13 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps (Free for 2023)

Did you know that online users watch over 5 billion YouTube videos every day?

Slow internet speed and no internet access may warrant watching a YouTube video offline. Perhaps you’re preparing a presentation that requires a full grasp of the video content.

A free YouTube video downloader app lets you have the necessary videos. You can store them on your PC, smartphone, or other mobile devices for convenient viewing.

Today, I will show you the 13 YouTube video downloading apps that you can use for free. I will also provide directions on how to download YouTube videos.

YouTube Terms of Service

YouTube provides users with free-to-view content. Yet, it must make money to sustain its operations. That is why you have ads running on its videos.

By viewing these ads, you reciprocate YouTube’s favor.

Google, owners of YouTube, prohibits you from downloading content from the channel. It does so to protect content creators and lock in earnings from advertising.

That’s why Google Play Store does not have apps to download YouTube videos.

Here is a quick view of terms of service that apply to YouTube videos:

  • Content: YouTube content includes audio, videos, text, photos, graphics, branding, and interactive features.
  • Channels: A YouTube channel allows you to upload videos and create playlists. However, browsing for content to download does not require this feature or a Google account.
  • Interference: YouTube prohibits users from disabling, circumventing, or tampering with security features.
  • Automated access: restrictions apply to using scrapers, botnets, robots, and other computerized content access modes. However, using a search engine, legal or YouTube’s written permission is an exception.
  • Information harvesting: you may not collect faces or usernames unless the content provider allows it or with YouTube’s written approval.
  • Spam or unsolicited content is prohibited.
  • Metrics manipulation: the channel prohibits giving incentives aimed at increasing subscribers.

You contravene Section 5.1 of Google’s terms of service as you download YouTube videos through third-party software. The section stipulates that:

  • YouTube permits the use of the channel’s service.
  • You must not use other technology to download videos.
  • You should only access YouTube videos for non-commercial use.

Overall, Google permits viewing YouTube videos through its official YouTube app and website.

Downloading online video files using third-party apps for offline viewing is convenient and beneficial. My advice is that you perform these activities for personal use only.

What are the Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps?

  1. 4K Video Downloader
  2. WinX YouTube Downloader
  3. Any Video Converter
  4. TubeMate
  5. SnapDownloader
  6. SaveFrom.net
  7. iTubeGO

1. 4K Video Downloader

Best For Batch And Single Video Downloads.

4K video downloader homepage screenshot

It is a free YouTube downloader that works on PC, Mac, and Linux. It enables high-quality downloads in numerous resolutions, including 4K, 8K, HD 720p, and HD 1080p.

Content aspects you can download include:

  • Videos
  • Channels
  • Subtitles

Downloading videos on the platform is simple. You copy the video’s URL and paste it into the 4K Video Downloader.

Besides YouTube, 4K Video Downloader offers you options to download from Flickr, Tumblr, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Facebook.

4k video download progress screenshot

After exporting and downloading files, you can choose to paste the link, open, play, or remove the file.

Key Features

  • It is free software that helps you download choice videos to your devices. Moreover, you can format, include subtitles and customize downloaded files to a preferred format.
  • Safe Download – 4K Video Downloader offers ad-free videos that you can convert and save as virus-free files.
  • Multiple Video Downloads – it is a useful software that lets you download multiple videos simultaneously. This aspect saves you time.
  • Numerous Conversion Options – the software converts videos to audio and pictures into slideshows. The resulting files are of a high resolution. Before conversion, the app prompts you to decide on the format, subtitle, and quality formats.
4k video downlod format screenshot


  • Downloads subtitles and annotations in videos.
  • Supports 360-degree and 3D video format downloads.
  • Supports numerous video and audio formats such as MP3, MP4, M4A, 3GP, and MKV.
  • Provides multiple video downloads.
  • It is virus-free.


  • It does not support iOS and Android platforms.
  • A lot of ads run in the free version.
  • The free edition limits channel and playlist downloads

Free Download

Download the free software from their site.

2. WinX YouTube Downloader

Best For Batch Video Downloads.

winx homepage screenshot

WinX YouTube Downloader helps download audiovisual and flash videos. It also allows you to select the desired output and quality format. Besides, you can edit videos after downloading.

