11 Best Linktree Alternatives for Social Media (2023)

Linktree was the first bio link tool that made it possible to add multiple links in your bio to make money from Instagram.

With it, businesses can add links to their landing page, website, store, content, or other social media platforms.

But, with time, the limited features of Linktree aren’t enough for marketers and influencers who want complete control on link customization, improved branding, and more SEO advantage.

However, there are Linktree alternatives with advanced features and more opportunities that can be used.

TLDR; The best Linktree alternatives are ContactInBio and Campsite.Bio because they are affordable, easy to use, and have multiple design & contact options.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

What Are The Best Linktree Alternatives?

Linktree alternative

Ease of use

Unique Feature



5 stars

Direct payment options

Starting at $4.55 per month


5 stars

QR Code & Add Team members

$7 per month


4.5 stars

Retarget Ads

$3 per month


5 stars

Schedule Posts

$0.99 per month


4.5 stars

Monitor UGC content

$15 per month


4 stars

Mobile optimized layouts

$10 per month


4.5 stars

Infinite Media Scrolling

$9.99 per month


3 stars

WYSIWYG editor

$7 per month


4 stars

Host games and contests

$99 per month


5 stars

RSS Feed and SEO

$19 per month


4.5 stars

Multiple Pages & FAQs

Starting at $24 per year

1. ContactInBio.

ContactInBio - Best Linktree Alternative

ContactInBio is a perfect Linktree alternative.

With it, you can add multiple links and promote all your important pages right from your Instagram bio link.

Depending on the campaign type, you can also customize the overall look out of your landing page.

With its customization options, you can sell your eCommerce products with easy payment gateway options plus provide instant messenger support – Everything right from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Key Features

  • Direct Payment Options: With 43+ payment gateway options, you can easily convert your qualified leads into customers in one click.
  • Contact Form: Offer your audience a secure and quick way to reach out, plus create an email list.
  • 130+ Social Platforms: Let your audience know the social platforms you are active on. They will follow you around.
  • Image Carousels: Get high attention to your most important content from the audience by adding them in image carousels.
  • Music Services: Let your audience hear your music with special music links to your SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer, and many other platforms.

Note: ContactInBio is soon going to launch Instagram Shoppable Feed to let you sell products from Instagram posts and custom form options to deliver a more personalized experience.


ContactInBio pricing

ContactInBio offers the following pricing plans.

  • StarterFree version with limited features.
  • Business $4.55 per month
  • Agency (monthly)$18.2 per month
  • Lifetime – single payment of $59.15 for lifetime.
  • Lifetime Agency – a single payment of $177.45 for a lifetime.

ContactInBio is my best pick among the best alternatives of Linktree.

It has everything you need in a bio link tool plus additional features to strengthen your customer experience.

So if you want to monetize your Instagram followers, ContactInBio can be your best buddy.

Try ContactInBio Risk-Free

2. Campsite.Bio

Campsite.Bio Cover image

Campsite.Bio is a perfect Linktree alternative that lets you add multiple links to your bio link landing page.

Moreover, if you need to inactive any links from your campaign, you can deactivate them via the archive option.

Later on, when you need to activate the link, you can activate it in just a blink.

Furthermore, it has everything from themes, designs, layouts, text, and font styles.

You can also add contact forms to help your audience resolve their queries and opt-in form to create an email list—everything in one dashboard.

Key Features

  • Remove Branding: You can use your custom domain without Campsite.Bio branding.
  • QR Code: With the QR code feature, you can bring your offline audience online and make them be a part of your community.
  • Advance Analytics: With advanced analytics, you can always check the views, clicks, and overall click-through rate of your campaign.
  • Integration to Google Analytics and more: You can access more features by integrating your email service provider, Adsense, and many other tools.
  • Add Collaborators: Make your team add their suggestions in real-time. Your collaborators can help you do the job.


Campsite.Bio Pricing
  • Free – free forever with unlimited links, bio link, advanced customization, and video embed option.
  • Pro (monthly) – access to all Campsite.Bio features in $7 per month, with a ten-day free trial.
  • Pro (Yearly) – same as the monthly pro plan for a yearly payment of $70.

