How to Create NFC Digital Business Cards

With the growing popularity and usage of contactless business cards, every professional must know how to create NFC digital business cards.

NFC digital business card is an emerging type of contactless card. It uses Near-Field Communication technology to share contact info, hence the name NFC business card.

This technology requires additional hardware, such as a mobile device and a chipped card, to share the information on an NFC card with a single click.

If you don’t know how to create digital business cards that use NFC technology, ponder no more. I’ll show you how to create NFC business card options for your company.

That said, let’s go straight into the facts!

How to Create an NFC Business Card

Reading an NFC Business Card on a Mobile Device

NFC business cards are excellent alternatives to paper business cards. Instead of printing many copies of business cards, you only need a single NFC business card for everyone.

You may have to carry your NFC business card everywhere you go so that when you want to share your contact details, you’ll simply tap the card on another person’s smartphone.

The smartphone will generate a link containing your digital business card if it is compatible.

So, how do you create such a business card using near-field communication technology?

Here are the steps on how to create NFC digital business cards.

Step 1: Get an NFC-Enabled Smartphone

Before creating an NFC digital business card, you must ensure you have a smartphone compatible with the NFC technology. Otherwise, you won’t read or write NFC tags.

Thankfully, most android devices are NFC-enabled, making creating an NFC business card easy. Examples include the latest models of Samsung S Series and Google Pixel phones.

If you are unsure whether your mobile device is NFC-enabled or not, you can perform a quick search on Google to check your phone model’s compatibility with NFC.

Step 2: Create Your Digital Business Card Profile

There are many options for creating your digital profile, including a text processing program or an online bio site like Linktree. The bottom line is to save on costs as possible.

Using your preferred digital platform, type your name, title, contact information, and other relevant information. Don’t forget to add your profile picture.

Next, save the digital document containing your details as a PDF file and upload it to Dropbox or Google Docs. These tools will help you generate your profile links.

What if you already have a profile on your preferred digital business card app? In that case, transferring your profile into an NFC business card will even be easier.

Step 3: Buy Empty NFC Business Card Tags

You need empty NFC business card tags to write your contact information. Thankfully, many platforms sell blank NFC tags, including Amazon and Alibaba.

However, sites like and also provide NFC card tags at affordable prices. So, consider buying an empty NFC card tag from your favorite store.

The good news is that some websites can customize the physical appearance of an empty NFC tag to match your specifications. For instance, they can print your logo on the NFC cards.

Step 4: Download an NFC App that Can Read and Write NFC Tags

Downloading an NFC App on Google Play Store

Source: Google Play Store

There are many apps for creating and managing NFC business cards. However, if you perform a quick search on the internet, you’ll get overwhelmed by the several options available.

These apps can read and write NFC chips on the tags. Consider downloading the best options, such as NFC Tools. Thankfully, you can also find free options like Popl.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can open it and familiarize yourself with the instructions to write a blank NFC business card. Note that every app has distinct instructions.

Step 5: Upload Your Contact Information on the NFC Tag and Test It

Now that you have an empty NFC tag and an app that can read and write new NFC tags, it’s time to transfer your profile and contact information to the NFC business card.

But before you do that, you should check to ensure that the NFC chip is empty and ready for writing. Some tags usually come with links to the apps compatible with them.

If the NFC tag has some data, consider formatting it before transferring your business profile. This way, you’ll ensure that only your information is available on the card.

So, how do you upload your profile onto an empty NFC business card tag?

Well, every NFC writer app is different and has unique instructions. However, all of them tend to follow the same flow of steps, which are:

  1. Choose the domain to create your card, which is the name of your NFC business card. Next, open the app downloaded on your phone and locate the “write” button.
Writing an NFC Tag Using NFC Tools
  1. Click the “Write on NFC Tag” button on the app, which will prompt you to tap the blank NFC business card on your smartphone.
Prompt to Write on Approaching NFC Tag
  1. Hold the NFC card close to the phone until the app notifies you that “Write is complete.” Then, finish the set-up process and test the written NFC Tag.
Notification the Writing NFC Tag is Complete

Now that you’ve successfully created an NFC digital business card, it’s time to test if it works. All you need to do is swipe the written NFC card on another person’s smartphone.

How to Make a Good NFC Business Card Design?

Since you’ll be handling the NFC business card, you can customize it by incorporating a few design elements to create an excellent impression to potential customers.

You have the freedom to add design features that complement your brand. So, you can add a beautiful product photo and brand color or even print your brand logo on the card.

When choosing the design color for the NFC business card, don’t forget that contrast matters.

If you are using a solid color background for the NFC card design, ensure that the other elements on the card contrast perfectly with the background color.

For example, it will be much easier to see white texts against a black background than to read dark blue texts on the same black background.

What about the font size of the text on your NFC digital business card?

The font sizes for the text fields also play a vital role in your NFC card’s design.

You can use a font size of 10-16 pt for your name and company’s name, depending on the size fitting the available space best. Please don’t go below a font size of 10.

Where can I buy NFC tags?

NFC tags come in various forms, including stickers, pop sockets, and plastic cards.

There are many platforms to buy NFC tags, with Amazon being the most popular choice, followed by Alibaba. You’ll find more options when you perform a quick Google search.

You can buy a pack of 10 NFC business tags on Amazon for as low as $5.00. That would be the most convenient and affordable option to purchase multiple NFC tags for your entire team.

Other platforms that sell high-quality NFC business card tags are and

The bottom line is to save on costs by purchasing the most affordable NFC tags. Please avoid overpriced NFC business card tags.

Can I make my own NFC tag?

Yes! Creating your own NFC business card is easy and more affordable than buying overpriced NFC business cards or hiring someone to make the tags on your behalf.

You must buy a blank NFC tag on Amazon or Etsy and create your own NFC digital business card quickly by writing the information in your digital business card on the tag.

However, you need a free app to read and write NFC tags to make an NFC business card. The HiHello digital business card app is an excellent example of such an app.

How to Send Business Cards with NFC?

Sending Information on an NFC Card to a Mobile Device

Once you’ve made your own NFC digital business card, you can quickly share it with NFC-compatible smartphone devices around you.

Sharing an NFC digital business card is straightforward, just like a QR code.

Once you’ve linked your digital business card or profile to an empty tag, simply tap the written NFC tag onto the device you want to share your card with.

Next, tap on the link that will appear on the second device. That way, you would have shared your NFC business card with the recipient, who can now view and save the card.

Create NFC Business Cards

NFC digital business cards are the most affordable and convenient alternative to paper business cards. You don’t have to walk around with many printed business cards.

Rather than handing over a physical card to your clients, you can simply swipe your NFC digital business card on their smartphones to share your contact information.

Besides, you can customize your NFC business card’s design to complement your brand. The good news is that many services can help you design your NFC tags.

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