The app lets you download videos from over 300+ websites and saves downloaded content in WebM, FLV, MP3, or MP4 format. WinX YouTube Downloader supports Windows and Mac operating systems.

winx URL paste & analyze screenshot

Key Features

  • Powerful – the app is fast and stable and does not frustrate users.
  • Batch Downloads – this YouTube video downloader app allows bulk download. You can copy and paste up to 300 URLs. It will download your videos and songs effortlessly.
  • Video Size and Quality Flexibility – WinX YouTube Downloader auto detects video URLs and analyzes size and format. It then lists these options for you to select what you prefer.
  • Subtitles – With this app, you can download subtitles for your downloaded videos.
winx selected video download screenshot


  • Offers video format conversion options.
  • Supports multiple video downloads.
  • Allows downloads from numerous video sites.


  • It cannot download 360-degree and 3D videos.

Free Download

You can download the free video downloader here.

3. Any Video Converter

Best For Converting Downloaded Videos To Audio Format.

any video converter homepage screenshot

With Any Video Converter, you can download videos from YouTube to multiple devices. This app also supports the burning of videos in DVD format.

Dubbed “the free video converter with millions of happy users,” Any Video Converter is a three-in-one comprising:

  • Video converter
  • Video Editor
  • DVD burner
avc drag and drop feature screenshot

Key Features

  • Supports Multiple formats – Any Video Converter lets you convert files to MP4, AVI, WEBM, 4K, and many more.
  • Burn Videos – It lets you download videos and burn them to a blank DVD. Depending on your TV or DVD player, you can choose PAL Movie, NTSC Movie, DVD, 720P, or 1080p.
  • Easy Editing – This app allows the trimming of videos to delete or crop unwanted parts and split them into segments.
avc video type conversion screenshot


  • It has an inbuilt video-to-audio converter.
  • You can download videos in the background.
  • Promotes multiple video downloads.


  • It doesn’t offer batch downloads.
  • Downloading 4K videos is not possible.

Free Download

Download the free software here.

4. TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Best For Adding Text To Music Albums.

tubemate youtube downloader screenshot

As a free YouTube downloader, TubeMate allows the adjustment of download speed. Moreover, you can save videos in a specified folder. It also lets you save the downloaded video on an SD card.

This YouTube video downloader app boasts a user-friendly interface. The main tab hosts the Download Tool with options for video format, quality, and output fields.

tubemate video paste and delete features screenshot

You also have a Converter option to edit the parts you don’t need or change the format.

TubeMate supports Windows and Android platforms.

Key Features

  • It has a Download Acceleration Engine with up 500% increase in download speeds.
  • TubeMate downloads 3D, 8K, 4K, 5K, 720p and 1080p videos from YouTube.
  • Allows Download Pause and Resumption for preview and correctness check, ensuring you don’t waste time.
  • A Drag-and-Drop feature lets you drop download video links from a browser.

tubemate video download settings screenshot


  • Allows preview of videos before download.
  • It has an in-built video search feature.
  • Its auto-complete feature lets you add text on music albums.


  • It does not work on Apple devices.

You can download the free YouTube video downloader here.

5. SnapDownloader

Best For Video Downloads of up to 8k Resolution.

snapdownloader homepage screenshot

With this video downloader app, you can download trim videos, chapters, and YouTube playlists. Besides YouTube, SnapDownloader can fetch online videos from 900+ websites.

In addition, you can download YouTube videos and convert them to AAC, MP3, MP4, and other formats. Apart from being a video downloader for Android, this app also supports iPad, iPhones, Smart TVs, and PC.

Even better is a proxy setup feature for bypassing regional website restrictions.

snapdownloader user interface screenshot

Key Features

  • Video Trimmer – SnapDownloder’s in-built video cutter allows video trimming. That way, you only download the critical portions.
  • VR Video downloads – With this app, you can download 360-degree videos and create a virtual reality watching experience.
  • Scheduled downloads – SnapDownloader lets you schedule automatic downloads. Thanks to this feature, you can work around constraints such as limited internet bandwidth.
  • Extracting audio – Once you download videos, you can later convert them to music. The app offers video downloads with quality audio.
snapdownloader output format and video quality options screenshot


  • It has a keyword-based search option.
  • The app allows you to save multiple video and audio files.
  • You can download videos from YouTube channels and playlists.


  • It is slow and has glitches.
  • It does not support downloading videos on Mac Operating System.

Free Download

Download this HD video downloads software from their homepage.

6. SaveFrom.net

Best For Free Youtube Video Download And Other Streaming Websites.

savefrom.net homepage screenshot

SaveFrom.net is among the popular free YouTube video downloaders for PC or smartphones. It is compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Opera browsers.

