7+ Best Free Language Translation Apps for Android & Windows

One common problem of website operators and online entrepreneurs is language. While English is the default political and business language, it would do you well if you sell something using a localized language.

The solution is to translate text, and you do this with a free language translation app. Today, I will show you more than seven of the best translation apps you can use for Android and iOS; I will also include some for Windows.

What Are the Best Free Language Translation Apps

Here are the best translation apps you can use today:

  1. Microsoft Translator
  2. QTranslate
  3. Mate Translate
  4. iTranslate
  5. Google Translate
  6. iHandy
  7. Dict Box
  8. BK Translate

1. Microsoft Translator

Unique Feature: It can translate conversations.

Pricing: Free

Compatibility: Microsoft, Android, iOS, Amazon

free language translation app - Microsoft Translator App screenshot

Microsoft Translator does not only translate text; it is also a conversation translation app. You can download it to your device and have someone speak at it. Then, the app will convert that audio into your preferred language. It is an ideal free translation app for travelers.

Microsoft Translator Key Features

  • Voice – you can say something to the app, and it will recite your phrase back in a different language.
  • Text – you can copy and paste text in a specific area, and it will translate text to your preferred language.
  • Camera – you can take snapshots of something like a menu, and then the app will translate it.
  • Phrasebook – you can store several phrases you often use for easy reference.
  • Languages – dozens of languages are available, but it varies according to the user’s region. You can use it in various affiliate programs to make money.

Pros of Microsoft Translator

  • It has a voice feature
  • Works with a browser
  • It can do split-screen translation
  • It can translate text on photos


Microsoft Translator is free.

Download the app now and test it. It is compatible with all major operating systems.

2. QTranslate

Unique Feature: Works with other translation apps.

Pricing: Free

Compatibility: Windows

QTranslate screenshot of homepage

QTranslate is a program that you must install. It is a text-based app that works with other most popular translation apps. However, I must mention that it does not work offline. You must be online so that you can connect to their server.

QTranslate also has a virtual keyboard, which I like. The virtual keyboard is not just in English but in other languages. You can use it if your current computer does not have a keyboard in the language you are using.

QTranslate Key Features

  • Auto-detect – you do not need to know the language of the text you pasted; the system will automatically detect it.
  • Languages – there are over two dozen languages supported in the system.
  • History – you can view a history of the texts that you translated in the app
  • Dictionary – you can select a foreign word and check the dictionary for better understanding. The dictionary is in English.
  • Hotkeys – you can program the system for hotkeys so it is easier to navigate

Pros of QTranslate

  • Compatible with Windows
  • It has keyboard shortcuts
  • It has a dictionary search
  • The translator app has an auto-detect function


The QTranslate app is 100% free.

Install it now and test it to see if this is what you need.

3. Mate Translate

Unique Feature: It offers 103 languages and is highly accurate.

Pricing: Free

Compatibility: Android and iOS; works on Chrome

Mate Translate homepage screenshot

Mate Translate was originally designed for iOS, but then they already branched out, and it is already available in Android since Android supports text translations. It also has a chrome app that you can install as an extension.

Mate Translate Key Features

  • High Accuracy – the translation app offers high accuracy, which is important when translating. It works like a human translator.
  • Voice – there is a voice translation system where you can speak, and it will speak back in a different language.
  • Languages – the app supports 103 languages; some examples are Spanish, German, Arabic, and also Chinese.
  • Easy to Understand – while text translation is easy, this one takes the voice translation to another level as it is really accurate in terms of pronunciation.
  • Cross-Platform – you can use it on many types of devices like PC, Mac, phones, and tablets.

Pros of Mate Translate

  • It has a phrasebook
  • You can choose between lite and dark mode
  • You can scroll through word genders and synonyms


Free to use.

Get Mate Translate now on Android or on iOS.

4. iTranslate

Unique Feature: Offers multiple apps for different needs.

Pricing: Free and paid

Compatibility: Android and iOS

iTranslate homepage screenshot

iTranslate may sound like it only works with Apple products but is compatible with Android. What I love about this product is that it has a translation history. You can also adjust the screen sizes to fit your situation.

One cool feature worthy of mentioning is the transliteration. For example, instead of showing you Chinese characters, it will show you English characters and how to pronounce the word.

iTranslate Key Features

  • Voice Translation – the app can translate sentences from what you speak. The system can use both text and voice inputs and convert that into your preferred language.
  • Apple Watch App – there is an app available for Apple watches. You can speak to your watch, and it will translate for you.
  • Universal App – iOS users have a universal app for both iPad and iPhone devices.
  • Languages – the system supports more than 100 languages.
  • Verb Conjugations – you can look up different forms of verbs in different tenses.

Pros of iTranslate

  • There is a web app for text translation
  • It has a keyboard extension
  • There are several variants of the app for different uses
  • More than 100 languages offered; you can use it to sell in the Facebook marketplace internationally..


Free to use; if you need more features, you pay $5.99 monthly.

Get your free trial now and see the translation app in action.

5. Google Translate

Unique Feature: The app works offline.

Pricing: Free

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Google Translate homepage screenshot

Google Translate is an app that is free to download. It has features that you will find useful when traveling; one of those features is that the app works offline.

One thing worth noting here is that the camera feature, where you can take a photo of a language, can work instantly. There is no need to import the image at all.