Campsite.Bio is my second-best pick from this list. Even in its free plan, Campsite.Bio offers great features to let you grow.

With advanced customization, QR codes, multiple links, and members adding options, you can accomplish all of your growth goals from one single dashboard.

Start Using Campsite.Bio for FREE

3. Tap.Bio

Tap.Bio cover image

Tap.Bio is a bio link tool with advanced growth features.

Influencers who want to keep a sophisticated landing page prefer using Tab.Bio.

With it, you cannot only add multiple links to your landing page but also embed youtube videos and add attractive image galleries and GIFs.

You can also test text-based and media-based landing pages and find the best-performing format by detailed analytics.

Key Features

  • Post Display with Links: You can send traffic to your video, website, eCommerce store, or any other page from your Twitter and Instagram post. Tap.Bio lets you add links to your Twitter and Instagram posts.
  • Direct Contact: Resolve your audience’s problems in no time with a direct contact feature. With it, you can make it easy for your audience to connect via email or make a call with a single click.
  • Retarget Ads: You can create retargeting ad campaigns for your Instagram and FB followers from Google Adsense.
  • Advance Analytics: with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel integration, it generates advanced analytics reports. With these detailed reports, you can easily identify high-converting landing pages.

Furthermore, Tap.Bio is soon going to launch new features to let you sell products online with easy payment options and promote events on your landing page.


Tap.Bio pricing table
  • Basic – $0 per month with access to 1 card only.
  • Silver – $3 per month with access to three cards.
  • Gold – $8 per month with unlimited cards
  • Platinum – Custom pricing for leading brands.

If you are just getting started with social media marketing and want to boost engagement and loyalty, Tap.Bio could be a perfect choice, with great features in budget-friendly pricing.

Try Tap.Bio for FREE

4. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio Instagram Bio link tool homepage

Lnk.Bio is another Instagram bio link tool that lets you boost engagement among your social media profiles.

You can drive traffic from one social platform to another or convert them into leads by promoting your website.

While creating your own landing page, you don’t have to be worried about device optimization.

Lnk.Bio has optimized layout options to help you boost clicks and conversions. Moreover, you can get a custom domain for just $39.99 per year from Lnk.Bio.

Key Features

  • Premade Themes: Lnk.Bio has a vast list of interactive themes that you can use for landing pages.
  • Social Sites: You can add links to 10+ social sites and engage with your audience.
  • Multiple Contact Options: Let the boring simple contact page be behind and improve user interactions via interactive contact options.
  • Music Links: You can add links to your music on different platforms within the platform’s logo. This way, you will be trusted by the audience.
  • Schedule Post: Lnk.Bio can take control over posting and publishing your content. You just need to do scheduling and relax.
  • Analytics: Find out where things went wrong that you could improve with detailed analytics. You can turn over the game completely.


Lnk.Bio pricing
  • Free – Free forever with access to limited features.
  • Monthly Mini ($0.99 per month) – Access to schedule links, stats and pixels tracking, Instagram sync, mirror IG grid, 27 layouts, and famous artists’ themes.
  • Lifetime Mini ($9.99 one-time) – Access to all monthly Mini features for a lifetime.
  • Unique ($24.99 one-time) – All features in mini plus more customization, font styles, and Lnk.Bio logo free bio links.

Lnk.Bio is the cheapest profile link solution with robust features. You can either get started with a free plan or subscribe to the Monthly Mini package. Both are designed to give the best results.

Start Lnk.Bio Free Trial

5. Pallyy

Pallyy cover image

Pallyy is an Instagram bio link tool with complete Instagram marketing solutions.

It is another simple Linktree alternative that lets you add multiple links in the bio link. You can promote almost all types of content and add links to any of your social media platforms.

Moreover, you can create absolutely stunning landing pages with custom landing page design options. It comes with more than 15 free themes, including image styles.

