13 Best Free Instagram Video Downloader For 2023

Instagram has over 1.4 billion users making it one of the top social media platforms.

Users share photos, Instagram stories, and flashy music videos. The content captures live streaming videos, scenic places, fashion, or engagement in diverse activities.

While surfing the platform, you will find inspiring or attractive content on your feed.

Unfortunately, you cannot edit videos and save them on your device automatically unless you download them.

Luckily for you, there is third-party software you can use to download videos, photos, and reels.

What I am about to share with you is the best free Instagram video downloader software. Let’s dig in right away.

What Are the Best Instagram Video Downloaders?

Instagram does not support the download of photos and videos. That tells you there is another way around it.

I have carefully selected Instagram video downloaders whose usage is the simplest you’ll ever find.

Do we have a collection of the best Instagram video downloaders available online? The answer is an emphatic yes.

I have a list of 13, but I implore you to stick around to the end as I discuss each tool in detail.

You will learn the features of each Instagram repost app. I will also share pricing plans for tools with a free and paid option.

Eventually, I will disclose which of these is the best, but here’s a hint. Look out for Inflact Instagram photo downloader.

Now, keep reading.

  1. Inflact
  2. FastSave for Instagram
  3. Saver Reposter
  4. Regrann
  5. QuickSave for Instagram
  6. Downloader for Instagram
  7. 4K Stogram
  8. HashtagsforLikes
  9. Instaget
  10. InstaSave
  11. DownloadGram
  12. Instagram Downloader
  13. InstaOffline

1. Inflact

Best for downloading bulk content from Instagram.

inflact homepage screenshot

Inflact offers you a simple interface for quick downloads. It is compatible with any device and downloads all content types.

The Instagram video downloader features a text box where you paste the targeted video URL.

It then downloads your Instagram story, photo, or video instantly. You can access this app on any browser.

More features are available on the paid version. For instance, the premium version lets you schedule posts and set auto-messages.

Key Features:

  • It supports bulk downloads.
  • It has a simple download process.
  • The tool works on Windows, Mac, and Android.
  • Inflict saves your Instagram downloads to any gadget.


  • It downloads Instagram stories, snapshots, and IGTV videos.
  • Downloads content in seconds.
  • It works on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


  • Bulk downloads require creating an account.


inflact pricing pacakges screenshot

Inflact is free, but the premium version has three packages.

  • Basic: $54/month and comes with the hashtag generator
  • Advanced: $64/month also with hashtag generator
  • Pro: $84/month with hashtag generator, stories saver, and downloader

You could also sign up for a $3 starter package with a seven days trial.

Visit the Inflact website to access this Instagram video downloader tool.

2. FastSave for Instagram

Best for saving photos and videos to Android devices.

fastsave for instagram homepage screenshot

FastSave for Instagram is an Instagram downloader app that works on Android. It has a capacity of 10 million plus downloads.

Its other name is InstaSave, and it has a reputation for simplicity. All you need is to activate the app and open your Instagram account.

You will also appreciate its integration with Instagram, which translates to a smooth experience.

Besides, it does not ruin your downloads with pesky watermarks.

Key Features

  • Fast download speeds.
  • It enables the hiding of saved videos and photos.
  • User-friendly dashboard.


  • It has high-quality downloads.
  • It offers you unlimited downloads.


  • It doesn’t allow the download of content from Instagram Stories.


FastSave for Instagram is 100% free.

You can open the app here and use it to download your Instagram content.

3. Saver Reposter

Best for copying hashtags and captions on your Instagram content.

saver reposter homepage screenshot

Saver Reposter copies captions and hashtags with ease.

Also, the Instagram downloader allows fluid movement to and from your Instagram account. You will still download videos and photos even when the app runs in the background.

Key Features

  • It enables viewing downloaded content in your phone gallery.
  • The app allows the copying of hashtags from Instagram posts.
  • It also copies descriptions.


  • Allows movement between your Instagram account and the app in a single click.
  • The tool has a fantastic ability to download content even when running in the background.


  • The app does not run on the iOS platform.


The software is 100% free.

Click here to download the app and use it to save videos and photos from Instagram to your device.

