Popl Card Review: Generate New Leads Seamlessly For Your Business

Popl is one of the top companies producing NFC-enabled business cards that allow you to share info swiftly with a single tap. Read through to get a hang of it!

Since you now know that digital business cards are a greater help compared to traditional paper cards, you must want to bid them farewell as well for increased lead generation.

Well, Popl cards are one to check out during your transition. If you have never heard of or used them before now, don’t fret. I have a Popl card which I use for my business contact exchange. So, I have put together this article to show you my experience using it.

I hope you find it handy!

Digital business card - Popl card home page

Compare Popl to the Best Digital Business Cards

As you may already know, Popl is not the only digital business card available in the market. There are other popular handy ones, like Linq, Mobilo, Switchit, and HayStack.

However, when it comes to stimulating info-sharing for small businesses, Popl is my top pick. Here’s why;

Popl offers similar services as other top NFC product companies. You can share full details about your business and manage your contacts with a Popl card just as fast as you can with other digital business cards.

However, what puts the Popl card ahead of most others is its competitive fee, simplicity, and functionality. All products by the company are reasonably priced and the price per card also reduces when you order the product in bulk.

What’s more, is that the Popl card’s competitive price does not reduce its quality. So, while you may find other cards cheaper than Popl, their durability is not guaranteed.

Even though I am capitalizing on the fact that small businesses will find the price of Popl cards economical, big firms with many employees will also enjoy price reductions on bulk orders.

Let’s see how Popl compares to other digital business cards;

Popl card

Popl assists businesses, small or large to generate new leads seamlessly with its NFC products. You will probably find buying Popl Cards cheaper as they are priced lesser than most other digital cards offering almost the same services.

It is user-friendly and has many exciting features for successful networking in a business.

Linq card

The Linq card offers businesses efficient ways of exchanging contact information with customers and potential clients. With it, you can share almost anything about your business, from social media links to documents and media files.

Linq is closely matched with Popl when it comes to pricing. However, appearance-wise, Popl cards take the lead.


Mobilo is one of the most popular NFC companies today. With its card, you can share your profile and media files with customers and prospects with a single tap. You can also use its other accessories like keyfobs and smart buttons -also NFC-enabled.

Although Mobilo is cheaper compared to Popl and other digital cards offering similar services, it doesn’t offer media and files sharing like them.


Switchit is a great option if your work requires showcasing a lot of visuals. It has just what you need to share multiple media and other files alongside your business profile with customers and potential clients.

But, Switchit does not offer NFC products and while its price is lesser than Popl’s, it isn’t as equipped.


With the ability to create up to 200 business cards for your employees, Haystack has almost everything you need to generate more leads. It allows handy CRM integrations and provides stunning templates for your card design.

However, Haystack does not offer NFC products and its services come at a higher price than Popl.

Now that you know how Popl compares to other digital business cards, let’s go into detail on how it works and discuss its unique features.

What Is Popl?

Popl is a digital business card company producing NFC-enabled products that allow fast contact sharing between businesses and their clients or prospects. The digital business card usually comes in the form of cards similar to your regular debit or credit card.

Popl black standard digital business card

However, your Popl digital business card can also come in the form of a pop dot, Popl band, Popl Apple watch band, Popl rope band, Popl badge, Popl keychain, Popl smartphone case, and more.

Whichever design of the Popl card you buy allows you to instantly share contact info with your clients or prospects in just a single tap.

One fun thing about purchasing a Popl card is that you can share a lot more details than your business name, email address, and office location. You can share videos, social media links, website details, photo galleries, and so much more.

As a remote worker, you will not have issues sharing your business card virtually as you can also share your contact details virtually through different ways, including email, QR code, and texts.

Using a Popl business card has many perks and I’ll go into more details as I proceed with its review.

Here’s a quick summary to tell you what to expect from Popl card;

Best For: Small business

Pricing/Mo: From $7.99

Discounts: 20%- 35%

Promotions: One month free trial on Popl teams

Popl Digital Business Card Features: The Good and The Bad

What features on the Popl card are excellent, and which ones are missing some much-needed details? Let’s check out the functionalities of Popl in two categories- The good and the bad;

The Good- Features that are super handy on Popl

Several tools on Popl make it a worthy digital business card option for your business. I found it very easy to operate because of the following features;

Popl Profile

Updating your profile details on Popl is very fast and straightforward, such that you can finish setting up in a few clicks. The buttons and tabs to add different contents are clearly labeled and in plain sight.

Where to edit your profile on popl

Before subscribing to a Popl pro plan, you will only have access to create a basic card where the details you can add are pretty general. You can edit your card details, and add your profile picture, social links, payment links, and contact info, all from the Profile tab.

How to share your business profile via Pop

However, when you buy a plan, you can create multiple professional digital business cards and access other pro features, like the company logo, custom QR code without the Popl Logo, custom icons, and more.

One feature from the Profile setting that all businesses would like is the lead capture form. When you toggle the lead capture button on, a form that allows your prospects to fill in their details will always appear when you share your profile.

Bhujal Patel's Popl lead capture form

When you finish editing your personal profile, you can preview it to see how it appears to anyone that scans your QR code or clicks your link. The result is usually a clear profile highlighting all the details you filled in earlier on.

In my opinion, Popl Profile gets a 10/10, as I love everything about it.

