7+ Best OTT Platforms of 2023 (Ranked & Reviewed)

What is an OTT Platform?

An OTT platform is a service that provides a product online, but not in traditional means. For example, the way we used to watch movies is in the theater. Now, we watch movies on Netflix or HBO Max. Both of these are excellent examples of OTT platforms.

Why use OTT? Because the OTT platform is expected to grow to $1 trillion by 2027.

Typically, OTT platforms exist for media, but not all the time. Businessowners, creators, and even consumers prefer OTT platforms because they make products more accessible and also cheaper.

What is the Best OTT Platform?

  • IBM Cloud Video best for broadcasting to everyone through video streaming & sharing.
  • JW Player Live best for creators where they can use HTML 5, MPEG, & other protocols.
  • CONTUS VPlayed best for Whitlelabel OTT Video Streaming Solution.
  • Vimeo Live Stream best for content creators who want to monetize their video content.
  • Wowza Streaming Engine best for people who want a streaming server from time to time only.
  • Vidyard best for people who want to use video marketing to increase conversion.
  • Dacast best OTT for creators whose primary goal is monetization.
  • Muvi one of the best OTT for people who want to build something like YouTube.

1. IBM Cloud Video

Best for broadcasting for everyone through video streaming and sharing.

IBM Cloud Video Homepage screenshot

Dubbed the Future of Video, the IBM Cloud Video is a video hosting and streaming platform for huge businesses. It offers on-demand content, so your subscribers will have the same experience similar to when they use Netflix.

With IBM Cloud Video, sometimes called IBM Watson Media, you can broadcast to anybody, which means you are not limited to the subscribers of a specific OTT platform.

IBM Cloud Video Global Navigation Pane screenshot

You can offer end-to-end video streaming services with AI-generated captions, share corporate videos, and do live streaming for an event.

Here are the things you can do with it:

  • Video Streaming – release videos live or recorded
  • Enterprise Video Streaming – for corporate training programs
  • Enterprise Content Delivery Network – for big businesses, like if you want to build your version of Netflix.
  • OTT Video Management – get access to the OTT streaming backend and control what you want to show

IBM also includes video hosting services for this OTT software, so you no longer have to buy your storage and servers.

This OTT software is unique because you can monetize your live streaming video content. You have no dependency on YouTube. Instead, you can charge through the following:

  • Pay-per-view
  • Video subscriptions
  • Advertisements

You can earn through ads by using Google Ad Manager. For payments, the system works with monetization channels like Patron and PayPal.

IBM Cloud Video Dashboard screenshot

Key Features

  • Live Event Streaming – use live streaming for a corporate event that happens simultaneously. Again, you can do this on a global scale.
  • Enterprise Video Platform – use the OTT platform as a content management system for video-on-demand services. You can also use it as an internal video delivery system.
  • Video Marketing – create and deploy marketing plans for your live video streaming event; reach massive audiences and generate leads.
  • Virtual Events – use the platform to hose live stream video content for seminars.

IBM Cloud Video Global Integrations screenshot


  • Best for big businesses
  • Versatile and has high-definition streaming capabilities
  • It has powerful video analytics
  • There are tools for video monetization


IBM Cloud Video Pricing Page screenshot
  • Free – trial period for 30 days
  • Silver – $99 monthly; limited to 100 viewer hours and five channels
  • Gold – $499 monthly; has 2 TB of storage, 2,000 video hours and ten channels
  • Platinum – $999 monthly; limit of 5,000 hours of video views and 20 channels

Get your free IBM Cloud Video now from their free trial program that lasts for 30 days!

2. JW Player Live

Best for creators looking for OTT platforms where they can use HTML 5, MPEG, and other protocols.

JW Player Live Homepage screenshot

JW Player Live is a powerful tool for people who want to launch content on their websites. The OTT software is versatile enough to do live and on-demand video content.

The software used to be part of YouTube’s algorithm, but the makers decided to create their separate video streaming OTT platform.

JW Player Live Editing screenshot

Here are the things you can do with JW Player Live:

  • Add a video player to your website
  • Host the videos from JWP’s servers; get video hosting services
  • Deliver live streaming videos
  • Earn money from ads
  • Record and replay your live streaming event
  • Use video API even at the basic plan
JW Player Live Video Library screenshot

JWP Live Player is an extremely robust OTT platform. It has data analytics that will tell you how your audiences are behaving.