Key Features

  • Social Set: With a social set feature, you can create a different set of social profile links for different businesses.
  • Add Team Members: You can also add your team members and let them take care of things in real-time.
  • Monitor UGC Content: In addition to links in bio and Instagram scheduling, Pallyy lets you take care of user-generated content to avoid any inconvenience. You can also manage comments.
  • Instagram Analytics: with analytics reports, you can always look back and check what needs to be improved and which campaign is working well.


Pallyy Pricing
  • Free – Free access to limited features.
  • Premium – $15 per month.

If you are looking for a simple profile link solution, Pallyy would be the best. It gives you control over everything you need at fair pricing.

Try Pallyy for FREE

6. Bio.Fm

Bio.FM link in bio tool

Bio.Fm is a link in bio tool that lets you customize everything you want. From adding blocks, changing font styles to creating your own theme, you will have control over everything.

It also comes with Facebook pixel integration to provide in-depth analytics reports and help you find things you can improve.

You can also have complete control over when your links go live via the scheduling feature. In short, everything to make your bio a mini-website.

Key Features

  • Add unlimited Links: With Bio.Fm, you can feature unlimited links on your landing pages.
  • Optimized Layouts: Bio.Fm has mobile-optimized landing page layouts that you can use without worrying about the click-through rate.
  • Advanced Customization: make your landing page a micro representation of your brand. Add branded font styles, colors, and change the background.
  • Custom URL: You can create a custom URL to use in your campaigns.
  • Remove Bio.Fm branding: With the pro plan, you can remove the Bio.Fm branding and increase your own branding.


Bio.Fm pricing page comparision
  • Free – free forever.
  • Pro (monthly) – $10 per month, monthly access to all features.
  • Pro (yearly) – $100 per year, yearly access to all features.

Bio.Fm pricing plans are designed to give you access to all features in different duration lengths.

Whether you are subscribing to a monthly or yearly plan, access to features will be the same.

Although the free plan will give you a glimpse of limited features, it is still worth trying.

Try Bio.Fm for FREE

Link In Profile Linktree alternative

Link In Profile is another Linktree alternative with features similar to Lnk.Bio. with it, you can promote a single link in your Instagram post.

Moreover, you can also add these posts to your bio link landing page.

Link In Profile lets you add a customized link in your bio and get a dedicated landing page.

When your audience clicks on your bio links, they will be directed to the landing page. Thus you can promote links to your website or store content easily.

Key Features

  • Branded landing page: With Link In Profile, you can create landing pages with your business name and logo. You can also use branded colors and font styles.
  • Infinite Media Scroll: with never-ending pages, you can promote as many interactive links as you want and get higher engagement.
  • Zero-effort Management: You can add links to your Instagram media and get immediate results without being worried about anything else.
  • Sell Products: You can promote your affiliate offers and sell store products with shoppable links.
  • Monitor Your Efforts: With in-depth analytics of clicks and traffic sources, you can learn about your audience and personalize your campaigns. Link In Profile will also help you monitor your entire Instagram performance.


Link In Profile pricing

Link In Profile offers a single paid plan with access to all features for just $9.99 per month.

With a great set of tools, including branded landing pages, Link In Profile has everything you need. It is one of the easiest links in bio tools in the list that you can start using in just ten bucks.

Try Link In Profile

Everlinks cover image

Everlinks is a tool that helps you add and manage your Instagram bio links.

It lets you create a dedicated landing page where you can display all the links you want to promote. You can add links to your youtube channel videos, blog content, or any other page.

With the unlimited links option, you can add as many links as you want. Moreover, the WYSIWYG editor will help you boost your landing page engagement.

Key Features

  • Power Links: With the power link animation option, you can easily grab the audience’s attention. Hence, improve CTR.
  • Custom Theme Editor: You can make things personalized with a branded look by creating a customized theme in minutes.
  • WYSIWYG editor: This enchanting editor lets you make your pages stand out with stylish content. You can try different looks by adding/removing titles, logos, and other content without a drag and drop interface.
  • Cross-platform Promotion: With Everlinks, you can promote your other social profiles and connect with the audience.
  • Power Link: You can increase the CTR of your page by using attention-grabbing link animation.


