Linq Card Review- Overall Best Digital Business Card in 2023

Ever heard of NFC cards that allow contact sharing with a click? Linq business card is one of such, and I will show you how it works in this comprehensive review.

Business cards are one of the popular ways to share contact details with your customers and prospective clients.

Originally, you’d have had to give paper business cards to different people to share your company’s information with them. However, the modern business card version supports the trendy paperless system where everything happens digitally.

With digital business cards like Linq, you can network successfully without printing and carrying around dozens of customized papers. You can easily exchange contact over the internet and enjoy seamless interactions with your leads and customers using Linq.

Ready to throw away your outdated business cards and join top companies in the paperless trend? Here is my review of one of the most reliable NFC companies’ products- Linq business cards.

Let’s get started.

Linq Home page

Compare Linq to the Best Digital Business Cards

Linq card ranks top above other products in its category after weighing all its features against theirs. It offers more in terms of functionalities and profile customization at a competitive price.

Not only does the Linq card beat other top contenders with thoughtful features and reasonable pricing, but it also allows flexibility in the digital card appearance to suit different users.

Another thing that puts Linq digital cards on top of the table is that it produces other NFC products apart from the cards. They have wearables like bracelets, badges, apple watch bands, and more.

See how Linq Card compares to our top digital business card picks below:

  1. Linq Card– With its app and diverse products, Linq allows seamless info sharing from businesses to their customers or prospects. Its versatility, style, thoughtful features, integrations, and pricing are what put Linq at the top of our list.
  2. Popl card: Popl is a close competition to Linq that also allows you to share your profile with clients in a single tap using its NFC products. However, few details seem to be missing, like a desktop version for editing your profile.
  3. Mobilo: Mobilo cards are great for teams that enjoy digital contact sharing. Individuals can use it but it is optimized for enterprise use and its pricing is on the high side.
  4. Haystack– Haystack offers features that cater to individuals, businesses, and enterprises and allows users to have vanity URLs and CRM integrations. Big enterprises will find Haystack because its functionalities accommodate up to 200 team members.
  5. Switchit– Switchit allows you to add media and documents to your digital contact cards. It enables businesses to be creative and create more unique profiles than most other NFC companies.

It is important to note that not all the digital business card companies above offer physical NFC cards or wearables. But Linq does, and that’s a big plus.

Now that we have shown you how Linq compares with other products in its category, let’s dive into our Linq card review.

What Is A Linq Card?

Linq Card is a digital business card that allows you to share important contact details and more with your customers and prospects with a single tap. How is that possible? Linq uses NFC technologies that enable fast info sharing.

White Linq classic card

With Linq, you can share more with people than your email address, social media handles, and business location. You can communicate better with customers using the interactive features on the Linq and update your business info while keeping everyone acquainted.

Unlike paper business cards which most people throw away less than a week after receipt, anyone who accesses your Linq profile will have your details on their device until they delete it. You can also store and track your clients’ and prospects’ details using Linq.

With Linq, you can stay connected to your customers and build a successful network seamlessly and digitally.

Best For: Small businesses and Solopreneurs

Pricing/Mo: From $5

Discounts: 40% off the annual subscription

Promotions: Free account

Now that you know what the Linq card is about, let’s check out all its major features in the next section.

Linq Business Card: The Good and The Bad

On Linq, you will find many features that help businesses, big or small, network to a very large extent. From setting up your business profile to sharing and updating the details, Linq has numerous tools to make the process easier.

For deeper insights, I will be sharing the features of Linq with you, highlighting the good and the bad functionalities.

The Good- What Linq features are great and useful for businesses?

As expected, there are several useful features on the Link software that aid simple, fast, and effective networking for businesses. See them below:

Linq Profile

The details of your business are key to getting clients to contact you and I think the Linq profile is one that allows you to put your business info out there.

The profile feature is where you add all your contact details on the software. You can add any details, including your social links, About, website links, video embeds, photo gallery, and more to make your business look professional and credible.

How to add content to your linq profile

When someone scans your Linq QR code, uses the NFC tag, or clicks on a text embedded with your Linq link, your profile pops up immediately, displaying everything you have updated.

When such a person scrolls a little bit downwards, they will also see a lead form where they can fill in their details if it is a part of your settings. Any details that a person fills in will automatically get shared with you.

From there, you can store any new contact to have them on your list.

Linq Card Customization and Appearance

One of the most intriguing parts of ordering a Linq card is choosing its style, material, and color. The Linq cards come in several fun colors, like classic white, matte black, bamboo, red, blue, yellow, purple, and pink. You can ship your card in any of the available colors.

Apart from the color customization, you can also choose a standard, custom logo, fully custom, premium, or paper NFC card. The standard card has the Linq logo, an NFC chip, and a scannable code for people to scan.

Linq digital business card in white, matte black and bamboo

Unlike the standard Linq card, the custom logo Linq card allows you to add your business logo. So, instead of the Linq Logo, yours sits at the top left corner of the card.

Linq fully custom card

The fully custom Linq card takes it further by allowing you to use your own design. All you have to do is upload the design that you want on your card and order it. Your Linq card will be sent with the exact design you uploaded.

Premium Linq cards are unlike any regular digital business card. They are made with stainless steel, which gives them a classy font. You can also choose a custom premium card if you want to add your logo.