With this JWP’s streaming solutions, you will know how your viewers are engaging. From here, you can make decisions about your business.

One thing that I want to highlight is that it has video protection features. The system allows you to add DRM support to your video library. You also can secure your URLs and player embeds on your websites.

Key Features

  • HTML 5 Video Player – upload your content on JWP Live and embed the HTML code on your website. The video content will play on browsers.
  • OTT Platform App – you can reach your target audience no matter where they are for as long as they have a mobile device. In addition, the company will modify your content to fit all screens.
  • Video Monetization – you can earn money from ads across multiple platforms from your content. The company has experts who will guide you in using the Player Bidding System.
  • Live Streaming – you can launch live events for up to 12 hours. You can live stream within 30 seconds if you want to.

JW Player Publish Wizard screenshot


  • The OTT streaming supports multiple protocols
  • There are monetization options in the OTT platform
  • The interface is not cluttered; easy to use
  • Fast hosting speeds


JW Player Live Pricing Page screenshot
  • Starter – as low as $10 per month with support for HTML 5 and 500GB of OTT streaming
  • Enterprise – no price; contact the admin to discuss your needs and get the most from this OTT platform

Get your free trial with JWP now; the free trial lasts for 30 days, and you will get full video API access and SDK.

3. CONTUS VPlayed

Best for Whitlelabel OTT Video Streaming Solution

ott platform Vplayed -

VPlayed is a unified OTT solution that manages the entire streaming infrastructure. The platform is essentially developed for media streamers, content owners, broadcasters, etc. It assists them to easily upload, manage & stream their rich media assets all under one roof.  

 It delivers on-demand and live streaming content so that your users can explore a scintillating experience compared to big industry stalwarts such as Netflix Hulu, etc. VPlayed makes your videos lively with 4K UHD viewing across platforms & devices with the help of a wireless internet connection effortlessly!    

You can readily offer end-to-end video streaming services where you can provide customers with real-time streams, online conferencing, on-demand classes, top-rated movies, TV shows, and much more… 

Key Features: 

  1. Video CMS 

Get an inbuilt content management system were your digital assets can be managed in a centralized manner 

  1. Multiple Monetization 

Monetization is a crucial features for any kind of media broadcasters. The main ways to monetize is with AVOD, pay-per-view, subscription, coupons & promotion, catchup TV

  1. DRM & Security

Security is the major commodity in the streaming lifecycle. VPlayed lets you have with precious protocols such as Multi-DRM, AES Encryption, Video Paywall, Password Protection, etc 

  1. Video Marketing

Promote your content though best marketing solutions to enhance your brand via Multi-platform support, social interaction, recommendation engine, reviews & ratings, & much more

  1. HLS Video Player

Deliver videos with a buffer-free streaming that guarantees high-quality picturesque viewabiilty for your audiences against the poor video resolution. 

  1. Mobile & TV Apps

Streaming content is made much easier than ever. VPlayed allows you to stream content in wide range of devices such as Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Smart TV & lots more. 

  1. Video Analytics

Study major metrics of your content & regulate how well it is performing with tools like live dashboard report, video quality data, user data, 3rd party analytics, etc


  • 100% Customization Availablity 
  • On Cloud/ on Premises platform deployments 
  • Whitelabeling facility 
  • Lifetime Ownership Value 
  • Easy Migration with 99.9% uptime 
  • Any 3rd Party Integration

Industries Capable For VPlayed OTT Solution:

Take a glimpse of other business opportunities that you can try: 

  • Entertainment Streaming – Filmmakers can now leverage on customized movie streaming platform to stream across devices 
  • Elearning Virtually – Knowledge-sharing capabilities can be supported with options like lecture capturing, one-to-one tutoring, & more
  • Broadcast & Media – Content owners or distributors can now leverage on wireless HD broadcasting or recorded premium services 
  • Fitness Practioners – Personal trainers or gym enthusiasts can easily conduct online workout classes anytime on the go with best streaming solution 
  • Corporate Streaming – Entrepreneurs can now conduct trainings onboard, training programes 


There will be customized pricing depending upon niche needs of the customer’s branding objectives.

4. Vimeo Live Stream

Best for content creators who want to monetize their video content.

Vimeo Live Stream Homepage screenshot

Vimeo started as a company that wanted to be the next YouTube. Eventually, they found a niche to become a reliable OTT platform.

With Vimeo, you can upload your videos and share them with the world. It is your choice whether or not you want to limit the participants or if you want to charge money.