Here is what you need to download videos using this app:

  • Install the application.
  • Copy the target video’s URL and paste it onto the downloader page.
  • Click the download button and the downloads tab after that to see the clips you’ve downloaded.

The video downloader supports unlimited video downloads. It also has a Chrome extension.

savefrom.net video download guide screenshot

Key Features

  • SaveFrom.net YouTube video downloader app allows you to download videos in the background.
  • It is also a video downloader for Android.
  • A user-friendly content organizer on the app helps you locate files with ease.
savefrom.net youtube videos download guide screenshot


  • The video downloader app is easy and secure to use.
  • It allows video downloads from multiple sites.
  • Compatible with Chromium-based browsers.


  • It does not support batch downloads.
  • It displays annoying commercial ads.

Free Download

Visit the official site and download the software.

7. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

Best For Multiple Downloads and Conversion of Videos to Audio.

itubego youtube downloader homepage screenshot

iTubeGo video downloader features an in-built YouTube converter. It allows you to convert videos to MP4, 4K, MP4, and MP3 formats.

I noticed that downloading videos with this app is possible on over 10,000 video-sharing sites. You can download playlists or bulk videos at 320kbps bitrate and up to 8K quality.

Another remarkable aspect is that you can select video or audio portions to share on Instagram or Facebook reels.

itubego video downloading progess screenshot

Another appealing aspect, this YouTube app searches for movie and TV series subtitles. Besides, the app supports multiple downloads. It is one of the best YouTube downloader apps.

Key Features

  • Download videos from YouTube and over 10,000 various video-sharing sites.
  • iTubeGo allows you to copy-paste video URLs or utilize an in-built navigation window.
  • It converts single or bulk videos to MP3.
  • Also, it has an intelligent feature that lets you skip already downloaded videos and prevents file duplication.
itubego multiple video downloads screenshot


  • It supports 8K and 4K videos.
  • Batch downloads are possible on its desktop version.
  • The app allows easy conversion to MP3 or MP4 format.
  • Supports downloading videos via proxy.


  • The free version does not support unlimited downloads.

Free Download

Go to the homepage to download a copy of the free software.

8. YTD Video Downloader

Best For Channels And Playlists Conversions.

ytd video url paste section screenshot

YTD Video Downloader is ideal for video conversion to MP3 format. It features a simple and intuitive interface.

YTD is a free downloader app for android that lets you watch videos on mobile devices.

ytd downloaded video play feature screenshot

In addition, the app allows you to download live-stream videos. It also offers start, end time, location, and quality options.

Key Features

  • 8K Video Downloads – YTD lets you download HD videos from 2K to 8K quality. It also has automatic resumption following internet connectivity interruption.
  • Ultra Fast Speed – An easy-to-use and intuitive interface support URL copy-paste. Downloading YouTube videos using the app happens very fast.
  • Entire Playlist Downloads – This app helps you download YouTube playlists. After that, you can convert them to AVI, MPEG, 3GP, and MP4 formats.
ytd video converter screenshot


  • It enables monitoring of video downloading progress.
  • It features an in-built player.
  • Converts content to iPad or android format.


  • It only works with the Windows platform.
  • The free version has disruptive ads.

Free Download

Download this YouTube app from their homepage

9. MP3Studio YouTube Downloader

Best For Music Downloads Using Id3 Tags.

mp3studio homepage screenshot

MP3Studio YouTube Downloader converts YouTube music videos with a few clicks. It ranks among YouTube video downloaders, where you copy and paste links to audio files.

mp3studio video download options screenshot

A wide selection of file types and video quality are other useful aspects of this YouTube app. Also, you can preview songs before downloading.

Key Features

  • It processes batch downloads.
  • It has limitless conversion abilities.
  • Audio and quality preview.
mp3studio download in progress screenshot


  • It works on multiple devices.
  • There are no restrictions on video types.
  • Supports music download through ID3 tags.


  • It has a limit of 99 files per download.

Free Download

You can download the official YouTube app here.

10. ByClick Downloader

Best For Downloading Live Videos.

byclick downloader homepage screenshot

ByClick Downloader offers you the option to download your favorite YouTube videos. Its artificial intelligent feature recalls the videos you’ve watched.

byclick user interface screenshot

It has subtitles, live videos, and playlist download options, among other features.

Key Features

  • Auto-Detect Popup – After identifying your target YouTube video, a popup message prompts you to download it. You have the option of video or MP3 download.
  • Multiple DownloadsByClick Downloader lets you download as many YouTube videos as you wish.
  • Playlists and Channels – You download YouTube videos with a single mouse click. You only need to choose a channel or playlist.
byclick download prompt screenshot


  • Supports download of YouTube channels and playlists.
  • Allows download in 8K, 4K, 1080p, and 720p.
  • It supports conversion to HD, AVI, AAC, WEBM, MP3, and MP4 formats.


