How to Sell on Depop Step by Step (Beginners Guide)

You have a few used fashion items you want to sell and make money online but don’t know how to sell on Depop. Worry no more because you are in the right hands.

Depop is an interactive social shopping app, making it the best marketplace to list fashion items such as clothes. It hosts over 30 million registered users in more than 150 countries.

Number of Registered Users on Depop

Source: Depop

If you plan to venture into the fashion business, Depop is one of the best marketplaces to consider. You can start selling a few clothes here before expanding your business.

However, you can only become a top seller on Depop when you understand how Depop works. And I guess you are here to gain more insights into selling on Depop.

I’ll show you how to sell on Depop in simple steps. I’ll also shed light on the tips to become a successful seller on Depop. The other things you’ll learn in this guide are:

  • Depop Selling and Listing Fees
  • Steps on How to Sell an item on Depop
  • Helpful Tips for Selling Clothes on Depop
  • Frequently Asked Questions by Depop Sellers

That said, let’s get started!

What You Need to Know Before Selling on Depop

Depop's Homepage for Selling and Buying Clothes

Source: Depop

Depop is one of the best places to sell fashion items, including clothes and shoes.

But before listing any item on the marketplace, you should consider the selling and listing fees. Depop charges a specific amount of money upon listing and completing sales.

Knowing the fees before starting an eCommerce business helps you calculate your profits.

Listing and Selling Fees on Depop

Once you create a Depop account as a seller, you can list items on the platform for free.

However, Depop charges a 10 percent commission fee upon closing the sale of an item on the platform. It also covers the shipping costs, unless you are offering free shipping.

For example,

If an item sells at $20.00 on Depop and ships the product at a fee of $3.50, Depop will take 10 percent of $23.50 as the fee. That means you’ll pay $2.35 as the selling fee.

Depop will automatically withdraw the fees from your linked PayPal account or card.

Depending on your location, you’ll also incur PayPal charges for the transactions involved.

Pro Tip: You’ll only pay the Depop fees when you complete a sale. There are no charges for setting up an account or listing an item no matter how long it stays unsold.

How to Sell on Depop

Selling clothes and accessories on Depop is easy once you’ve downloaded the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play app.

All you have to do now is create a Depop account for free, then list your items. When a potential buyer buys an item, you’ll deliver it and get paid.

Here are the steps to follow when selling clothes on Depop.

Step 1: Create a Depop Account

Creating a Depop seller account is a straightforward process.

You can sign up directly from Depop’s official website or the app. However, the account creation process is the same on both platforms.

Here are the steps to follow when creating an account on Depop.

a). Visit Depop’s official website and click the Sign-Up button on the top right corner.

Depop's Sign-Up Button on the Top Right Corner

Source: Depop

b). Once you’ve clicked the Sign-Up button, the site will open up a new page to enter your email, username, and password of choice.

Depop's Sign-Up Page: Name, Username, and Password

Source: Depop

c). Once you’ve entered the personal details, go to the next page and enter your phone number for verification.

Phone Number for Verification of a New Depop Account

Source: Depop

d). Enter the six-digit code sent to the phone number you provided.

Entering Depop's Verification Code

Source: Depop

e). Accept Depop’s terms of service to create the account. You are now ready to set up your shop and start selling online through Depop.

Depop's Terms of Service

Source: Depop

Step 2: Set Up Your New Depop Shop

Now that you’ve created a Depop seller account, you need to set up the shop before listing anything. It’s like setting up a profile to brand your Depop store.

You want your new shop to reflect what you plan to start selling. So, use a profile picture that showcases what you’ll sell in the Depop store.

Click the camera icon on the bottom page of your screen to get started.

The Camera Icon on a Depop Store

Source: The Tab

Depop will ask you to add a logo or photo and a site description. You’ll also be asked to connect the shop to your social media accounts. However, these steps are skippable.

If you want to create your brand on Depop, ensure that you provide a high-quality profile picture that reflects your brand’s style.

Let your profile picture showcase the kinds of products your customers can expect to purchase in the shop.

Briefly tell your buyer what you sell on the site description text box. Be specific on what your Depop store offers. The shop description is limited to 128 characters.

Setting Up a Shop on Depop: Shop Description

Source: Blog.Spaaza

Step 3: Link Up Your PayPal Account

After setting up your shop on Depop, you’ll need to connect your PayPal account for billing purposes. You’ll use this billing address to receive payments for sold items.

Depop doesn’t have its own payment system, so all transactions happen through PayPal.

Follow these steps to link your PayPal account to your new Depop store through the app.

a). Open the Depop app, then tap on the “Profile icon” at the bottom right of the page.

Profile Icon on a Depop Shop

b). Click on the “Setting icon” on the screen’s top right side.

