Quillbot Review: Quality Spinning Tool for Writers

Quillbot is one of the most talked-about paraphrasing tools you can come across online as a writer or site owner. Its major selling point is the ability to rewrite an existing text with low risks of plagiarism.

For some writers, Quillbot makes the writing process faster and easier without losing the essence of the original content.

However, does it perform as awesomely as it is being sold to its prospective users? That inquiry is fully addressed in the comprehensive Quillbot review below.

Keep reading to see how the Quillbot software performs as an article rewriter and when compared to other famous writing tools.

Quillbot Overview

Best for: Students, professional writers, and business owners

Price: $9.95/mo

Annual Discount: 33% to 58% on annual and semi-annual plans

Promotion: Free plan, with no card required and 3-day money back guarantee

The pros and cons of Quillbot

See a quick summary of the benefits and disadvantages of Quillbot in the table below;



  • Quillbot consists tools that are easy to use
  • There is a free account
  • Reasonable price
  • Multiple editing tools all in one place
  • Write content faster and conveniently
  • Access all editing tools without switching tabs
  • There are minor errors in the result sometimes
  • Customer support is sometimes unresponsive

What is Quillbot?

Quillbot is an AI paraphrasing tool with advanced writing features that simplify and speed up the creation of quality content. You can use it for;

  • Paraphrasing texts
  • Detecting and correcting grammar errors
  • Checking for plagiarized texts
  • Summarizing sentences
  • Generating citations in different styles

Quillbot is optimized for the web on both mobile devices and PCs. However, you can also use it with document editors like word and google docs. See how to install Quillbot in each software below.

Quillbot for Microsoft Word

Quillbot can be integrated into your ms word to remove the stress of switching tabs any time you need the software. Before installing the article spinner, ensure that your word is version 16.0.11629 or higher and Windows is 1903 or higher for a successful installation.

After confirming that your Microsoft Word is licensed, follow the steps below to install Quillbot;

  1. Sign into your word account.
  2. Open an ms word document.
  3. Go to the insert tab and click Add-ins.
  4. On the Add-in page, tap the Office Store button.
Quillbot Review - page showing how to add Quillbot as a Microsoft Add-in

5. Enter quillbot into the search box and click add.

6. Go back to your word editing page and open the insert tab.

7. Choose Quillbot from the listed Add-ins.

showing Quillbot integrated successfully into Microsoft Word

8. Check the toolbar for Quillbot and select.

9. Tap Launch Quillbot on the top left side of your screen and login.

Quillbot sign in page showing after integrating into Microsoft Word

The steps above should not take more than two minutes, provided you satisfy the conditions and follow every instruction to the latter.

Quillbot for google docs

You can also add Quillbot as one of your google docs extensions for easier access. Follow the steps below for quick integration;

  1. Create or open an existing document
  2. Click Add-ons and search for quillbot
  3. Select Quillbot paraphrasing and summarizing tool
Searching for Quillbot under Google docs add-ins using the search box

4. Click install and give your permission

Quillbot installation on Google docs to complete integration process

5. Launch Quillbot and log in with your credentials

Quillbot for Chrome

You can also use Quillbot via your chrome when you add it to the list. The process is the same as when you add any other chrome extension. Simply click on the google chrome icon listed under your Quillbot tools and select Add To Chrome.

Activating Quillbot for chrome extension from inside the Quillbot app

Quillbot Features

Quillbot is equipped with several highly sought-after artificial intelligence editing and proofreading tools for writers. See how each one works below;

Quillbot Paraphraser

The paraphraser is the most known tool on Quillbot. It rewrites any pasted sentences while still keeping their original meaning. The paraphrase is easy to locate and use as it is the first feature on the toolbar and requires a few steps to run.

Simply tap the Paraphraser icon and paste or upload your texts on the blank editor.

showing where to access the Quillbot paraphraser

With the Quillbot paraphraser, you can rephrase a sentence as many times as you want until you get a satisfactory result.

