Screenshot of Yahoo inbox

Yahoo Mail has been around for quite a while. People who have been using the internet for 20 years are still using it today, even if there are other options.

Yahoo is an excellent option for people already tired of Microsoft or Google. What you will love about it is that Yahoo offers huge storage.

There is also a filter feature to navigate all your emails using keywords. It is an excellent feature for people who are looking for old emails. In addition, there is a preview feature for attached images—you no longer have to download the images.

Product Features

  • Storage – unlike Gmail, Yahoo does not offer GB of free storage; you get one terabyte
  • Two-Factor Authentication – you can use your phone number as a second defense system for security. Of course, you also have the option to turn it off.
  • Alerts – Yahoo has an app you can install on your phone that will alert you if you have new mail. It does the same for PC.
  • Integration – you can add your other email services to the app; if you want, you can add your Gmail or Outlook to the Yahoo app, so you can open emails in one app.
Find attached documents in all emails with filter options

Pros of Yahoo Mail

  • Excellent folder management system
  • It is easy to integrate several accounts
  • One terabyte of storage

Cons of Yahoo Mail

  • Lots of ads in your inbox

Email format example:

Get Yahoo now and enjoy its features!

3. Outlook

Unique Feature: Integration with Microsoft applications.

Pricing: Free

screenshot of Outlook dashboard

Like Google, I would advise you to get Outlook if you are invested in the Microsoft ecosystem. What I like about Outlook now is that they have something similar to Google Docs.

For example, once you have an email account, the left panel has the most common Microsoft apps like Word or PowerPoint. Just click on these, and the system will launch an online document in a new browser.

You also have control over your data. For example, even if it operates with a global mail exchange server, you can make tweaks about how you want Microsoft to use your data.

Product Features

  • Free Account – you can make a free account with Outlook even if you are not a paying subscriber of MS Office.
  • Calendar – you can sync your email with the Microsoft calendar to keep track of your appointments.
  • Security – even if the email services or email accounts are free, you can enjoy an enterprise-grade level of security.
  • Junk Filter – the email provider has a powerful junk filter that prevents you from becoming a victim of phishing.
  • Management – Outlook can manage POP, IMAP, and Exchange. They can also manage other providers like Gmail.
Outlook message box and panel

Pros of Outlook

  • End to end encryption
  • Free access to Microsoft apps
  • Easy integration with the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Free support if you have issues

Cons of Outlook

  • The app does not work as well as with other providers

Email format example:

Get Outlook now and see the difference!

4. AOL Mail

Unique Feature: Supports several email protocols.

Pricing: Free

AOL Mail dashboard

AOL Mail is a division of Yahoo, but it did not use to be. While many think AOL is now defunct, its email services are still active.

However, as new companies emerge and Google keeps growing, AOL is seeing fewer and fewer email users from its platform. In 2012, there were 24 million AOL users. By 2021, this number has drastically dropped to only 1.5 million people.

I must mention here that AOL will delete your account if you have been inactive for more than 180 days. All it takes to maintain the free email services is to log in once in a while.

Product Features

  • Large Mailbox – while Gmail only gives you 15 GB of storage, AOL offers unlimited mailbox storage. So you can keep all your emails without worrying about filling up your storage capacity.
  • Email Attachment – the maximum file size you can attach is 25MB. Pretty much, this size is a standard but still bigger than some email account providers.
  • Linking – you can link to other email accounts such as Hotmail and Google with your AOL email.
  • Spam and Virus Protection – the system can protect your identity and computer by issuing a warning to you for emails that potentially contain spam or viruses.

How to change AOL mail account info

Pros of AOL

  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited mailbox capacity
  • Has spam protection
  • Has an integration with other email systems

Cons of AOL

Your account gets deactivated if not used in 90 days.

Email format example:

Get AOL Mail now for free!

Best Free Email Accounts For Privacy

5. iCloud Mail

Unique Feature: Effective anti-spam and filtering systems.

