Mobilo Business Card Review- What Does Mobilo Do Differently?

Are you looking to get some opinions before purchasing a Mobilo digital business card? Well, here’s my detailed review of Mobilo to help you decide whether to buy or not.

It’s the year 2023, and almost everything is digitalized, including business cards. With digital business cards, you can stop carrying piles of paper cards to networking events and worrying whether they will be enough.

I have reviewed a couple of smart cards, like Linq and Popl and I think they are brilliant inventions that modern companies should have for successful networking. They are infused with NFC technology that allows you to share your contact details with a single tap.

Now, I’ll review another digital business card, Mobilo, to give you an overview of what it entails.

Let’s get started.

Mobilo card home page

Compare Mobilo To The Best Digital Business Cards

Mobilo offers NFC products that enable fast contact exchange and lead generation in businesses at a price cheaper than most. You would find Mobilo cards handy and affordable whether you run a solo business or a big firm.

For that reason, Mobilo is my best affordable smart business card option for lead generation. While there are other brands in this category, Mobilo still remains our top pick for the most affordable digital card for lead generation.

See how Mobilo smart card compares to other digital cards below;

  • Mobilo Card: Almost anybody can use Mobilo NFC products, from solopreneurs to big firms. Both the card and upgrade fees are less expensive than offers from other brands.
  • Linq Card: Linq allows you to share your contact physically and virtually with its NFC-enabled product, QR code, link, and more. Although it offers more features than Mobilo, its pricing is over 50% higher.
  • Popl Card: Popl’s simple operations and comprehensive profile make it stand out. However, its price per card and subscription fee is also higher than what Mobilo offers.
  • Switchit: Switchit allows you to create professional digital contact cards with stunning templates. It also allows you to embed videos and other files on your profile. However, Switchit does not offer NFC products, and its pricing is higher than Mobilo’s.
  • Haystack: Haystack works for businesses that want to have URLs and CRM integrations. With it, you can create business cards for up to 200 employees. However, it does not offer NFC cards, and its price is higher than Mobilo’s.

That’s it on comparing Mobilo with other digital card creators in its category. Now let’s get started with the Mobilo smart business card review.

What Is A Mobilo Card?

A Mobilo card is a smart business card with an NFC chip, which enables you to share your business info with people virtually. That’s right, you won’t need to bring along a dozen paper business cards with you every day when you have one Mobilo smart card.

When you tap your Mobilo card at the back of someone’s phone, it brings up your business card, which they can save afterward. Mobilo also allows you to switch four between different card modes- business card, Landing page, lead generation, and direct link.

You can select what type of card you want to share at a time, and it will appear when you tap your card.

In addition to your card, you can also buy Mobilo keyfobs or smart buttons. They are NFC-enabled accessories by Mobilo and can be used to share your business info with a single tap.

All Mobilo products are customizable with the design you prefer. You can go for the Mobilo custom design card, keychain, or smart button when ordering for a card. You can also choose whether your card is plastic, wooden, or metal.

Card taps are not the only way you can share your info on Mobilo. People can also scan your personalized QR code to get your card or access it through your email signature.

Here’s a summary of Mobilo cards;

Best For: Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Teams

Pricing/Yr: $20 for personal and $10 per head for Teams

Discounts: None specified

Promotions: None specified

Mobilo Smart Business Card Features – The Good And The Bad

Apart from its affordable pricing, Mobilo sure has some features that set it apart from other NFC card brands. Let me show you which tools are great on Mobilo and the ones missing some details.

I will be categorizing Mobilo features in the good and the bad so that you can know what you are getting into;

Mobilo Cards

First, let me talk about the physical Mobilo cards. They are super sleek, customizable, and come in different materials. You can add your own branding to your new card to make it look more professional. So, appearance-wise, Mobilo cards are excellent.

Different Mobilo card materials sample for plastic, wooden and metallic

Now, let’s examine the Mobilo cards feature on the app, where you can manage all your cards. I think it is a very much-needed feature for anyone with a Mobilo account. You can carry out different actions on your personal cards and even employees’ details.

I will categorize this tool under the good features as it is super handy and essential for an account holder on Mobilo.

Mobilo Card Modes (3 out of 5)

Mobilo allows you to switch between four different card modes- Business card, Lead Generation card, Landing Page, and URL.

Four card modes on mobilo- Business card, Landing page, lead generation, and URL

I’m indecisive about the card modes on Mobilo because, on one hand, it looks like a great feature, and on the other hand, they can be inadequate. Here’s why;

The business card mode on Mobilo shares information about your company, including website URLs and social media links. For contact exchange only, that would be great, but what about when you need to share your info and generate leads at once?

Since I have already tried smart cards, like Linq and Popl, I am not really thrilled about the card modes on Mobilo. Linq and Popl would allow me to share my contact details and, at the same time, capture leads.

However, with Mobilo, I would have to share the cards separately to share my full company details and generate leads at once.

On the brighter side, the singularity of the different business card modes on Mobilo can be great for business. For instance, I can direct people to a particular site, event, or subject with the URL mode.