  • It is not compatible with Linux and Mac systems.

Free Download

Download the free app from their official site.

11. VideoProc

Best for video, channel, playlist, and music downloads.

videoproc converter homepage screenshot

VideoProc is among the best YouTube video download and compressing apps. It allows conversion to MP3 or MP4 and doesn’t compromise video quality.

Moreover, you can tweak downloaded videos by adding watermarks, removing music, flipping, or merging.

videoproc video download interface screenshot

Key Features

  • SafeVideoProc offers a safe mode for downloading videos. You can use it on Windows or Mac platforms.
  • Ads-Free – The video downloader app runs no ads, which is a welcome relief.
  • GPU Accelerating – This feature means that you download online videos fast.
videoproc video editing features screenshot


  • It allows saving content in different resolutions.
  • The app can handle large videos.
  • Its media converter supports up to 400 formats.


  • Slow downloads.
  • It doesn’t have a mobile version.

Free Download

You can download the HD video downloads software here.

12. Leawo YouTube Downloader

Best for live stream video downloads.

leawo youtube downloader homepage screenshot

This YouTube video downloader offers content search and video play options. It supports downloading live stream videos with a choice of 1000+ video sites.

A built-in video player lets you play and watch the downloaded content. Even more satisfying, Leawo YouTube Downloader boasts a fast video download speed.

Leawo video download progress screenshot

Apart from YouTube, you can also download videos from sites such as Dailymotion, AOL, Myspace, and iFilm.

Key Features

  • Supports numerous websites – You can download videos directly from YouTube and other sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and iFilm.
  • Fast downloads – A built-in accelerator speeds the download process and saves you time.
  • Smooth playback – This app lets you play YouTube videos with a smooth viewing experience.


  • It supports downloading using M3U8 or URL.
  • It has a comprehensive option of websites to download from besides YouTube.
  • Allows downloading of Livestream YouTube videos.


  • It lacks a browser plugin.

Free Download

You can download the software for free on their site.

13. Allavsoft

Best for music and video downloads with access to over 1000 websites.

allavsoft homepage screenshot

Allavsoft YouTube video download tool fetches your desired videos with a single mouse click. It also comes with a batch download option.

allavsoft video download interface screenshot

Downloading YouTube videos with Allavspot follows a simple copy and paste process. Once you download videos, the app offers different conversion options.

You can convert your YouTube video to MP3, RA, AIFF, OGG, M4A, or WAV format.

Key Features

  • Batch Download Videos – With Allavspot, you can add multiple URLs and download a couple of videos from YouTube in one click.
  • Preview and Playback – This video downloader features a built-in video player that allows you to preview or playback content.
  • Pause and Resume – If something unexpectedly interrupts video downloading, Allavspot lets you pause the activity.


  • It blocks annoying ads.
  • It offers a one-step video conversion process.


  • It has limited output.

Free Download

Click here to download the software.

What is a YouTube Downloader App?

A YouTube downloader app is any third-party software that supports downloading videos from the platform.

Since YouTube is against downloading content from its site, you don’t expect to find downloader apps on the Google play store.

YouTube’s Terms of Service discourage users from downloading copyrighted content. However, there is an exception for content with a download link or button.

Nonetheless, downloading content for offline viewing is not illegal, and this is where YouTube downloader apps come in.

How to Download videos from YouTube?

Downloading videos from YouTube provides a way to enjoy them later when offline. Here are the two approaches:

  1. Download YouTube videos directly via a YouTube app.
  2. Download video files using a third-party tool.

I would prefer that you focus more on the second to make your life easy.

The first option requires you to subscribe to a YouTube premium package. On the contrary, YouTube video downloader apps are free of charge. They are also reliable and convenient.

I will now show you how to download YouTube videos step by step.

Start by downloading a YouTube video downloader to your PC or laptop.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium app offers the easiest way to download YouTube videos. It comes with a 1-month free trial, after which you pay $11.99 monthly.

You could opt for the monthly plan at $17.99 a month or a student plan at $6.99 per month.

  1. Open the YouTube app and the target video.
  2. Click the Download icon.
  3. Next, select the video download quality.
  4. Proceed to download your video.

Upon completion, the Download button will show a black tick with the term Downloaded below it.