Vimeo Screen Recorder screenshot

Here are some of the things you can do with Vimeo:

  • Host a live streaming seminar or show
  • Upload video content and give access to selected participants
  • Monetize your video
  • Create an app for your OTT
  • Launch Live and on-demand videos
Vimeo Live Stream App Example screenshot

With Vimeo, you can work with the team to develop an app for your video content. Then, the viewer will download your app and watch your videos from there.

The benefit of this is that the person who downloads your app will watch your show only. So it is not like YouTube, where you are competing against many other creators.

You can also set the OTT software so that it auto-archives your live events. For example, if you live stream, the video platform will record the stream and save it automatically.

Key Features

Vimeo Stock Footage screenshot
  • Live Stream – you can use Vimeo’s OTT software for a product launch or a corporate event. The live streaming allows you to broadcast at 1080p.
  • Screen Record – your plan comes with a free screen recorder that you install n Chrome. You no longer need to buy separate software like Camtasia alternatives.
  • Licensed Stock Footage – if you want to deliver video content like ads, you can use stock footage from Vimeo’s library.
  • Video Management – the company offers an ad-free video player, hosting services, and ways to monetize your content.


  • It comes with free hosting
  • The OTT platform comes with a screen recorder
  • You can monetize your video content
  • There are stock footages you can use; no worries about copyright


Vimeo Live Stream Pricing Page screenshot
  • Plus – create videos, customize your player controls, and get unlimited webcam recording.
  • Pro – have a review and approval process, crate private team projects, and customize your showcase website.
  • Business – put custom branding on your site and videos, access lead generation, and integrate Google Analytics.

Vimeo offers a free trial that you can get today. The trial lasts for one month!

5. Wowza Streaming Engine

Best for people who want a streaming server from time to time only.

Wowza Streaming Engine Homepage screenshot

Wowza is a streaming server software that allows you to upload and customize video content. It gives you leverage and control over how you want your show to appear.

What makes Wowza different is that you have complete control over your security. For example, you can use comprehensive DRM and encryption to protect your videos.

Wowza also features functionalities for new technology such as VR and captioning. In addition, you can push your video content to all mobile devices.

Wowza Streaming Engine Adding Application screenshot

Here is a summary of what it can do:

  • Create interactive videos
  • Do large-scale broadcasting
  • Launch VOD services like Apple TV or Netflix
  • Offer a live streaming service to your viewers and followers

As an over-the-top streaming service, you have the flexibility for any use case with this best OTT platform. The player will also work in a browser, so you do not have to make an app.

The company guarantees high-quality video and latency even if video transcoding is part of the process. So you can rest assured that your audiences will not suffer from a bad transmission or poor video resolution.

Wowza Streaming Engine Dashboard screenshot

Key Features

  • VOD and Live Streaming – launch live and on-demand videos; save the live stream and re-launch it as accessible content.
  • HTML 5 – the player can process HTML 5, which means it works great on browsers. Your viewers do not need an app.
  • Content Management System – you will get a video API to control your content. Video management becomes as easy as managing a website or blog.
  • Analytics – the Wowza streaming cloud service offers robust reports from which you can analyze your viewers’ behavior. You can make business decisions based on data.
Wowza Streaming Engine Report screenshot


  • The system has video transcoding
  • You control your security protocols
  • The video player has no Wowza brand; it is your brand
  • The OTT platform has a wide array of tools


Wowza Streaming Engine Pricing Page screenshot
  • Pay As You Go – you only get billed for each time you use the OTT streaming platform
  • One Month – use the software for a month with a limit of 15 streaming hours
  • Annual – you have a limit of 300 streaming hours and 10,000 viewing hours

Free trials are available at Wowza. You can get yours now for free and test the video streaming service for 30 days!

6. Vidyard

It is the best OTT software for people who want to use video marketing to increase conversion.

Vidyard Homepage screenshot

Vidyard is a simple online video platform. It is a product geared towards marketers. It is different from other OTT platforms because it has a screen recorder.

Here are the things you can do with it:

Please take note that Vidyard has no live OTT streaming services. You can only record your screen and upload video content.

It is best for people to sell something online. These salespeople want their leads to watch a demo but do not want to use YouTube.

For example, let us say that you are teaching people what to use between Amazon or Shopify, and you want them to watch a short online course; you can use Vidyard to upload your video.

