RankIQ SEO Review: AI Tool to Find Low Competition Keywords

You may be wondering why you should consider RankIQ when there are other famous keyword researchers like Surfer, SEMrush, and AHrefs.

However, I recently checked out RankIQ SEO tool and have made a detailed report to share my experience with you.

Here is a complete RankIQ (AI SEO tool) review where you can see my appraisal of the all-in-one SEO tool, its offers, a few pointers on managing its operations, and my verdict.

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RankIQ Overview: Summary of RankIQ

RankIQ lives up to its reputation as a simple search engine optimization tool for all levels of bloggers. I recommend RankIQ to any blogger looking to access an all-in-one SEO toolkit and create ranking content faster at a competitive price.

From helping to derive blog post topics to guiding me to write them, RankIQ proved to be just what I needed for high-quality content creation.

Best for: Best for Newbie Bloggers

Price: $99/mo

Monthly discount Available: Up to 50% off

Promotion: Special 50% discount on monthly subscription

What is RankIQ

RankIQ is an AI content optimizer tool that helps bloggers rank on search engine results. It provides keywords that help you come up with blog post ideas, how to write the content, and provide tools to optimize it.

RankIQ has a Keyword library that is unlike most others as it does not only help you find high-traffic keyword phrases. RankIQ narrows the searches down to low-competition phrases.

One important thing to note is that RankIQ is not a general keyword researcher like other SEO tools. The simplicity of RankIQ design, features, and pricing aims to solve your SEO needs as a blogger or small business owner.

How does RankIQ work?

RankIQ works by taking you through linked simple operations to find ranking keyphrases and determine the best way to present your blog idea. But, before accessing the toolset, you need to have signed up and paid for the product, as the software does not offer a free trial.

Signing up on RankIQ

Signing up on Rank IQ was easy for me. It did not take more than two minutes to register and make payment. See how you can complete your registration below;

  • Click Create Account and fill out the registration form: On clicking the signup button for RankIQ, you will be directed to a page where you can choose to sign in or create a new account. As a prospecting user, click on the registration form where your basic details are collected.
Where new RankIQ users register
  • Click Next Step and fill in your payment details: After filling the fields in the registration form, you will be redirected to the Stripe™ payment portal to fill in the necessary information and pay for the month.
RankIQ redirects new users to Stripe for payment
  • Start running your searches: After the company charges your card, you will be redirected to the RankIQ homepage, where you can begin your search.
RankIQ Tutorial video, Tool Tabs and keyword search box

On the homepage, there are some features like the keyword library, reports, and my KW library, while the other tools showed later on when I was using the toolset.

RankIQ Key Features

RankIQ has a complete SEO toolset with distinctive functions that helps you to run analysis on your key phrases and presents a simplified result. See what each feature does below;

Keyword research library

The keyword library bar on the home page takes you to the Keyword research library. It contains a list of high-traffic, low-competition keywords strategically selected by the creator and a couple of others. That is where you filter through and find keywords related to your business or site.

RankIQ filter allows you to choose;

  • A specific niche: You can choose from the hundreds of RankIQ niches on the site or click the Can’t find your niche button to search outside the list.
RankIQ Keyword research niche filtering
  • Competition: This allows you to select the number of competitors you want to be considered from 0 to 100.
  • Visit per year: You can specify the minimum visit per year that you want the high-ranking sites to have.
  • Keywords to include and exclude: This allows you to request your chosen keywords or remove the ones you do not want in the result.
  • Time to rank: You can select the estimated time it takes the keyword to rank between fast and ultra-fast, where the average is within 180 days, and ultra-fast is 30 to 60 days.

After applying your filters, you can check the boxes of any keyword phrases you research to save them in your keyword library, where you can revisit them to run an AI SEO report.

RankIQ Keyword Library

The keyword library is where all your saved research gets stored.

From there, you can run SEO reports on the keywords and get a complete data analysis, including the number of competitions, the number of visits the highest-ranking post has, and an estimated time it will take the keyphrase to rank.

Page showing the functionalities of RankIQ keyword Library

You don’t have to worry about writing a blog based on the key phrases used by several other writers. RankIQ analyses and removes keywords already taken by users periodically to prevent the creation of multiple posts based on one key phrase.

RankIQ AI SEO Report

What the AI report does is that it carries out up-to-date data analysis for any keyphrase you choose to appraise.

RankIQ AI Report checks out the first 0 to 100 top-ranking blog posts for the same keyphrase you are running a report on and extracts keywords that will make your post a success. You can also determine which topic has a higher success rate from that report.

RankIQ allows you to run 16 SEO reports for $99, and the number resets at the beginning of each month. You can see the number of reports left on the homepage just above the keyphrase research query box.

RankIQ reports feature

Running a RankIQ SEO Report

There are three ways to run an SEO report on RankIQ;

  1. You can run a report on a new keyword phrase from the homepage using the query box. Simply input your keyphrase in the appropriate field and click on RUN NEW REPORT.

The process takes from 30 seconds to three minutes before you can see the results.

How to run a new RankIQ keyword search from the homepage
  1. You can also run a report from your existing database in the keyword research library by clicking the run report button in front of a key phrase.
How to run a report from RankIQ keyword research library
  1. The third place where you can run your keyphrase report is from your keyword library. Each keyword saved has a run report button in front of them.
How to run SEO report from RankIQ keyword Library

After running a report, you will see the AI SEO report, which contains the following statistics;

  • Suggested minimum content grade
  • Suggested word count for your post
  • Source analysis which shows how many competitor sites were appraised
What to expect from RankIQ SEO Report

When you scroll further down, you will see the following sections in the result;

RankIQ Competition Analysis

The first section you will see is the competition analysis, where your top three competitions are listed. You are supposed to check out the posts to see how their content is written. That gives you an idea of how to create your outline and outrank them.

