7 Steps To Start Selling On WhatsApp In 2023

The chances are that you’ve used WhatsApp to chat with friends. But you might not have known that you can sell on WhatsApp to make extra money online.

Selling on WhatsApp is highly profitable due to many active users and potential buyers. In fact, over two billion people communicate with their loved ones daily on this platform.

Besides, the procedure to sell products on WhatsApp is straightforward. You won’t need a business license or other documents to start selling online through the platform.

I’ll show you how to sell on WhatsApp, from downloading the WhatsApp Business app to closing sales. You’ll also learn tips to increase sales on the messaging app.

That said, let’s get started!

How To Start Selling Using WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has evolved to become one of the most effective online marketing tools.

You can use the app to boost engagements, increase sales, and earn more revenue.

All you need is to master how it works. Then, I’ll show you how to use the app effectively.

Here are the steps to follow to sell on WhatsApp and grow your business online.

Step 1: Download and Install the WhatsApp Business App

You need the WhatsApp Business App or account to grow your business on the platform. It comes with additional features that can help you grow your business.

Here are the incredible features you’ll enjoy on the WhatsApp Business account.

  • One-touch replies to customer inquiries
  • Automated responses to received messages
  • Catalogs to help potential customers place orders
  • You can label or segment contacts using preferred criteria

Pro Tip: You can download the WhatsApp Business app from Play Store. It is free and has an interface and functionality resembling the traditional WhatsApp version.

Step 2: Create a WhatsApp Business Page

Once you’ve downloaded and installed WhatsApp Business on your smartphone, you must verify your phone number and create a business profile.

Your business page should provide helpful information, including your business name, address, description, website, and email. Also, remember to set up your profile photo.

How to Create A WhatsApp Profile for Business

Here are the steps to follow to update your business profile.

  1. Open the WhatsApp app and click the menu or “More Options” button
  2. Click the “Settings” option from the list, followed by “Profile.”
  3. Click “Edit” on the page’s upper right corner and enter the required details.

Here are some of the fields to complete in your WhatsApp profile for business.

  • Hours of operation or available by messaging
  • Products and services you provide in the catalog
  • A business website, address, and contact information
  • A phone number that’s different from that of a personal account
  • Full description of the business for up to 225 characters, plus spaces

Pro Tip: Ensure that your business profile is complete to make it easier for potential customers in your contact list to identify you or your brand.

Step 3: Add Products to Your WhatsApp Business Profile

Now that you’ve created your WhatsApp profile, it’s time to add products to your catalog. But, again, remember to select products that suit your target audience.

Here is how to add products to your WhatsApp Business catalog.

a) Click the menu (three small dots) on the top right corner of the opened app.

How to Add Products to a WhatsApp Catalog

b) Select “Business Tools,” then click “Catalog” from the menu.

How to Create a Catalog on WhatsApp Business

c) On the “Create a Catalog” page, click the “Add New Item” option to add products.

How to Add New Items to Your WhatsApp Catalog

d) Next, add the product Image. You can add multiple photos by clicking “Add Images.”

How to Add Product Images to a WhatsApp Catalog

e) Specify the product’s name, price, and description, then click “save.”

Adding a Product's Name, Price, and Description on a WhatsApp Catalog

Step 4: Set Your Business Working Hours And Welcome Messages

Another thing to remember is to set your business hours (opening and closing times).

You also need to craft an engaging welcome message for all your clients. Welcoming potential customers will make them feel cared for and valued.

Here is how to add working hours to your WhatsApp profile.

a) Click the menu (three small dots) on the top right corner of the opened app.

Menu for Adding Working Hours to Your WhatsApp Profile

b) Select “Business Tools,” then click “Business Profile” from the menu.

How to Update Business Profile on WhatsApp

c) On the “Business Profile” page, click the “Business Hours” option to set a time.

How to Update Business Hours on WhatsApp

d) Click the “Schedule” button to select your business schedule, whether “open for selected hours,” “always open,” or “by appointment only.”

How to Set Business Schedule on WhatsApp

e) If open for selected hours, set the working hours for each day and click “Save.”

Saving Updated Business Schedule on WhatsApp

Step 5: Advertise Your WhatsApp Business to Increase Sales

Once you’ve optimized your WhatsApp profile and set the working hours, you must advertise the business to help potential customers locate you.

Unlike other online marketplaces, people can’t search your business by name or location. Instead, you must issue your phone number to customers to let them contact you.

You can achieve that by using brick-and-mortar store marketing solutions or printing the phone number on your receipts and business cards.

You may also provide the business phone number on your Google MyBusiness account, Facebook page, or official website through a click-to-chat widget.

If you are tech-savvy, consider promoting your WhatsApp Business with ads. This will allow users to start chatting with you directly.

Step 6: Send Automated Reply Messages to Customers

What happens when you are offline and a customer sends you a message after working hours? How can you respond to your customers?

In that case, you can send automated reply messages to the customers.

Here is how to create automated reply messages on WhatsApp for Business.

a) Click the menu (three small dots) on the top right corner of the opened app.

Clicking the WhatsApp Business Menu

b) Select “Business Tools,” then click “Away Message” from the menu.

How to Set Automated Reply Messages on WhatsApp

c) Enable the option and edit the message to match your products or services.

How to Edit An Automated Reply Message on WhatsApp

d) Click “Schedule” to specify when you want to send the message to customers. Select outside of business hours.

How to Set the Schedule for Automated Reply Messages

e) Click “Recipients” to specify who you want to receive the message. Click “everyone.”

Selecting Recipients for Automated Reply Messages on WhatsApp

f) Click “Save” once you finish making all the changes.