4. Regrann

Best for reposting Instagram photos while staying on the app.

Regrann homepage screenshot

Regrann Instagram downloader lets you repost content without adding watermarks.

The app also downloads Instagram stories. Even more fascinating, you can add custom signatures using the app.

There are four user modes:

  1. Selection Pop-Up Mode: Prompts you to post, post later, share, or save the image.
  2. Quick Repost Mode: Automatically reposts to Instagram.
  3. Quick Save Mode: Sends the contents to your phone.
  4. Quick Post-Later Mode: Saves videos and photos for you to send them later.

Key Features

  • It offers instant photo download.
  • The app enables you to repost videos and photos on Instagram.
  • It lets you keep original Instagram content.


  • The downloader supports reposting photos without leaving Instagram.
  • It is a freemium tool.
  • The tech support is very helpful.
  • The software comes with a tutorial that you can refer to when stuck.


  • It may not copy hashtags and captions where there is plenty of text.


The app is free. You only have to download and start using it immediately.

Go to Regrann via this link and start downloading content.

5. QuickSave for Instagram

Best for editing videos and images on your phone.

quicksave for instagram homepage screenshot

QuickSave for Instagram video editing ability is its most outstanding feature. It offers you tools and filters to improve or customize the content as you deem fit.

Besides this, Instagram downloader has a stylish interface. The app also enables you to save Instagram videos.

Are you wondering how these apps work? It is very simple. You open the downloader tool and proceed with your usual activity on Instagram.

When you come across content that you like, copy its link. The app detects it and starts downloading in the background.

Key Features

  • Video and photo editor.
  • Photo split and grid styling.
  • It downloads pictures and videos fast.
  • It works on the Android operating system.


  • It offers you an easy way to download Instagram content.
  • Auto detects copied links and downloads photos or videos in the background.
  • It does not interfere with your Instagram usage.


  • It occasionally causes a black or white screen on your device and crashes.
  • The app only supports Android operating systems.


QuickSave for Instagram is a free app.

You can download Quick Save for Instagram here.

6. Downloader for Instagram

Best for saving Instagram videos to your gallery.

downloader for instagram screenshot

Downloader for Instagram is an excellent app that lets you save content on your account.

You can also change the download location.

This one offers smooth navigation if you love apps with friendly user interfaces. Using the app is so simple that you will hack it on the first attempt.

Additionally, it meets your expectations perfectly whether you’re on Android or iOS.

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface.
  • It has no download limits.
  • It supports Android and iOS user platforms.
  • The tool has a built-in player that plays downloaded content offline.


  • The app requires no login.
  • It allows for saving and reposting content.
  • It is an easy-to-use app.


It does not run on iOS devices.


The app is 100% free.

You can install Downloader for Instagram on the Google Play store via this link.

7. 4K Stogram

Best for downloading photos, videos, and Instagram stories.

4k stogram homepage screenshot

4K Stogram downloads content in two simple steps. First, enter the Instagram user name and click the download button afterward.

If you have favorite locations or hashtags, you can subscribe to them, and the app will automatically download their content.

The app works on Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows platforms.

Key Features

  • Automatic download from subscribed Instagram accounts or hashtags.
  • Downloads Instagram highlights in separate folders.
  • It can save Instagram posts by date.
  • The tool helps back up your Instagram account in case you plan on deleting it.
  • Follow subscription: Automatically adds accounts that you are following.


  • It can download multiple posts at once.
  • The app downloads upcoming posts.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Downloads content from private accounts.
  • It organizes content into different folders.


  • There are limited downloads on the free plan.


4k stogram pricing plan screenshot

4K Stogram offers the following premium plans:

  • Starter: Free
  • Lite: $10
  • Personal: $15
  • Pro: $45

The starter package lasts for a year. As for the other plans, you make a one-off payment.

All subscription plans offer unlimited downloads of photos, videos, tagged posts, highlights, and Instagram stories.

Download the app from its website on this link.

8. HashtagsforLikes

Best for Instagram profile optimization.

hashtagsforlikes homepage screenshot

HashtagsforLikes offers more than video and photo downloads. You can use it to optimize your Instagram profile.