One important thing to note is that the paraphrasing tool has a word count limit for free plan users. You can only rewrite 125 words at once unless you subscribe to one of Quillbot’s premium plans.

The paraphraser has other tools like the synonym bar, which allows you to set the intensity of word or phrase replacement in your texts. When you move the marker to the left side of the bar, the accuracy level of the rewritten speech goes higher, and vice versa.

showing the synonym bar found atop the paraphraser in the Quillbot software

You can also switch your texts between different modes when using paraphrase. The modes help you to change the style and tone of your sentences. See the different tones on Quillbot below.

Quillbot modes

Quillbot has seven different modes. They are;

  1. Standard: The standard mode will rewrite your texts while maintaining their original meaning
  2. Fluency: Paraphrasing in fluency mode makes sure that the rewritten text is error free and good to read.
  3. Formal: The formal mode helps you to paraphrase your sentences in a serious, professional tone
  4. Simple: Using the simple mode will make your texts easier to read and understand
  5. Creative: You can use the creative mode when you want to present the texts innovatively
  6. Expand: This mode lengthens the sentence structure. It adds more details to explain your text further
  7. Shorten: You can remove extra words from your sentences using the Shorten mode.
Showing the 7 different rewrite modes atop the Quillbot paraphraser

Quillbot Plagiarism Checker

The Quillbot plagiarism checker scans your texts and detects any duplicate word or phrase used without giving credit to the original publisher. That helps you recognize and cite properly copied texts when doing academic writing.

Showing the plagiarism report of texts using the Quilllbot Plagiarism checker

You can only use the plagiarism checker if you have a premium subscription. Even so, you can only scan 20 pages per month unless you purchase more pages.

Because of the limited number of pages per month, you will be better off using other plagiarism checkers like Grammarly as an article writer. People who will benefit from the Quillbot plagiarism checker are those who write academic papers or long-form content.

Quillbot Grammar checker

The grammar checker on Quillbot detects grammatical errors, including spelling mistakes, punctuations, tenses, and more in your texts. You can decide to use the grammar checker after running the content through other tools on the Quillbot software or paste an original text in it.

Either way, the Quillbot grammar checker highlights the grammar mistakes in the texts and corrects them at your command.

Quillbot Grammar checker showing the errors in pasted texts

I have always used Grammarly as my proofreading tool after writing so I decided to compare its result with that of Quillbot. I discovered that the Quilllbot grammar checker is not as thorough as Grammarly.

You may miss some grammar mistakes if you use the Quillbot grammar checker, and the corrections may not be satisfactory.

Quillbot Citation Generator

Academic writing usually warrants that you cite your papers every time, and the style may vary depending on the instructions. Quillbot Citation Generator helps you to locate and generate your citation appropriately in the chosen style and updated format.

Showing where to edit the citing details in the Quillbot Citation Generator

Quillbot citation Generators support the following format and more;

  • APA: American Psychological Association citations
  • MLA: Modern Language Association Citations
  • Chicago Style Citations
Showing where to see the available citation styles on Quillbot citation generator

Quillbot Summarizer Tool

The Quillbot summarizer tool tones down the volume of a text while conveying its important information. You can determine how long or short you want the summary to be using the control bar above the editing pad.

It performs the function in two ways;

  1. Using Key sentences: The summarizing tool brings out all the crucial information in your content and presents them using bullet points.
Showing Quillbot summarizer result after using the key sentence format

2. Paragraphs: It can also shorten the length of your texts into comprehensive and meaningful sentences.

Showing the Quillbot summarizer result using the paragraph format

When I used the summarizer tool, it shortened the length of the text I added. The output of the paragraph mode showed a few important points and left out some. The key sentences, on the other end, just separated every sentence using a list.

When I marked the bar to reduce the length of the summarized texts, many useful pieces of information were lost. Increasing the length does not do much either. It repeats all the texts just as I pasted them.

Quillbot summarizer does not change the words or phrases when summarizing. It only extracts part of the texts that it thinks is crucial and leaves the rest. Most of the time, the output comes out inaccurate and unreliable.