Everlinks pricing plan
  • Free PlanFree forever with access to one dedicated landing page, unlimited links, social links, power links, customized themes, and link stats.
  • Pro Plan – Access to all cool features of Everlinks for just $7 per month.
  • Agency – Access to everything in pro plan plus unlimited pages and unlimited sharing with clients and team for just $17 per month.

Everlinks is the only tool in this list that lets you manipulate the text and graphics in your landing pages to see how they will look once published.

After all, a great landing page is the foundation of high CTR and conversion.

Try EverLinks for FREE

9. Shortstack

ShortStack bio link tool

Shortstack is a perfect contest, form, and landing page builder.

It was designed to help marketers with online marketing. With its remarkable contest options, you can connect with your audience on the next level.

You can run hashtag contests on your social media platform or start a user-generated content (UGC) contest. These contests will improve your branding and following.

Moreover, you can create mini-websites and landing pages with the easiest editor and keep track of engagement and conversion at the same time.

Key Features

  • Interactive Features: You can host games contests and offer discount codes and interact with your audience.
  • Easy Editing and Development: You can easily add forms, content, videos, and other content directly to your website. You can also use pop-up features to display interactive games.
  • Templates: Shortstack offers a huge directory of templates. You can select the category of landing page you are building and sort out the available templates.
  • Add your Team & Clients: Create separate logins for your team and clients. You can also add their role details to keep track of contributions.


ShortStack pricing
  • Free Trial – Access to all features in the business plan with 20 entries and 100 views for free.
  • Business Plan – $99 per month with access to 10,000 entries and 50,000 views.
  • Agency – $249 per month with 50,000 entries and 25,000 views.
  • Brand – at $499 per month with 500,000 entries and 2,500,000 views.
  • Enterprise – customize pricing with less than 500,000 entries and 2,500,000 views.

Though ShortStack is a complete Instagram growth tool.

But it is more suited for businesses and brands. Indeed a personal brand can do wonders with such features, but these features are more needed for businesses.

Grow Your Business with ShortStack

10. Replug.io

Replug link in bio tool

Replug.io is basically a URL shortener and link tracking platform with lots more features: link Facebook pixel retargeting and adding catchy CTAs.

However, replug.io has recently launched its link in bio feature.

Though it is new, it has one of the easiest interfaces among all Linktree alternatives on my list.

Same as other bio link tools, you can create landing pages, add links, social sites, and even display your recent blog posts in a vertical grid.

Key Features

  • Add Custom Domain: Replug.io lets you add your own custom branded domain and use it without its brandings.
  • Social Platforms: There are 10+ social link options, but you can add only five social links with their icons.
  • RSS Feed: by adding the RSS Feed URL, you can display your latest posts (up to 5) with their title, image, and basic description.
  • Customization: Replug.io gives you full control over customization to let you reflect your brand image.
  • SEO: Replug.io lets you boost the reach of your links by defining their SEO title and description.
  • Retargeting Pixels: With Retargeting pixels, you can make it easy to track conversions, optimization, and remarketing.


Replug.io pricing
  • Basic – for one brand with 5000 clicks per month, five campaigns, one retargeting pixel, and unlimited replug links for just $19 per month.
  • Professional – for five brands with 50,000 clicks, unlimited campaigns, retargeting pixel, and replug links along with five custom domains, three team members, traffic routing, and A/B testing in just $49 per month.
  • Agency – for ten brands with 200,000 clicks per month, ten custom domains, ten team members, deep linking, replug branding removal, API access, and much more in just $79 per month.

Replug is not just a simple link in a bio tool. It has advanced SEO optimization features to help you boost your link reach.

Though there isn’t any free plan, you can try Replug for free.

Start Replug Free Trial

TapLink cover image

Here comes the last pick in my list of best Linktree alternatives – TapLink.

Among Instagram influencers, TapLink is famous for its catchy themes. You can add text, images, forms, videos, and social links.

The catch is, you can create smart links to online messaging apps so that your audience can get in touch within a click.