Additionally, the app has an intuitive interface for easy URL copy and paste.

This app has it all if you seek more followers, shares, and likes. Think of it as an online companion.

Key Features

  • Analyzer: Tracks user account statistics, including most used hashtags, engagement, and top posts.
  • Hashtag generator: This helps identify medium, hard, or easy to rank terms.
  • Hashtag analytics: You can see a hashtag’s popularity, reach, likes, and uniqueness.
  • Content Downloader: Enables saving of stories, videos, and photos.


  • The app helps optimize your profile.
  • It is safe to use.
  • It supports unlimited downloads.
  • The premium plan works across other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • HashtagsforLikes helps you benchmark your Instagram account’s popularity.


  • It obtains generic results and limited hashtag searches.
  • Most of its features are available on the premium plan.
  • It is expensive software.


This Instagram video downloader has a unique pricing structure. You can opt for monthly or weekly payments.

Here’s the breakdown:

hashtagsforlikes monthly pricing plan screenshot


  • Regular: $59/Month
  • Pro: $89/Month
hashtagsforlikes weekly pricing plan screenshot


  • Regular: $19/Weekly
  • Pro: $25/Weekly

Experience all the above exciting HashtagsforLikes features here.

9. Instaget

Best for direct downloads on the Instagram app.

instaget homepage screenshot

Instaget lets you download content directly on Instagram. It has an added feature for copying hashtags.

Whether you’re using an android or iOS device, the app works perfectly on both.

Key Features

  • It automatically detects copied links.
  • It also copies hashtags.
  • The online tool downloads and reposts videos.
  • It helps you save pictures and videos in your gallery.


  • The app runs on all devices.
  • It is a simple tool to copy a video or photo URL and then download the content.


  • I did not find any.


Instaget is a free app and is available on the Google Play store.

Here’s the link for installing Instaget to start downloading videos.

10. InstaSave

Best for seamless Instagram videos and photos download.

instasave homepage screenshot

InstaSave enables you to download limitless Instagram photos and videos.

You can opt for the downloadable app on your mobile device or the web-based version.

Just like other downloaders, using InstaSave is a breeze. Copy the video’s URL, paste it into the software’s text box and follow the prompts.

You’ll enjoy fast speeds and a simple content download process.

Besides, InstaSave is compatible with all web browsers.

Key Features

  • The website has a simple user interface.
  • Efficient and fast, one of the fastest downloaders you will find.
  • It offers you limitless downloads.


  • It does not require signing up or logging in to the website.
  • Navigating the site is straightforward.
  • The downloader has a mobile app.


  • The software runs ads on its interface, and you’ll need an ad blocker to stop them.


This Instagram video downloader tool is 100% free.

Use this link to download videos and photos on Instagram via InstaSave.

11. DownloadGram

Best for saving Instagram videos and photos.

downloadgram homepage screenshot

DownloadGram boasts a user-friendly interface. Its landing page has no clutter, giving the impression that you are in an exclusive content downloading space.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll feel confident when searching and downloading content. You quickly get used to the downloader.

After all, using the software involves simply copying a URL and pasting it inside a text box.

Key Features

  • The app is compatible with most audio and video formats.
  • It has fast download speeds.
  • It supports different web browsers.


  • It has a simple interface with which first-timers and skilled users interact quickly.
  • The site supports a simple video and photo download process.
  • It is an Instagram-customized software.


  • Heavy data will occasionally slow down the site.
  • It is not ads-free.


The Instagram videos and photos downloading tool is available for free.

Click on this link to start downloading content from Instagram with ease.

12. Instagram Downloader

Best for quick and simple video downloads.

instagram downloader homepage screenshot

Instagram Downloader is an efficient video download tool.

Moreover, its usage is not rocket science. You must copy a video or photo’s URL and paste it into the downloader’s text box.

Besides, the tool works across all devices and operating systems.

Key Features

  • It offers fast downloads.
  • The app lets you download unlimited content files.
  • It has a simple download process.


  • It is a free tool that saves you money.
  • The app does nothing else apart from downloading videos on Instagram.


  • Disruptive ads run on the interface.