Settings Icon on a Depop

c). On the settings page, click the “Preferences” option.

Preferences Button on a Depop Store

d). Select the “PayPal” option on the preferences page.

PayPal Option on Depop's Preferences Page

e). Click the “Connect PayPal” button.

Connect PayPal Button on Depop

f). Log in to your PayPal account to complete the process.

PayPal Login Details for Creating a Depop Store

g). Congratulations! Your PayPal account is now connected to your Depop store.

PayPal Successfully Connected with Depop

Step 4: List the First Product on Your Shop

Now that you’ve set up your shop and connected to PayPal, it’s time to list the first product. You can list the item in two ways: the Depop website or the Depop app.

Here is how to list a product through the Depop website.

a). Log in to your Depop Account through Depop’s official website.

Depop's Login Page: Username and Password

b). Click the “Sell” button on the top right corner of the homepage.

Sell Button on Depop's Official Website

c). List the first item on the Depop store. Add the product’s description, price, category, and up to four photos. Don’t forget to add your location.

Listing Items by Adding Product Details on Depop

Here is how to list a product in this money-making app.

  1. Open the Depop app and click the “camera icon” at the home screen’s bottom.
  2. Tap the “Set up your shop” option.
  3. Insert a logo/photo representing your shop or brand and tap on “Next.”
  4. Write a brief bio about your Depop store and what you sell, then tap on “Next.”
  5. If possible, link the shop to your social media page, then tap on “Next.”
  6. Provide your first name, last name, and billing address, then tap on “Next.”
  7. Tap on the “List your first item” tab, then on the “Camera icon” again.
  8. Add four images and a video of your item, although the video is optional.
  9. Add the product’ description, category, price, hashtags, and location.
  10. Tap on the “Post Listing” button to finish the listing process and wait for your first sale.

Clothes Selling Tips on Depop

Now that you understand the steps to list an item on Depop, there are tips you must implement to boost sales in the clothing marketplace.

The following tips can help you boost sales if you plan to sell clothes on Depop.

Get Highly Marketable Inventory

You probably want to clear out unwanted clothes in your wardrobe to make extra money . Or maybe you want to build a second-hand clothes-selling brand on Depop.

Ensure that you list fashionable clothes that can sell faster on Depop, whether dresses, T-shirts, blazers, jeans, tops, or bottoms.

The inventory must be in good condition, so examine the clothes closely to check for flaws. If the item has some minor flaws, be honest about that and mention it in the description.

Highlighting a product's flaws during listing

If you are buying clothes from a thrift store to resell on Depop, pick those you can keep or wear comfortably if they don’t sell, especially when you don’t have a large following.

Pick the clothes made of expensive materials, like 100% silk, as they are more likely to sell. Clothes with trendier fabrics like satin and pastels can also sell faster on Depop.

Material Comparison: Pastels vs Satins

Pro Tip: Go through your “sold inventory” to see what sells the most and purchase more of that for resale. It could be red-colored dresses, nightgowns, or tops.

Take High-Quality Flattering Product Images

Another strategy to sell clothes faster on Depop is posting high-quality images that reflect the exact product you are listing.

However, when it comes to listing clothes, taking images of the items is not enough.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think of whether you’ll buy a top pictured on a hanger or the one displayed by someone wearing it.

Cloth on a Hanger Vs Cloth Worn By a Model

Clothes listed when put on are more likely to sell faster than those pictured on a hanger.

Modeling a dress or other clothing makes it easy for buyers to imagine themselves putting them on, bringing them closer to buying the product.

Consider styling the clothes to make them more attractive to potential buyers. You can achieve that by wearing them along with matching pieces or colors.

Wearing the listed clothing and another matching outfit gives the buyer an idea of how they can put on the item after buying it.

When posing for pictures, use a clean, simple background to make the clothes more visible. You can try a white-colored backdrop to keep the product off distractions.

Take pictures from all angles of the clothing to give potential buyers an idea of how the product looks—for instance, the product’s front, side, back, and a closeup of the item.

front, side, back, and a closeup angles

Pro Tip: If you list a cloth with a big brand name, display the label or tag in one of the photos since more customers are likely to buy it if they discover it’s a brand they trust.

Get Inspirations from Your Favorite Fashion Store Websites

To get more inspiration on photo poses, visit your favorite clothing shop website and check the photos they use and how the models pose in them for a personal touch.

Photo Poses on Urban Outfitters from Top-Rated Sellers

Source: Urban Outfitters

Such model photos have proven to sell the listed items in large quantities. So, trying out these poses can help you sell more items in your Depop store.

You can also visit your favorite Depop store and check out the items sold. Emulate their poses in your shop, ensuring that you grab the customer’s attention.