How to Save Changes for Automated Reply Messages

Step 7: Organize Orders By Adding Labels

If you are getting multiple orders and want to organize them for better tracking, you can label them using the default labels offered by WhatsApp Business.

Some of the labels to use to track your chats include:

  • New Customer
  • New order
  • Pending payment
  • Paid
  • Order complete

The good news is that you can also create custom labels for different groups.

Here are the steps to add labels to your customers’ chats.

  1. Click the menu (three small dots) on the top right corner of the opened app.
  2. Select “Business Tools,” then click “Labels” from the menu
  3. You will get different types of labels to add to your customers’ chats
  4. To create your custom label, click the plus (+) symbol on the bottom right corner
  5. To add labels, go to your chats, then tap and hold a customer’s chat
  6. Click the label symbol at the top of the page and select the label you want then save

Best Tips For Selling Products On Whatsapp

Now that you know how to sell on WhatsApp through the WhatsApp Business app, you must do everything possible to increase sales on the platform.

The following tips and ideas can help you grow your business on WhatsApp.

Use a Separate Phone Number and Mobile Device

Using Separate Mobile Devices for WhatsApp Personal Account and Business

Source: Interakt

You need a different phone number and mobile device to separate your personal life from business. Use the gadget and phone number for only business purposes.

Using the same mobile device and phone number for business and personal life can disrupt your social life. For example, customers will call and send messages after closing time.

Besides, you may accidentally send a private message to a customer or a business message to a friend or family member, causing unnecessary mix-ups.

When using a separate device and number for WhatsApp Business, you can assign the sales function to another person.

Create Interesting and Sharable Content

Create interesting content to engage potential customers. Ensure that your messages are clear and concise to encourage clients to read them.

Keep the WhatsApp messages short as they are more direct and can help you go straight to the point and insert a call-to-action.

Examples of content that can make your marketing efforts on WhatsApp more compelling are images, GIFs, and video content.

Also, post limited-time offers and discounts on your WhatsApp status updates. This will engage customers and entice them to make purchases.

Add Quality and Relevant Links to Your Content

Adding Relevant WhatsApp Links for Business

Source: ShopPop

Besides creating engaging and interesting content, it will be best to include relevant links in your content, whether videos, voice messages, or promotional text messages.

For example, you can insert affiliate links in your messages to redirect customers to your business website or social media platform when they click the links.

Adding quality links to your content helps customers learn more about your online business. It also allows you to drive traffic to your website, which could translate to sales.

Promote Your WhatsApp Business Number

Sending messages blindly to new numbers can cause more harm than good unless the recipients identify with your business number.

Consider promoting your WhatsApp number for Business by notifying your target audience through advertisements on all communication channels.

Add the WhatsApp number to your blogs, website, and social media. You can even advertise the number through email marketing campaigns.

Let customers know the kind of content to expect when they save your number on their phones. Most importantly, remind them to send you a message to confirm their registration.

Get Your Clients’ Phone Numbers and Add Them to Your Contact List

Besides promoting your WhatsApp Business number, you also need to devise strategies for getting your customers’ contact information for future business activities.

For instance, you can ask clients to provide their phone contacts when filling out forms on your website. Then, seek permission to add them to your contact list and send messages.

When adding the customers’ phone numbers to your WhatsApp contact list, use their respective names. This will help you personalize your messages to improve customer experience.

If you sell multiple products or services, you can add a service or product’s name against the customer’s name to create a more personalized experience.

Quickly Respond to Customers Whenever They Send Messages

As a business owner, you don’t want your customers to feel frustrated whenever they send you a message on WhatsApp. You can achieve that by replying to their messages promptly.

Slow responses to inquiries can leave your customers frustrated and unsatisfied. As a result, they might vow to never do business with you in the future.

Ensure that you reply quickly to customers and address their concerns. The good news is that you can use an artificial intelligence chatbot to answer customer queries faster.

Automated WhatsApp conversations reduce response time, enhance query resolution, and improve customer experience.

Send Personalized Messages to Your Customers

Sending a Personalized Message on WhatsApp

Source: Interakt

Sending long texts can annoy recipients, especially when you copy, paste, and forward the same texts to all the contacts on your phone.

Some customers may even block your WhatsApp numbers so they can no longer receive your messages. Unfortunately, this can hamper your marketing efforts.

To avoid that, personalize your WhatsApp messages to address your customers’ specific needs. Besides, this makes them feel cared for and valued.

You can create and send personalized content that interests a specific customer at a particular time. In addition, you can separate customers’ contacts based on their interests.

Create an Effective Messaging Schedule and Stick to it

Like other marketing campaigns, selling on WhatsApp for Business also requires proper planning. That’s where a messaging schedule comes in handy to help.

An effective messaging schedule can help you stay organized. For example, it enables you to decide the kind of content to send customers at a specific time.

The messaging schedule also prevents you from sending similar messages repeatedly. Instead, you’ll only send messages when you have something insightful to share.

Why Choose To Use Whatsapp As A Means Of Communication?

WhatsApp is one of the most powerful marketing tools that can help you reach users wherever they are, provided you have their phone contacts in your contact list.

You can establish a perfect rapport with your customers, making them feel valued. As a result, they will be buying products from you in the future.

You can use WhatsApp to support customers in the purchase phase for free. Besides, users can get immediate responses through automated replies whenever they send messages.

Wrap Up

Now that you know how to sell on WhatsApp, you can create a WhatsApp Business account and start marketing your products and services on the platform.

Millions of people use WhatsApp daily, providing a perfect opportunity to increase your sales and make more money online.

For that reason, optimize your marketing strategy on WhatsApp to boost customer experience. You can achieve that by investing in reliable WhatsApp marketing tools.

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