Download photos and videos for free.

Click here to open Instagram Downloader.

13. InstaOffline

Best for downloading IGTV videos, private videos, and reels.

instaoffline homepage screenshot

InstaOffline is a powerful Instagram video download tool. The app boasts flexibility and ease of use.

Its numerous features align with the content you intend to download. You will also appreciate its efficiency.

Moreover, this Instagram download tool uses the two-step copy and paste approach. Everything is pretty easy.

IGTV video downloads follow the same process as other videos on Instagram.

Key Features

  • Compatibility with any device.
  • It facilitates unlimited content downloads.
  • The tool is ideal for downloading private videos.


  • Free to use, no hidden charges.
  • It downloads videos in HD quality format and resolution.


  • I could not find any.


The tool is free of charge and requires no subscription.

Visit the InstaOffline website on this link to download Instagram content.

FAQs – Download Instagram Photos & Videos

1. Are Instagram video downloaders legal?

Yes, but there’s a caveat. Instagram enforces a strict policy on the protection of copyrighted material.

Instagram’s legal team takes down any copyrighted content posted without permission.

Using video downloader apps may help avoid detection by Instagram’s security system.

Use software to download videos for personal use and give credit to the content owner.

2. How long can an Instagram video be?

An Instagram video runs for 3 seconds and can last up to 10 minutes.

You can still post a video whose length exceeds 10 minutes, but you’ll need to post it in segments.

Instagram stories are another exception. Each story lasts 15 seconds, and you can share four stories for a cumulative 60 seconds.

3. What is the best Instagram video Downloader app?

Out of the 13 Instagram video downloader apps I have reviewed, Inflact is the most versatile. I highly recommend it.

Inflact generates hashtags and lets you perform bulk downloads.

Even more satisfying is that the app downloads content in seconds.

Another reason why I like Inflact is that it works on all devices and platforms.

4. Can an Instagram video downloader work for other social media platforms?

Yes, it can. FastSave Instagram video downloader is a perfect example.

The app works on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. It supports Android, iOS, and macOS systems.

5. How can I download Instagram videos for free?

1. Launch the Instagram downloader on your device. Also, ensure that you have logged into your Instagram account.
2. Locate the post, photo, or video you intend to download and copy its link.
3. Proceed to the video downloader app. It should detect the copied link and download it automatically.


As I wrap up the best Instagram video downloaders review, I am confident you’ll find your best app.

These downloaders enable you to obtain content fast irrespective of the size. Besides, all the apps listed here are free.

Among the video downloaders that stood out include Inflact and FastSave.

The former tackles bulk downloads excellently. As for the latter, you can use it across all social media platforms.

I also found DownloadGram quite useful thanks to its single-click download. Moreover, the tool is 100% free.

Another thing I should mention is that there are some apps with premium versions and extra features.

If you need a downloader with additional aspects and you can afford the subscription, go for it.

I must also remind you that Instagram takes creative property rights seriously. If you want to download videos and photos for personal use, that’s fine.

These apps should help you download content you intend to repost on the platform.

Downloading images on Instagram is not entirely illegal. Even as you do so, remember to credit the owner and seek their approval.

To conclude my review, here are the 13 best free Instagram video downloaders for 2023.

  1. Inflact: Best for downloading bulk content from Instagram.
  2. FastSave for Instagram: Best for saving photos and videos to Android devices.
  3. Saver Reposter: Best for copying hashtags and captions on your Instagram content.
  4. Regrann: Best for reposting Instagram photos while staying on the app.
  5. QuickSave for Instagram: Best for editing videos and images on your phone.
  6. Downloader for Instagram: Best for saving Instagram videos to your gallery.
  7. 4K Stogram: Best for downloading photos, videos, and Instagram stories.
  8. HashtagsforLikes: Best for Instagram profile optimization.
  9. Instaget: Best for direct downloads on the Instagram app.
  10. InstaSave: Best for seamless Instagram videos and photos download.
  11. DownloadGram: Best for saving Instagram videos and photos.
  12. Instagram Downloader: Best for quick and simple video downloads.
  13. InstaOffline: Best for downloading IGTV videos, private videos, and reels.

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