Sold items on a Depop Shop

You may sometimes have to tighten loose clothes to fit your body and make them more attractive. However, you must indicate that in the product description.

Pro Tip: When editing photos, don’t edit the fabric colors too heavily. The buyer will have unrealistic expectations and give you a bad review upon buying the item.

Be Very Specific in the Product Description

When describing a cloth in your Depop store, describe the item in a way that the buyer will ask no more questions. Provide detailed information about the product.

Include every detail of the product, starting with the most important information.

If your product photo attracts customers and they tap on it, the product description will convince them to purchase the cloth, increasing conversions and sales.

Here are the top tips to make your product description on Depop count.

  • Include the most exciting detail in the first sentence of the description
  • Use capitalization to emphasize keywords, such as brand name or trending design
  • Specify the cloth’s brand, size, color, material, condition, and other distinct features
  • Include the model’s measurements as well as the item’s if possible
  • Give styling advice by suggesting possible outfits that can pair well with the item
  • Add relevant keywords to the description to make your product more discoverable
Product Description On a Depop Listing

Optimize Your Listing To Boost Your Depop Presence

Depop hosts many sellers, and everyone wants their products to get featured at the top of the search results. For that reason, you need to make your listing stand out.

The best way to make your clothes more discoverable than other sellers is by optimizing your listing based on the guidelines provided by Depop.

So, how do you boost your Depop presence?

Have a consistent product upload schedule to keep your account more active.

You can post clothes one to four times monthly. Also, consider spacing your products over a few days to keep you active rather than posting many items at a time.

For example, if you plan to list 12 clothes, you don’t have to post all of them at once in one day. The best product strategy to adopt is to post four items a day for three days.

You’ll appear more often on Depop’s radar and your followers’ feed, winning you more followers. The chances of getting featured on Depop’s explore page will increase.

Be active and comment on other people’s posts to maintain an active status. Depop often displays an “Active Today” badge when you are active on a particular day.

Active Today Badge on a Depop Listing

Source: Depop

Buyers will see that you are always ready to answer their questions at any time, increasing your sales on Depop.

You can also increase your chances of getting featured on Depop’s explore page by adhering to the guidelines recommended by Depop on their official website.

Requirements for Getting Featured on Depop's Explore Page

Source: Depop

You can also increase your chances of appearing in the search results by posting relevant and clear listings. Stick to the Depop selling rules to stay ahead of competitors.

Depop has changed how its search engine works. Instead of showing new items on the top of the page, Depop prioritizes the listings with positive feedback and observes the rules.

Ship the Items Sold on Depop

As you list clothes on Depop, you need to decide on how you’ll deliver the goods to buyers once they pay for the items. Select the best order fulfillment option.

Most sellers in the United States use two popular shipping options:

  • Depop Shipping through USPS: With this option, you don’t need to configure shipping manually. You only have to choose who pays the shipping fee: You or the buyer. Unfortunately, the shipping price from Depop can be very high.
  • Organize Own Shipping: You can also arrange your own shipping if you don’t plan to ship with Depop. Just set up the custom prices and transport the product nationally or globally using a shipping label purchased from a local post office.

FAQs – Depop Sellers

Now that you’ve learned how to sell clothes on Depop, you may be asking yourself a few questions. Here are the common questions that most new sellers on Depop ask.

1. What are the requirements for selling on Depop?

To start selling on Depop, you need to create a seller account, like in other online marketplaces. Depop will verify your details and approve your new account.

All payments take place through PayPal, so you’ll need to create a PayPal account and connect it to your Depop store.

2. How Do I Give Refunds on Depop?

When a buyer requests a refund, you’ll have two options as the seller: to allow or decline the refund process.

To allow the refund on Depop, you must do it through PayPal to initiate the process. The good news is that PayPal’s refund policy is easy to navigate.

3. How much does it cost to sell Clothes on Depop?

Opening a Depop store is free. You don’t need to pay anything when listing clothes or other fashionable items on Depop.

However, Depop will charge a commission fee of 10 percent for every sale you complete in your shop. The commission fee also applies to the shipping costs.

4. Is selling on Depop easy?

Yes! Selling on Depop is a straightforward process, now that you know all the steps to list an item on the marketplace.

You need to create a Depop seller account, set up your Depop store, and connect your Paypal account to start listing items on the platform.

The good news is that Depop doesn’t require lengthy verification procedures.

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve learned how to sell on Depop, you can proceed to create an account and start listing items to make money online.

Price your items fairly, but not too low, to increase the chances of making sales. Also, take advantage of Depop’s discount feature to boost sales.

Don’t waste time! Implement all the tips we’ve shared in this blog post to drive more sales.

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