Page showing the competition analysis section of a RankIQ SEO report

RankIQ Title Analysis

The next section is the Title Analysis which shows the keywords used in the top three sites ranking for your keyphrase. You are meant to form a unique title using some of the blog topics given by the analyzer.

Page showing ranking keywords on RankIQ title analysis page

RankIQ Content Analysis Report

The content analysis feature on RankIQ reports the topics google wants you to cover in your content. This section presents three columns showing the highest-scoring topics, their algorithm score, and the relevancy score.

From the results, you can easily scan and choose the keywords that should appear in your post outline and create your subheadings.

RankIQ content Analysis result showing the highest scoring topics, LSI phrases and their scores

After the various analysis and curation of your outline, you can move to the content optimizer tool to create your post.

RankIQ Content Optimizer

The content optimizer consists of a blank document where you can draft or paste and format your content, the top-ranking keywords, and some analyzer tools. The optimizer uses almost the same interface as a word editor, only that it has tools that analyze the strength of your content when writing blog posts or pasting them.

RankIQ content optimizer showing the editor and evaluation tools

You can use the content optimizer for both old and new blog posts. The optimizer is more effective when the existing content is ranking already on old posts.

Rank IQ Check Rankings

You can check your post insights in Check Rankings to track your site performance within the last 28 days. This feature shows the keywords that attracted the most traffic to your blog, pages that performed better, the ones that declined your organic clicks, and pages with the highest traffic in the past three months.

I can say that Check Ranking does just what Google Analytics and Google search console do, only its results are more straightforward and comprehensive.

RankIQ homepage showing the Check Rankings tab

RankIQ Pricing

RankIQ charges $99 monthly as its standard cost. With each monthly subscription, you can run 16 SEO reports and access all the tools available on the platform. The cost is currently lower than most other keyword tools.

RankIQ Discounts and Promo Code

RankIQ is currently offering a special 50% discount to all its users. You can subscribe to the regular $99 plan for just $49 and enjoy all the features.

While snooping around the software, I also found out that RankIQ offers its users a $29 per month subscription plan. That works for bloggers who cannot afford the discounted $49 per month. Although the plan allows you to have 8 AI reports, I think that is enough for anyone managing one to two blogs.

Note, however, that you can only access the $29 RankIQ plan when you attempt to cancel your account. Curiosity does not always kill the cat!

Cancellation page showing how to access RankIQ  subscription plan

Pros and Cons of RankIQ SEO Tool

Despite being a newbie in the market, RankIQ offers several thoughtful perks that most keyword tools are yet to beat. There are a few minor complaints too. See a summary of the benefits and downsides of RankIQ below;

Pros of RankIQ

  • RankIQ provides low competition keywords with high traffic.
  • You can write the outline for your blog post in minutes using RankIQ.
  • RankIQ sells its brilliant SEO toolset for half the price of competitors that cannot match its offerings.
  • Its operations are simple and easy to interpret.
  • The handpicked keywords take the stress of prolonged research off you.
  • RankIQ allows you to track the progress on your site.

Cons of RankIQ

  • The 16 reports allowed per month are limiting for people managing multiple blogs
  • Currently, you cannot categorize saved searches in the Keyword library

Top 3 Alternatives to RankIQ

Countless tools perform nearly the same function as RankIQ. They do keyword research, site analysis, competitive analysis, content optimization, and more. SEMrush, KWFinder, and Surfer are three SEO tools that come closer to RankIQ as an alternative than others.

See how they compare below;











Ideal for

Beginner and expert bloggers and small businesses

SEO Experts

SEO Experts

Beginners and SEO experts and SMBs



Pro level

Pro level


Advanced KW research





Site Analytics





Backlink Analysis





Free trial










Considering that RankIQ is software for bloggers and small businesses, it ranks above the other SEO tools in the comparison above. It has just the tools needed for any blogger to create a high-ranking blog post at a reasonable price.

RankIQ – AI SEO Tool – FAQs

1. Is RankIQ safe?

Rank IQ is a legit AI SEO tool that uses safe methods to execute its research. Any changes made to the software are targeted at improving its operations. See our RankIQ review to see how it works.

2. Is RankIQ genuine?

RankIQ is reliable when it comes to creating a ranking blog post. It provides the most sought-after SEO tools proven to work efficiently.

3. How do you use RankIQ?

RankIQ does not require intensive training to operate. All you have to do is follow a simple string of operations that help you create your blog post, from title to full content. RankIQ is easy to use. And if you don’t get it, there is a comprehensive tutorial video made by the creator which will help you find your way around the software.

4. Does rank IQ work?

RankIQ delivers all its promises. It has a complete search engine optimization toolset that gives you an edge over your competitors by helping your blog post rank.

5. How good is RankIQ?

As a blogger, you will find RankIQ effective when creating your blog posts. It has proven to supply accurate and consistent reports that meet the specific needs of its user. You can optimize your new blog post as well as the old posts using RankIQ.

6. What does rankIQ do?

RankIQ provides all the tools needed for you to run complete SEO research and rank your content on the first page of google. It caters specifically to bloggers but can assist other categories of writers to an extent.

My Take on RankIQ SEO Tool

As a blogger, the need to rank your content on SERP comes naturally, as it puts your site exactly where your audiences can see it. But we all know that curating high-quality content fit for the first page of google requires some serious SEO analysis.

Manually, the keyword research process and content creation can be expensive and time-consuming. But, thanks to AI-powered SEO tools like Rank IQ, you can find high-traffic keywords, optimize your content, and achieve your site goals faster and more conveniently.

Did you find my RankIQ review helpful? Do not hesitate to give the software a trial as a change to using overly complex and bank-breaking SEO tools.