Linq stainless steel premium card

Lastly, you can order packs of Linq NFC-enabled digital cards from Linq. While they look a lot like traditional business cards, Linq paper business cards have NFC chips. So, any person you give them can scan the code or tap to see your profile.


Linq provides basic statistics to its free users, including the views, clicks, and click rate in the past 24 hours to all-time analytics. It is a much-needed feature as stats are very important to measure the growth of your business.

Although basic, the info shown on the free Linq account is still useful. You can track the number of people who have viewed your profile and the ones who licked amongst them. If the view rate is very low compared to the clicks, you can take it as a hint to improve your profile.

Default Linq analytics page with no stat

You can also get deeper insights into your Linq profile by upgrading to a Pro account. That will give you access to advanced stats that show more information than the free account.

Linq Advanced Integration- CRM

CRM integration is a thoughtful feature on Linq, especially for businesses that use software like Hubspot, Google Contact, Salesforce, Microsoft Contacts, and ZOHO. With that, you can import your leads and have all your contacts in one place.

Page showing the available Linq advanced integrations

On a free version, it is impossible to add any integrations, but when you subscribe, you will be able to add any of the available software.

Linq NFC Products

The cards are not the only NFC products offered by Linq. There are other exciting items, like the Linq apple watch band, Linq Tap, Linq Hub, Linq Stretch, Linq bracelet, and Linq badge.

All Linq products

You can choose whatever products best represent your business and are convenient for you. For instance, the Linq Bracelets are much more ideal for carrying around during a morning jog than the Linq card.

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Linq Communities

The Linq communities are absolutely brilliant and helpful for businesses and individuals in different industries. There are groups for podcasters, photographers, designers, programmers, artists, streamers, entrepreneurs, and more.

How to join Linq communities

You can join the groups to meet like-minded people, network, and gain diverse perspectives on different matters. They are places where you can learn a lot to help your business without paying extra cents.

Linq App & Web

Not all Linq users have the software downloaded on their devices, but they still use it without hassle. That is because Linq can be accessed via the web. Whether you are on the receiving or giving end, it is not necessary to download the Linq app, as there is a web version.

Linq website version

That makes it easier for you to keep networking with people who might not have heard about Linq or have the software on their smartphones.

The Bad- What Linq features are not up to par?

I found no low-standard features on Linq. Every function I saw seemed to be handy for one thing or the other.

What I Liked About Linq Card

I had fun trying out the Linq Card. Here are the things that I liked while testing it;

  • Whenever I have a pending task, it shows under my to-do list in the contact section.
  • Both the basic and advanced stat on Linq are simple to interpret.
  • I was able to activate my card quickly and easily.
  • I have many means of sharing my profile with people, including email signature, QR code scan, Links, Texts, Tap, and more. So, even if your phone isn’t NFC enabled, there are other options.
  • From selecting a color and card material to picking a design, Linq allows you to customize your card just how you want it.
  • I love that you can also share visuals and files on your comprehensive profile to showcase your business.
  • The Linq pay feature is also a brilliant feature that allows businesses to get paid from inside the software using stripe.
  • You can create up to 5k Linq profiles for your team members.

What I Didn’t Like About Linq Card

It took me a while to get the hang of the Linq app. You’d have to snoop around to find where to create and edit your profile to taste. It didn’t take long- Once I understood its operations, everything else became easier.

Other than that, everything else on Linq works for me.

Linq Card Pricing and Options

A Linq card can cost between $11.99 to $74.99, depending on what type you choose. The standard Linq Cards are the least expensive, while the custom premium steel cards are the most expensive.

Bear in mind that the more customized your Linq card is, the higher your bill goes. So, if you don’t like the simple Linq cards, be ready to pay more for your custom design or logo addition. Either way, the outcome is usually worth the cents.

For a subscription, you could either have a free Linq account or upgrade to Linq pro.

Linq free version

You can access basic functions on the free account, like simple analytics, standard profile, and other features. However, you need to upgrade to the pro account to access advanced stats, a fuller profile, software integration, more pages, and additional features.

Linq Card Pro Subscription

You could subscribe to the pro plan monthly for $5 or pay $50 for an annual subscription. Either way, your pro account allows you to access sophisticated features like software integration and advanced stats

Linq Pro subscription


Linq Business Card FAQs

1. Is there a monthly fee for Linq?

Yes, Linq has two pro options- $5 monthly or $50 per year. The yearly plan will help you save 40% off the regular fee.

2. How does a Linq digital business card work?

The Linq card has NFC tech that allows you to share your contact with customers and potential clients with just one tap. Just create a profile via the Linq website, order your card or other NFC products, and activate it.

From there, your customers and prospects can tap their phone on your Linq Card or other Linq NFC product to get your business contact. They don’t have to download the app to see your details. Your profile will be displayed via the Linq web version if the software isn’t installed.

3. Where do I get my Linq card?

You can get your Linq card by ordering any card version via the Linq website. You can choose to keep it plain or customized. You can also select your card material and the color it comes in.

My Personal Take on Linq Card and Other Linq Products

Linq keeps its promises of enabling super fast and effective information sharing for businesses, small or large. With its NFC-enabled cards and other products, you can easily share your contact details via a single tap.

So, hit or miss? In my opinion, the Linq card is an incredible product that businesses should try to enjoy seamless networking.

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