Vidyard Screen Recorder screenshot

While Vidyard is not a robust tool like the others reviewed here, I will say that it is the best OTT for sellers.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you need a site where you can host your recorded video and share that with your leads.

Vidyard Share Page screenshot

Key Features

  • Video Recorder and Editor – not only can you upload video or do live streaming, but you can also make quick edits and trims.
  • Ad-Free Video Hosting – upload your videos, and do not worry about the size. The OTT streaming company will not put ads in your videos.
  • Security – your video content has security protection; you also get to control it with SSO and passwords.
  • Multiple File Types – you can upload your videos fast, and the over-the-top video platform supports many file types. Some examples are MOV, MPEG, MP4, and WMV.
Vidyard Video Editor screenshot


  • Has multiple integration options with different software platforms
  • The company offers a free account
  • There are animated video previews you can use with no copyright issues
  • You can add users and manage user permissions


Vidyard Pricing screenshot
  • Free – free for life; you have a limit of 25 videos, with each video capped at 30 minutes only.
  • Pro – upload unlimited videos with a cap of one hour per video.
  • Teams – both are unlimited, and you get integration with Zoom.
  • Business – get all features like video optimization, 100 embeds, and customized CTAs.

Get your free Vidyard account now and try the OTT streaming services.

7. Dacast

Best OTT for creators whose primary goal is monetization.

Dacast Homepage screenshot

Dacast is an all-in-one solution for big enterprises. It supports video hosting, VOD, live streaming, and more.

Here are some of the things that the OTT platform can do:

  • Live streaming
  • Monetization
  • Content management
  • Paywall and coupons for your viewers
  • Integrations
  • Analytics
  • Customized players
Dacast Encoder Set Up screenshot

What you will love about Dacast is that it offers global delivery systems. With it, you can broadcast internationally. You can even broadcast to China if it is one of your target markets.

You can also create an OTT platform like Apple TV. Here, you will have several channels that have different shows. Again, the video content management system will help you do this.

Dacast uses many types of hardware and software that can help you create a professional video content showcase. Of course, your viewers can share the video on social media, too.

One of the best things you will like is that the player is customizable. You can use your OTT streaming for your OTT streaming activities, and people will not see the name Dacast.

Dacast New Channel screenshot

Key Features

  • Live Streaming – you can use the Dacast OTT platform for live video runs. These videos run on top-notch CDNs, and you also get 24/7 support if you need it.
  • Video Content Management – you can set up the videos for pay-per-view. Creating viewing windows and timelines and organizing your videos into several channels is also possible.
  • Video Monetization -you can use secure paywalls to restrict content access. You can monetize your video by pay-per-view, one-time payment, free promo codes, etc.
  • HTML 5 Video Player – the video player is made with HTML 5, which is fully customizable.
Dacast Paywall Management screenshot


  • Has both video-on-demand and live streaming
  • Has a robust video analytics
  • The system has an HTML 5 video player for browsers
  • You can monetize your videos


Dacast Pricing Page screenshot
  • Starter – you have a limit of 50 GB for storage and 1.2 TB of hosting.
  • Event – increase the limits plus get access to real-time analytics and live countdown.
  • Scale – get customer support by phone and have unlimited channels.

Get Dacast for free with their free trial offer. The free trial lasts for 14 days.

8. Muvi

One of the best OTT platforms for people who want to build something like YouTube.

Muvi Homepage screenshot

Muvi is not your typical video streaming platform. It is one that you will use only if you want to create a website or app similar to YouTube.

What does that mean? If you want to compete with YouTube and get people to upload videos on your platform, Muvi is the solution

Here are the things Muvi can do:

  • Integrate the system with your domain
  • Dedicated app for your new video services website
  • Customizable components of your site
  • Premium edition where you can charge users
  • Get user-generated content
  • Users can record live streams
Muvi Dashboard screenshot

The entire ecosystem is a platform where you can re-create what YouTube (YT) has done. You do not have to be as big as YT or do what they are doing now.

Instead, you can create a website for your niche. For example, you can create a website for affiliate marketers only.

Your users are those who want to teach others how to promote affiliate links, how to be an affiliate marketer, etc.

At first, you can offer the service for free. After a while, you can start charging, and you can use many payment gateways to do this.