Pricing: Free

iCloud Mail Dashboard screenshot

iCloud Mail is the brainchild of Apple. Apple wants to ensure that it has a closed system or universe in its ecosystem of apps and technologies.

Since Apple has a solid security structure, you can rest assured that the free email accounts you make with them will give you protection. In addition, the system has an excellent spam filter and app integration features.

Apart from the mail app itself, the email provider allows you to access your emails through the web. To do this, you can launch any browser and access your email.

Product Features

  • Spam Filter – the system has a junk filter. You can also mark a message as spam, and the system automatically transfers that mail to your spam folder. You can also block unwanted messages.
  • Folder System – there is an archive folder where you can keep emails you want to access later. Adding new folders in your control panel to the left is also easy.
  • Search Function – you can search all your emails with a filtering system. You can search by subject, sender, or recipient.
  • Storage – you get 5 GB of storage if you sign up for the free account. This amount should be more than enough.

how to create an icloud mail

Pros of AOL

  • Excellent spam filter
  • All Apple devices support iCloud
  • You can use it on any device
  • There is a 2-factor authentication

Cons of AOL

  • Extra storage is expensive

Email format example:

Get iCLoud now for better spam and privacy protection!

6. Zoho Mail

Unique Feature: You can customize your email address and domain name.

Pricing: Free with paid plans.

How to schedule calendar in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is one of the best free email services I recommend for businesses. In addition, you can customize your domain name for your email address, giving your emails a professional look.

The free plan allows you to have as many as five users, with each email account enjoying 5 GB of free storage. The email provider also integrates the email software with other apps.

Product Features

  • Email Hosting – unlike other free providers, you can work with Zoho Mail to host your email processes on their servers. You can also use domain aliases if you want.
  • Folder Sharing – you can save emails or messages to a specific folder and allow other users to access it.
  • Email Recall – if you pressed that SEND button too soon, you can recall that message to replace it or edit. However, the people you sent it to will not be able to read the original one that you recalled.
  • Offline Access – people can still log in and read emails even if they are not online. It works great if you only want to retrieve some information.

How to add reminders in Zoho Mail

Pros of Zoho Mail

  • Huge attachment limit of 1 GB
  • Free online storage that you can upgrade
  • Free email account for five users at the free plan
  • You can customize the domain name

Cons of Zoho Mail

  • Can be expensive if you upgrade

Email format example: customizable domain format

7. ProtonMail

Unique Feature: High level of data security.

Pricing: Free with paid plans

ProtonMail Dashboard screenshot

ProtonMail is one platform I recommend for businesses or those afraid of getting hacked. The founders created the email system for one reason: security.

Right now, ProtonMail is enjoying the status of being the world’s largest secure email service provider. They not only protect you from spammers and offer a strong encryption system.

The encryption level is so strong that even the company that hosts your emails cannot decrypt the messages.

Product Features

  • Mobile App – there is a dedicated mobile app that you can download on Android and iOS.
  • Encryption – all your emails are encrypted; even if people intercept them, they cannot unscramble the encryption to decode the content of the email.
  • Safe Data – the company does not spy on you; they do not get your data, and they do not share it with advertising companies.
  • Protection – the security levels of ProtonMail are strong. You can stay protected against spam and phishing attempts; there is also tracking protection.
  • Sync – you can move your existing emails and calendars on the Proton platform, so you will only use one app for all our calendars and emails.
How the inbox looks like

Pros of ProtonMail

  • Easy and simple to use
  • No spam
  • There is a well-documented help guide

Cons of ProtonMail

  • Small storage limit for free accounts

Email format example:

Try ProtonMail now as it is free, and you will get one GB of storage.

How to Create a Free Email Account

The step to creating an email account could not be any simpler:

  • Go to the create account section of the free email service provider
  • Create your username and password
  • Supply the other information required
  • Click on “Submit” and follow the prompts

Once done, the only thing left is to log in to the free email account.