The lead generation card mode can also help me directly capture leads and send them to my integrated CRM.

Mobilo data (2 out of 5)

Here is where you see all your analytics on link clicks and taps. When you enable link tracking on Mobilo, the records will be taken when someone clicks on any of your links. Anytime you have card taps, Mobilo captures it shown in your Mobilo data.

Mobilo analytics showing the stats for card taps

The stats not only show the number of taps and clicks you have. But, it also shows the number of clicks and taps per card mode. That way, you can tell which of your cards generated the most engagement.

The analytics usually cover the past 14 days with the dates unchangeable. You can only view the stats for the past two weeks or check the all-time stat or your cards.

I am not really thrilled about the stats Mobilo provides, as they are too basic. Also, I can’t change the date to see the turn-up between a particular period.

M Feature (5 out of 5)

The M feature on Mobilo is where you see your alerts, taps, and newsfeed. I think it is a brilliant feature because you will get notified quickly in-app in case of new upgrades, promos, and other important information.

M newsfeed and tap alerts on Mobilo

Mobilo Leads

When you collect leads with your lead capture card, the contact immediately goes under Mobilo leads in the app. From there, you can export your lead contacts and sort through them.

Empty Mobilo leads list in the app

I think it is a great addition that can help you locate all your leads in one place and measure your networking rate. Overall, the Mobile Leads is a great feature.

Mobilo Share

Older phones without NFC chips cannot work with the card tap, but there are other ways to share your Mobilo profile using the share feature.

Page showing a Mobilo QR code on the share tab

You can open your QR code and have them scan it or create an email signature for your email clients. Whichever option you choose will lead them to your configured card mode. All the sharing options work fine, so I categorize them under the good features.

Mobilo Teams

Apart from the personal plan that Mobilo offers, there is also the Teams plan. It is equipped with tools and features that allow organizations with plenty of employees to create business cards for each member.

Mobilo teams home page

Some of the features you can expect are;

  • The admin control panel, where you can manage all your employees’ cards.
  • Check specific stats like which employee generates the most leads.
  • Integrate 3000+ CRM software.
  • Enjoy reduced prices as a team on Mobilo.

Overall, Mobilo for teams is a super handy networking and lead-generation tool for modern companies.

What I Liked About Mobilo

Here is a summary of the thing I liked about the Mobilo smart business card;

  • Mobilo cards are super sleek, whether they have plastic, wooden, or metal material. They look very professional and attractive especially the custom designed cards.
  • I like that you can create a custom card with your company logo instead of the default Mobilo logo.
  • The card modes help to achieve specific goals.
  • I love that you can share your business cards via different methods apart from the taps. Even older cards can participate that way.
  • CRM integration on Mobilo is handy for lead export and data syncing.
  • Mobilo cards and subscription fees are affordable for anyone.

What I Didn’t Like About Mobilo

  • Mobilo stats are too basic for deep insights into the business card performance.
  • The singular goals of the different card modes can limit the goal of a business.
  • According to reviews I have seen around, the customer service of Mobilo is sometimes unresponsive.

Mobilo Pricing

The least expensive cards are the Mobilo branded cards. They cost $7 only for personal use and less for bulk orders for teams. Custom classic, wooden and metallic Mobilo cards cost $19.50, $39, and $95, respectively for personal and team use.

Mobilo Card pricing for teams and personal use

Once you purchase a Mobilo card, you will immediately be able to create an account, log in and set up your contact details. You will have access to all the available general features, depending on your account type.

Features available on Mobilo teams and personal account

Branded NFC keyfobs and smart buttons cost $2.50 each while a custom smart button costs $9.50.

Price list for Mobilo assessories and Add ons

Yearly subscription for add-ons on personal accounts costs only $20 per year while teams cost $10 per member yearly.

Mobilo Digital Business Card Faqs

1. How does the Mobilo card work?

Mobilo works like any other digital business card in the market. After activating your Mobilo NFC card, simply tap it on the back of a smartphone and your profile will pop up. If the phone is an older model, you can use the QR code or create an email signature to share your profile.

2. How much does a Mobilo card cost?

A mobilo card costs between $7 to $9, depending on which type you choose. Branded standard cards cost the lowest while metallic cards are the most expensive.

3. Why does the Mobilo card not work when I tap it on the back of a phone?

Your Mobilo card is most likely not working because the smartphone is an old model device. It is not NFC-enabled, so it cannot recognize any card with an NFC chip. Use your personalized QR instead or email share option to send your business card to such phones.

Mobilo Card Review: My Personal Take

I strongly believe that almost anyone can use the Mobilo card even when it lacks some of the functions that other digital business cards offer. The only sets of people that I think may find Mobilo inadequate are those who use a lot of visuals in their business.

Since mobilo does not offer the features to embed videos and showcase photo galleries, there is no way for such people to directly display media on their Mobilo profile. However, they can use the Mobilo URL card mode to direct people to where their media files are located.

Overall, Mobilo is not perfect but it offers several tools that are handy for successful networking at a reasonable price. I believe the company will upgrade its services over time as users give their feedback.

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