There is also a notification feature that updates you on every new order.

Key Features

  • Offer Discount: With TapLink, you can create perfect landing pages and feature your discount campaigns to get social traction. You can also use the countdown timer and FAQs section to make it more authentic.
  • Templates: TapLink has the best style templates among all links in bio tools in the list. Based on the campaign, you can select a perfect-looking template from the available 350+ options to increase engagement.
  • Multiple Pages: TapLink is the only link bio tool in my list that lets you add multiple pages to your bio link landing page. This way, you can promote your products and offer a checkout page as well.
  • Multiple Social Links: You can add as many social links as you want in icon format as well as list format.
  • Add Text and FAQs: Increase the authority of your links by providing a quick description of your links and the product you are promoting. You can also add FAQs to answer the common questions.


TapLink pricing plans
  • Basic – Free access to unlimited links, text blocks & headers, FAQs blocks, pre-designed themes, pageviews stats, and shared access.
  • PRO – at $24 per year (excluded vat) with access to all basic features, smart links, access to more blocks options, and full control over customization.
  • Business – in just $54 per year (excluded vat) with access to all pro features including multiple pages, countdown timer, SSL certificate, custom domain, instant messaging notifications, and much more.

Though ‘multiple pages’ is the unique feature of TapLink, to avail of it, you need to upgrade to the Business plan and use it to its fullest.

However, if you are new, it is more convenient to start with a free plan.

Try TapLink for FREE

link in bio example

Link in bio tool lets you drive traffic from Instagram to any page.

You can create landing pages with all the links you want to promote. Then add the landing page link to your profile bio and direct your Instagram audience to it.

It means, if you have a significant following on your Instagram profile, you can use it to promote other pages via a single link in your bio.

Whether it is an eCommerce store, website, blog post, video content, or any landing page, you can let your audience know about it and make transactions.

The biggest advantage of using a link in bio is that it helps you optimize your social presence.

As a content creator, you can create a huge fan following ready to move around as you say. To get its full advantage, a link in the bio tool helps with everything.

Basically, adding links in your Instagram posts was impossible before.

If you have a significant following, interested in your product, services, content, or any event, you can’t convert them into leads and customers.

There were no options to add clickable links to your Instagram feed.

But a link in bio tools made it happen. So, here are some advantages of having a bio link tool.

Promote Content

With link-in-profile tools, you can create a landing page where you can add multiple links.

Links can be to your blog posts, third-party content, youtube or Vimeo videos, music list, or any other form of content.

Linking out important resources and directing your audience to them can help boost your branding, loyal customers, and conversion.

Create an Email List

Creating an email list is hard. Especially when you have no one to submit your opt-in form, however, if you are an influencer on Instagram, you can easily get the email addresses of your followers and create your own email list.

With a social bio link tool, you can create a landing page with an opt-in email form and place its link in the bio.

Then strategically ask your audience to visit this page. Make sure you offer enough value in exchange for their email address.

Promote & Sell Products

If you want to promote newly launched eCommerce products, affiliate offers, or sell products on Shopify or Etsy stores, you can simply add their links to the landing page.

Some tools allow customization options, whereas some let you use the image carousel option. With both features, you can grab the attention of your audience.

Once done, simply add the link in the profile bio. So, your profile visitors can easily click and skim through the content you created for them.

A few Linktree alternatives have advanced checkout features with multiple payment options. You can use them to take the entire experience to the next level and boost conversions with one-click checkout.

Offer Discounts

Another biggest advantage of using the Instagram bio link tool is that you can promote discount offers.

Simply add the discount links to the landing page and start promoting them on your Instagram posts.

You can also add some featured products, contact form, link to your other social profiles, or direct call or WhatsApp option for seamless customer support.

Understand Your Audience Behavior

A lot of audiences use Instagram and interact with different brands.

But not everyone is interested in your brand enough to make any transactions. However, when you start monetizing your audience, you will identify followers with a high interest in your business.

Profile link tools not only help you monetize your social presence but also give you in-depth analytics reports.