Muvi Set Up Video screenshot

Key Features

  • Mobile App – you will get an app for Android, iOS, and Windows. People will see your brand the same way they see YouTube as a brand.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways – you can integrate many payment gateways and transfer money to your bank account.
  • User-Generated Content – your users can upload content; you do not have to provide video on your own.
  • Ratings and Comments – the user can leave feedback and ratings for the videos they watched.
  • In-App Purchases – you can charge money from users for restricted content; it is similar to YouTube Premium.


  • Excellent platform for big business
  • Easy to use
  • Has a complete suite of tools to make it big in the media industry
  • Has support for customization (in-house developers)


Muvi Pricing screenshot
  • Standard – get a shared hosting server with 1 TB of bandwidth and 2,000 users.
  • Professional – get five admin accounts and 2 TB of bandwidth; the user cap is 10,000.
  • Enterprise – has a dedicated server and 50,000 concurrent users.
  • Ultimate – get an unlimited user count and admin accounts; 10 TB of monthly bandwidth.

Muvi has a free trial. Sign up now and test it; no credit card is required!

9. Setplex

Best for big businesses that want to focus on IPTV broadcasting

Setplex Homepage screenshot

Setplex is the best OTT for a company that operates something like a television station. However, it is not to say that only TV companies can use the platform.

With Setplex, you can create an OTT website like Netflix. You can charge your subscribers a monthly fee or charge on a pay-per-view basis.

Here are some of the things you or the viewers can do:

  • Charge based on subscription, transaction, or pay-per-view
  • Launch the app on multiple platforms
  • Use the platform as a turnkey IPTV network
  • Launch the website with no hardware coming from you
  • Have features on your sites like pause, rewind, and smart catch-up (video will play where the user left off)

You can use Setplex in your company and then upload your training videos there. You can also use the hardware and software to build your own OTT company.

You can also use this platform to build a website like Netflix, where you can launch videos and movies. Take note, though, that there is no user-generated content for this platform.

Key Features

  • IPTV Middle Ware – uses a highly intuitive program with a straightforward interface. You can control all the aspects of your internet TV from OTT platforms like this.
  • Interactive Features – your viewers can interact with their screens. There are DVR features, multiple user profiles, and the users can tag their favorites.
  • Analytics – the reporting system updates data in real-time. You will get detailed insights into how your IPTV business is performing.
  • End-to-End IPTV Solutions – from encoding to transcoding, Setplex will do it. They also provide you with billing components and monetization processes from ads.
Setplex Middleware Options screenshot


  • It can be used for IPTV broadcast
  • Has multi-screen function
  • The app will work on different platforms
  • There is an option for interactive TV


Setplex Sample OTT screenshot

Setplex, unlike other OTT platforms, has no plans and pricing schemes. You need to get a quote from them to find out how much the service will cost.

What Does OTT Include?

Most OTT platforms include the following:

  • Video content management system
  • Live streaming video
  • Video monetization
  • Contents that are region-specific
  • Features like watchlist or watch later
  • Artificial Intelligence that recommends to the user what to watch
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Content categories for different types of content
  • Ability to upload subtitles; for consumers, the choice to use subtitles
  • Offline videos if the user cannot access streaming services due to internet loss
  • Content sharing
  • A video player on screen

Over the top or OTT software will soon dominate cable and theaters. If you are a business owner, you must acknowledge that you can use OTT software as one of the futuristic ways to make money.

Best Features for the OTT Platform

Here is a list of the best features you must look for in an OTT software or OTT platform.

  • Full Customization – you must be able to customize your brand.
  • SaaS – must be a paid software as a service, not a product that you have to configure independently.
  • Video Hosting – you should not save your video on your server. The OTT platform must provide this.
  • Monetization – you should be able to earn money from your content.
  • Data Analytics –robust reporting is what you need so you can analyze your business.
  • Customer Support – you should have someone to call 24/7 if you ever experience an issue.
  • Live Video Streaming – you should have an option to deliver streaming services to your consumers or subscribers.
  • Multi-Device – the OTT platform must work on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktop devices.

There is no single OTT software that can have all these. So, at best, my advice is similar to what I said when I discussed the best photo management software programs before: identify what you need for your business and choose the best OTT platform that has what you need.


The best among all of these OTT platforms is IBM Cloud Video. It seems that IBM had managed to do excel something when they failed to keep up at manufacturing computer hardware.

With IBM, you get everything. From live streaming to video-on-demand content, you can launch any kind of marketing or media business that you want.

Finally, I am recommending IBM because it has multiple monetization options. From ads to customer payments, they have it all.