Using free YouTube downloaders

For this article, I will demonstrate using the ByClick Video Downloader.

Download the ByClick Video Downloader app

Download and install the YTD Video Downloader.

how to install a youtube downloader screenshot

Open your desired YouTube video and copy its URL.

Paste the link (URL)

Launch the ByClick Downloader and paste the link.

Choose the download format.

Check your screen’s bottom right corner for an offer message. It will prompt you to either Download video or Download MP3

video download prompt screenshot

Wait for the YouTube app to finish downloading.

video download progress screenshot

Change the download quality.

Click on Choose Quality button to choose the desired quality. ByClick Downloader lets you pick the Best, Normal, or Custom quality.

choose video download quality screenshot

Save your downloaded video.

Upon downloading, the app saves your videos in the My Music folder. You can see the downloaded video file by clicking the Show in Folder button.

save your downloaded video screenshot

Change the download settings.

You can choose a preferred download folder to save YouTube videos. It is straightforward. Click the Choose Directory button on the app’s main screen. Follow the prompts to set up your new folder.

choose download folder screenshot

The process of downloading YouTube videos using free downloader apps is similar. Pick one of the 13 best YouTube video downloaders I have reviewed and try it.

FAQs – YouTube Video Downloader Apps

1. Is Downloading YouTube Videos Legal?

Yes, as long as you do so for non-commercial use and are in no breach of YouTube’s terms of service. Also, you should not exploit downloaded videos for other purposes without the licensor’s consent.

You can legally download the following YouTube videos:

  • Videos posted by family and friends with permission to download granted.
  • Non-copyrighted content, available in the public domain.
  • Videos with a Creative Commons (CC) license.
  • 2. How to Download Videos from YouTube

    Downloading videos from YouTube is possible via a YouTube downloader app. 4K Video Downloader, WinX YouTube Downloader, Any Video Converter, and TubeMate are examples of apps you can use.

    3. Why use a YouTube Video Downloader?

    A video downloader app offers fast downloads. It also lets you download trending YouTube videos to watch later. Besides, you can save YouTube videos and share with friends or use them for learning.

    4. What formats are supported by Video Download Applications

    YouTube video downloading apps support file formats such as MP3, MP4, MOV, FLV, and AVI. Choose a free video downloader that supports Windows, Mac, or Android platforms.

    5. How to save videos from YouTube to your phone or SD Card?

    Copy the video link and paste it into a YouTube app. Download the video and select the option to save it to your phone. Connect a card reader to a PC to save videos to your SD card. Copy the video files and paste them into your SD card’s designated folder.

    Executive Summary

    Slow or erratic internet connectivity poses disruptions to streaming videos online. On the other hand, time constraints may not allow you to watch videos online. A video downloader app solves these problems.

    YouTube video downloaders let you download the content you love for later access. These apps offer numerous format options too.

    I have reviewed 13 of the best YouTube video downloaders. Each of these features a simple user interface. Some allow you to download audio and edit downloaded videos. You will also notice apps that convert downloaded videos to audio files.

    I recommend ByClick Downloader owing to its features. The app detects when you watch a video and prompts you to download it.

    VideoProc Converter is an excellent downloader with the option to convert videos. You can add watermarks, remove music, split, or flip the downloaded content.

    The bottom line is for you to find a tool that helps enhance your watching experience. I encourage you to examine each app and assess its features.

    Eventually, you will narrow it down to a popular video downloader that meets your expectations.

    To finish off, here is our list of the best YouTube Video Downloader Apps:

    1. 4K Video DownloaderBest For Batch And Single Video Downloads.
    2. WinX YouTube DownloaderBest For Batch Video Downloads.
    3. Any Video ConverterBest For Converting Downloaded Videos To Audio Format.
    4. TubeMate YouTube DownloaderBest For Adding Text To Music Albums.
    5. SnapDownloaderBest For Video Downloads of up to 8k Resolution.
    6. SaveFrom.netBest For Free Youtube Video Download & Streaming Websites.
    7. iTubeGOBest For Multiple Downloads and Conversion of Videos to Audio.
    8. YTD Video DownloaderBest For Channels And Playlists Conversions.
    9. MP3Studio YouTube DownloaderBest For Music Downloads Using Id3 Tags.
    10. ByClick DownloaderBest For Downloading Live Videos.
    11. VideoProcBest for video, channel, playlist, and music downloads.
    12. Leawo YouTube DownloaderBest for live stream video downloads.
    13. AllavsoftBest for music and video downloads with access to over 1000 websites.

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