With these reports, you can track the views, clicks, click-through rate, conversions, and where your audience is from.

This data is not only important for your next campaign but can be of help in marketing personalization – which strengthens your connection with customers.

Features To Look For In A Linktree Alternative?

Although Linktree is a simple Instagram bio link tool with limited features, there are other Linktree alternatives with more advanced features.

For example, ContactInBio is more than just a simple Linktree alternative.

It comes with many additional features like a smart messenger link, direct payment, and music link options. Moreover, it is also preparing to launch an Instagram shoppable feed.

On the other hand, some tools are like a complete Instagram marketing solution with post scheduling, Ad retargeting and comments management.

But there are some features that must be in the alternative to Linktree you are using.

  • Interactive Templates: When a visitor clicks the link in bio and lands on a landing page, how long they stay on the page and how likely they are to make any transactions depends on the design. Make sure that the Linktree alternative you are using has multiple templates to choose from.
  • Landing Page Builder: The results of your marketing campaign depends on the landing page. So, make sure you have an easy-to-use landing page. Everlink’s WYSIWYG editor is the most loved editor among Instagram influencers.
  • Optimized Layouts: Your Linktree alternative should provide you with mobile-optimized layouts. These optimized layouts will help you increase your landing page engagement.
  • Support Rich Media: Your profile link tool must provide you with features to add images, GIFs, embed videos, and links to music streaming platforms.
  • Social Sharing Buttons: Displaying links to your other social media platforms is a must-have feature. Many links in bio tools offer different social sets, and some offer 15+ social options to add links with icons. Featuring your social profile links will promote cross-channel promotion.

If you don’t want to use Linktree or its alternatives, creating a landing page using any landing page builder is the best way.

Then shorten the link with a link shortener and add it to your Instagram Bio.

You can use any of the best landing page builders, such as GetResponse and LeadPages. You can also use Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace.

Here is how you can create your landing page using Wix.

  1. Head over to Wix.com and log in OR create your account.
  2. Now in the Wix Editor, click the ‘+Add Page’ button.
Create Landing page in Wix
  1. From the left side menu, select the type of page template you want to use.
Edit landing page in Wix
  1. Now the page has been set up. You can simply click over the field you want to modify.
  2. Using the optimized page design feature, You can also check the available optimized designs of the theme you have chosen.
Publish landing page in Wix
  1. Hit the publish button once you are done with the page customization.

You’re all set. Now you can copy the landing page link and use a link shortener to shorten it. Once done, you can add the link to your profile bio.

Best Linktree Alternatives FAQs

1. What Is Better Than Linktree?

ContactInBio is better than Linktree. Unlike Linktree, it comes with advance payments, social links, and messenger support features. Moreover, ContactInBio constantly updates and launches new features such as Instagram Shoppable Feed and custom forms.

2. Is Linktree Banned On Instagram?

No, Linktree isn’t banned on Instagram. You can still use it. But there are other options with new features and more possibilities that you can go for, such as Campsite.Bio and ContactInBio.

3. Is Campsite Better Than Linktree?

Yes, Campsite.Bio is much better than Linktree. It has everything you need to maximize your views and CTR, from an easy-to-use editor to growth-promoting features.

4. Why Should You Keep Using Linktree?

Although there are many best Linktree alternatives, if you still want to keep using it, it can be because of your personal preference. However, those who want to unleash the power of Instagram are actively using Linktree alternatives, including ContactInBio, Campsite.Bio, and EverLinks.


Social media is a rich source of traffic for businesses. Though Linktree has made it possible to add a micro-website link in your bio, it is no longer adapting to new trends.

The best Linktree alternatives are ContactInBio, Campsite.Bio, Lnk.Bio, and Replug.

Though all are great, you must choose according to the business’s growth stage, budget, and versatility you want.

If you are just getting started, use a free landing page or try the free plan of Lnk.Bio.

As you get familiar with the workflow and your business grows, update to a paid plan or use another tool with advanced features or build your own website.

Let me know which profile bio link tool you are planning to use.