Google Translate Key Features

  • Transcription – you can type the text in English, and then the app will transcribe it in a different language.
  • Voice Translation is a conversation feature where one person can speak in one language, and the app will translate it to another.
  • b– the app works offline. You can also use it on a desktop through a browser.
  • Camera Feature – you can snap a picture of a text, like a foreign instruction manual, and then the app will convert it to text in the language you want.

Pros of Google Translate

  • Supports many languages
  • It works offline
  • The app is free and reliable
  • High accuracy


The Google Translate app is free.

Download the Google Translate app now on Android and iOS!

6. iHandy

Unique Feature: Unlimited text-to-speech translation.

Pricing: Free

Compatibility: iOS

iHandy homepage screenshot

iHandy has many apps in the Apple Store, so what you want is the iHandy translator. It is a free app that allows you to create a phrase book of common words you use daily.

One cool feature about its phrasebook is that you can create folders. For example, you can combine all phrases under “Shopping,” “Greeting,” etc.

iHandy Key Features

Full screen – you can use the full-screen mode, so the text is larger for you to read

  • Unlimited – you can translate as many phrases as you want without having to upgrade
  • Phrase Book – you can create a phrase book for words you use every day
  • Text-to-Speech – you can type the text you want, and the app will convert it.
  • Voice and Text – if you translate to text, you can read it as text. For voice, the app will speak the translated version

Pros of iHandy

  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all Apple products
  • The app is ad-free
  • Unlimited translation


iHandy is a free app.

Get iHandy now from the App store or get its APK from reputable sites.

7. DictBox

Unique Feature: The app has a dictionary.

Pricing: Free

Compatibility: Android and iOS

word image 6375 7 -

DictBox is a dictionary box that has a translation feature, too. You can use it to take snapshots, and it will translate the text for you. One excellent feature is that it does not need to be online. You can use it in school or for traveling.

DictBox Key Features

  • Various Pronunciation – most apps only use an American accent, but this one has UK, US, and Australian pronunciations.
  • Many Languages – from Chinese to Korean to Portuguese, the app has many language selections. You can also search multiple dictionaries at once.
  • Text Translate – type text and then choose what language you want, and then the app will translate it into text.
  • Camera – you can take a picture in a foreign language, and then the app will translate it for you.
  • Highlighting – if you are browsing the web, you can highlight a phrase or even a paragraph, and the app will do the translation.

Pros of DictBox

  • It has a camera translator
  • The app is free and easy to use
  • No need to be online
  • There is a voice app



Get DictBox for Android or for iOS now.

8. BK Translate

Unique Feature: Can read handwriting

Pricing: Free

Compatibility: Android

BK Translate - translate all languages

BK Translate comes from a company that specializes in educational apps. The app has been downloaded more than a million times.

The app is unique because it offers more than a hundred languages. It also has features you would only expect from big companies like Microsoft or Google.

Apart from the translator, the app also has a dictionary where you can fully understand the word’s meaning. You can also determine if the word is a noun, adjective, etc.

BK Translate Key Features

  • Handwriting Recognition – the app has the power to translate handwritten texts. This feature works in conjunction with the camera translator.
  • Many Languages – there are more than 150 languages available in the app.
  • Voice – you can speak to the app and it will translate what it hears. It can also be the other way around where you can type text, and the app will read it.
  • Dictionary – you can find the meaning of words by typing them.
  • Text Translate – you can type words and let the app translate them into your preferred language.

Pros of BK Translate

  • Easy to use
  • Free with no upgrades
  • Has a camera translate feature
  • Can recognize handwriting



Get BK Translate now for free.

What Are Language Translation Software Apps?

A language translation app is a software program where you paste text, and then it converts the text into a language of your choice.

Today, many companies offer these apps because the world is truly becoming a small place. For example, people from Japan can type in Japanese characters on YouTube. If you want to understand what they are selling, you must use a language translation app

A translation app is also an excellent tool for people who want to offer their products in another language. It is much cheaper to do this way than to hire a human translator. You pay a human translator, but most of the best language translation apps are free.


1. Which is the best language translator app?

Here are the best free translation apps:

1. Microsoft Translator
2. QTranslate
3. Mate Translate
4. iTranslate
5. Google Translate
6. iHandy
7. Dict Box
8. BK Translate

2. What Are the Best Google Translate Alternatives?

The best alternative to Google is Microsoft Translator. It does not only translate text but also voice.

3. Can I Trust Google Translate?

Yes, you can. It has a certain degree of accuracy. However, the translator is still a machine. What it means is that it translates words literally. And when this happens, the context or message can go wrong.

4. Do professional translators use Google Translate?

Yes, they do use Google Translate from time to time. There is nothing wrong with this, as it also took professionals to make Google Translate come to existence.

Wrap-up – Language Translation Apps

For the wrap-up, here is the list of the best translation apps:

1. Microsoft Translator – best for people who want to converse with people in other countries.

2. QTranslate – best for people who want to integrate translation to other apps.

3. Mate Translate – best for people who want many language options.

4. iTranslate – best for people who have an Apple Watch.

5. Google Translate – best for people who have no data plan as it works offline.

6. iHandy – best for people who also want a text-to-speech app without limits.

7. DictBox – best for people who need a dictionary for different languages.

8. BK Translate – best for people who want to take images for translation.

Your best bet is either Google or Microsoft. My take is Microsoft because it is free and it also has a voice translation service.

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