Popl Connections

Here’s where you can manage all the people you have exchanged your business contact with and also add more. If the person or company you are trying to add is already on Popl, you can simply search for them using the query box.

As a pro user, you can organize your contact into different categories for easy navigation using the Group function.

The scanning tool on the connection page allows you to scan paper business cards. So, if anyone you want to connect with has a paper business card, you can always get their information using that scan.

Where to manage your connections on Popl

You can also share your profile via the connection page and also view where you met your contact through the location icon.

How to share your popl profile from the connection page

The redirect icon at the top right corner of the page allows you to export the contact information stored on Popl to popular software like Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zapier.

Popl CRM integrations in a personal account

Overall, the connection tab has many tools you will love as a business owner. I have minimal complaints about this feature.

Popl Share

Popl allows you to share your contact card with people in different ways. So, if you have clients without an NFC-enabled phone, they can always gain access to your profile via other ways.

When you click on the share tab, you will see your regular or custom QR code at the top of the screen. You will also see the share button that allows you to send the personalized QR code to anyone. They can scan it to see your profile.

Image showing where to find your personalized popl link and other sharing options

You can also explore other share options, like your personalized link, email, social media platforms, and text. That simply means even without a Popl tag, you can still operate your profile and connect with people.

Popl Insights

You can always track your network growth using Popl insights and link analytics. The pops show the number of times your profile was viewed, while your link taps measure how many times people viewed your profile through your personalized links.

You can also see your new connections and tap through rate. The tap-through rate measures the percentage of people who viewed your profile against the ones who checked out your social media platforms, sent emails, made payments, and more.

Page showing Popl insights over the past 7 days

Through all the Popl stats, you can measure the growth and improve your business networking.

Popl Settings

Settings are the last tab on Popl, where you can see your profile completion rate, set up your email signature, invite people, upgrade your account, turn on lead capture, and do several other things.

Popl Settings

Popl Products

Popl produces diverse Popl tags with NFC technology for fast, effective, and convenient networking. So, you could purchase a card, badge, Apple watch band, keychain, pop, smart stand, smart case, and more.

Image showing Popl keychain
Some Popl NFC products

They are all excellent options to aid swift contact sharing and come at an affordable price for Solopreneurs, Small businesses, and large organizations.

Popl Teams

Popl is not just for entrepreneurs and small organizations. In fact, when your team is more than five employees, the tools in the free version, personal, or pro account will not accommodate the business.

Popl teams homepage

That is because certain features handy for teams are missing on the personal and pro account. On the Popl team, you can;

  • Create as many business cards as needed for your employees while maintaining brand consistency.
  • Capture increased leads from team effort without hopping from one site to another
  • Integrate 5000+ software for info sync across the platforms.
  • Access the pro analytics page that allows you to measure stats like the member driving the most engagement.

The Bad

Pretty much every feature on Popl performs an excellent function, save for some areas missing a few details.

The scan tool in connections did not work for me when I tried it. It just kept on loading without showing a result. Maybe I am not using it the right way, but I did try it several times but could not use the feature.

The Popl software does not have a desktop version either. I don’t like that because most times, I work on my computer (I love big screens).

What I Liked About Popl Card

Several things on Popl make it exciting for me to use my digital business card. Some of them are;

  • Popl is user-friendly. I was able to set up my profile and add my custom links in a few minutes.
  • I like that you can customize any popl card product to personalize it.
  • The connection grouping is a big flex for anyone with many customer and prospect details. You can easily find people’s contact in their groups whenever you need them.
  • The lead capture form is a brilliant idea and a great stimulator for lead generation.

What I Didn’t Like About Popl Card

Popl is a great company with innovative products, but there are still a few areas I think need some improvement.

  • There are no distinctive assistive features on the app. People with needs may find it tough to use.
  • Customer service is sometimes unresponsive.
  • There are several complaints about Popl not working for smartphones that are not iOS or Samsung products. I think Popl should optimize its services for other interfaces too.

Popl: Digital Business Card Pricing & Options

NFC cards

Popl cards come in different styles, so their prices vary. An actual standard card costs $14.99 while a custom card costs $29.99. You can also purchase the 24K gold card which is $199.99.

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Pro Plan

To enjoy the premium features on Popl, you would have to upgrade from the free version to Pro for $7.99 per month or $76.99 yearly.

Popl for teams

For the Teams account, you would have to contact Popl for a quote, as the pricing is not uniform.

Popl Business Card FAQs

1. How does a Popl card work?

Download the Popl app to your phone, set up your profile, purchase your Popl card and activate it. You can then share your profile by tapping your digital business card at the back of a recipient’s NFC-enabled phone, send your Popl link, or allow people to scan your QR code.

2. Is there a monthly fee for Popl?

Yes, Popl charges $7.99 monthly for its Pro plan. You can also stick to your free Popl account using only the basic functions. However, you will be missing out on great tools.

3. What is better than Popl?

Try Linq. It is a top NFC company providing very similar services to Popl. You may find it more convenient and less costly than Popl.

My Personal Take on Popl Card

Overall, Popl offers a convenient means for different classes of businesses to network successfully. So, whether you operate a solo, small, or large firm, Popl cards are handy for quick and effective connections.

I think you should try Popl, whether you are just transitioning or looking to up your digital business card game.

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