Quillbot Cowriter

Quillbot has an all-in-one tool called the Cowriter, which brings together all the major features of the software and more. It paraphrases, checks grammar, gives writing advice, and even allows you to conduct a web search without opening additional tabs.

Showing the all the tools contained in the Quillbot Cowriter feature

After writing, you can save your content in the cloud for security and accessibility.

Quillbot Pricing

Quillbot allows users to create free accounts or upgrade to a paid membership. You can decide to keep a free plan, but there will be a limit to the tools accessible. The premium account, on the other end, lets you have it all.

See the different costs of Quillbot versions below.

Showing the features accessible in the Quillbot Premium and free version

Quillbot Free Version

Quillbot offers a free version that anyone can use without dropping their card details. With the free account, you can access tools, like paraphraser, summarizer, citation generator, grammar check, and co-writer.

However, there is a limit to what you can do with a free plan on Quillbot. You cannot use the plagiarism checker, the paraphraser will only rewrite 125 words at once, and the summarizer scans only 1200 words.

I would not advise using the free version if you do plenty of writing as it can be very restrictive. Fortunately, the premium version of Quillbot comes at a reasonable cost.

Quillbot Premium Version

Quillbot pricing is affordable and flexible. You can choose to pay monthly, semi-annually, or annually. The paid plans allow you to access each Quillbot tool available regardless of which one is chosen.

See how much they cost below:

  • Quillbot Monthly: $9.95/mo
  • Quillbot Semi-Annual: $39.95 at $6.66/mo
  • Quillbot Annual: $49.95 at $4.17/mo
Showing Quillbot cost per month, semi annually, and annually

Quillbot Offers, Promotions, and Discounts

The Quillbot team offers a 33% to 58% discount when you subscribe to the semi-annual or annual plan. You can also request a refund within three days of your subscription if you choose to cancel.

Quillbot Alternatives: Other Paraphrasing Tools vs Quillbot

See how quillbot compares to other similar article rewriter tools in the table below:



Jasper AI








Free trial

Unending free plan

5 day free trial

Unending free plan

Free plan







Extensions for word, google docs, and chrome and API access for developers

Surfer SEO,

API access for developers

API for developers

Accuracy vs Grammarly






Very fast

Very fast

Very fast



72 hrs money back, discounts

Free trial and discounts








Grammar checker





Plagiarism checker







Over 25

Over 100

Over 100

Quillbot – Paraphrasing Tool – FAQs

1. Can QuillBot be trusted?

Quillbot is safe to use for writers and business owners. Anyone who wants to use the Quillbot software should have some level of creativity or experience in writing because they will be required to use their discretion to judge outputs.

2. Is QuillBot worth the money?

The rates given to Quillbot by its users show that Quillbot’s reliability is somewhat above average. About 35% of Quillbot users prefer its free version.

3. Does Turnitin detect QuillBot?

Turnitin cannot detect that you have used Quillbot for your content. The only thing Turnitin can recognize when you scan Quillbot content is the plagiarized content and not the software itself.

4. Is using QuillBot cheating?

I would not call using Quillbot or any other AI rewriting software cheating because they employ similar techniques to how humans gather ideas. A writer usually gets their content by checking out already existing publications. Using a paraphrasing tool is somehow similar to that.

5. Is quillbot the best paraphrasing tool?

Quillbot is one of the best paraphrasing tools online. It usually ranks among the top 5 best AI rewriters on different lists.

Quillbot Review: My Personal Take

While using the paraphraser and other Quillbot tools, I noticed that some results were inaccurate. I had to do some little tweakings, here and there, before getting them to my preferred form.

The bottom line is that Quillbot, like other rewriting tools, is not perfect software, but it helps you when creating your content to a large extent. I advise that you always crosscheck any result from the software when you use it. That will allow you to discover any errors and make appropriate adjustments before using the content.

Nevertheless, you will find quillbot a handy tool if you handle a large volume of writing projects in a short period. Try the free version for a while before you decide whether to upgrade to a premium account.