Tips for choosing a free email service

Here are my tips on how you can choose the free email account:

1. Accessibility

Today that almost everyone has a mobile device, it is cumbersome to launch a browser and log in. The email service provider you choose must have an app.

Having heavy email clients is unnecessary anymore, as these programs can only add bulk to your phone’s storage capacity. However, you still need an app that functions as an email client.

2. Storage

Storage is another important factor to consider. Gmail provides 15 GB of storage. Others can provide more than that. For example, Yahoo! provides one terabyte of free storage.

Storage is important because emails are not just text. Many emails today contain photos. These photos need storage, and once you run out of storage, you must delete some emails permanently.

3. Interface

Interface refers to the user interface or how the entire app looks. The interface has something to do with how you can navigate the application.

Some email service providers have a bad interface, which makes it hard to use. Instead, choose an email service provider that offers a clean and minimalist user interface.

4. Security

Security is another crucial spam filter. You should choose a free email provider that offers two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication means the system will ask the person logging in to verify that it is the owner. The system can do this by sending a code to a backup email address or through SMS.

You must type this code in the box before reaccessing the email service. However, to prevent irritation, the two-factor authentication must only work if the log-in is suspicious.

At the very least, choose an email service provider offering spam filter protection. This feature should minimize the number of spam and phishing emails you receive.

How Do I Keep Multiple Email Accounts Organized?

Below are my tips on how you can keep your sanity and your email accounts organized.

1. Use a password manager

There was a time when people were afraid of using a password management system. They thought that it would reveal their passwords to someone if their phone was stolen.

Today, password managers are safe. Even Google has one. Password managers make it easier to log in to various paid and free email accounts.

2. Keep one email for a specific purpose

If you have multiple email addresses, use one for a specific purpose. For example, use email #1 for games only. Then, use email #2 for bills and personal or financial accounts. Then, use email #3 for social media.

Why do this? Well, it helps you keep track of what you do. For example, you know which email you used if you forgot your credentials in a gaming site. It would not be difficult to retrieve your credentials then.

3. Keep the email apps in one folder

Make a folder on your phone and lump all email apps there. This way, you know which folder to open if you want to access your emails.

4. Link the same email addresses together

Let us say that you have three Gmail accounts and two Yahoo Mail accounts. I suggest you link your Yahoo! email addresses in the Yahoo! app and do the same for Gmail.

If you do this, you no longer have to log out and log back in whenever you want to check your emails from the same paid or free email providers.


1. What is an Email Service Provider?

An email service provider is a company that gives you an email address and a system by which you can use it to send and receive emails.

2. What are the best email service providers in the UK?

The best free email providers in the UK are Gmail, AOL Mail, and Outlook by Microsoft.

3. How to select a Free email provider?

The best way to select a free email provider is to see how big and reliable the company is. Then, choose one that is not susceptible to hacking, like Google.

4. What is the best email service provider?

Here are the best email service providers:

1. Gmail
2. Yahoo! Mail
3. Outlook
4. AOL
5. iCloud Mail
6. Zoho Mail
7. ProtonMail

5. What is IMAP, POP3, and SMTP?

SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the standard for sending and receiving emails. In this process, the message you send gets relayed by a client, like Outlook. IMAP is Internet Access Message Protocol. It deals with retrieving the message from a server.

POP3 is also a protocol for receiving emails. It means Post Office Protocol version 3. POP3 retrieves the email from the server and downloads it to a PC; then, it deletes the email from the server. IMAP stores the email in the server even after downloading.

6. What is Microsoft Exchange?

It is an account where you make your email address, either because of work or school. Microsoft Exchange is the platform that runs email services. Think of it as GMAIL or Yahoo Mail.


Here is a quick list of the best email services:

  1. Gmail
  2. Yahoo! Mail
  3. Outlook
  4. AOL
  5. iCloud Mail
  6. Zoho Mail
  7. ProtonMail

Of all these, the best one to use is Gmail, provided that you are invested in the Android universe. If you are an Apple user, then iCloud mail is the best one for you. For other things, Yahoo is where you can put your dollar.