11 YouTube Playlist Downloaders For Any Device (Free & Online)

YouTube offers video consumption and content creation opportunities to millions worldwide.

Do you come across valuable or entertaining YouTube videos and would like to watch them later? A personally created playlist always comes in handy.

You can create a playlist comprising your favorite YouTube videos.

A YouTube playlist comprises a video collection that plays sequentially. These videos follow each other automatically without your intervention.

YouTube playlist downloaders save you the trouble of streaming videos on the channel. Also, why download one video after another when you can grab them all instantly?

I present you with YouTube channel downloaders for any device.

You will find these tools most convenient whether you’re a PC person or love mobile devices.

Let’s dig in.

Best YouTube Playlist Downloaders (Mac & Windows)

Comparing the top online YouTube Playlist Downloader Software for Mac and Windows.

  1. 4K Video Downloaders
  2. iTube HD Video Downloader
  3. SnapDownloader
  4. By Click Downloader
  5. DVDVideoSoft YouTube Playlist Downloader
  6. Any Video Converter
  7. WinX YouTube Downloader
  8. Ddownr
  9. Loader.to
  10. YouTubePlaylist.cc
  11. iTubeGo

1. 4K Video Downloader

Best for fast 360-degree and 3D video downloads.

4k video downloader homepage screenshot

The 4K Video Downloader is a highly customizable tool that captures YouTube playlists with ease.

It has a convenient download process. The process entails the following easy tasks:

  • Pasting a video’s URL.
  • Selecting the desired format.
  • Selecting the output quality.
  • Getting your download underway.

You can download playlists with or without subtitles.

The downloader packs a rich format variety, and you can capture 360-degree and 3D videos.

When downloading playlists, the app generates for you an M3U playlist file. The playlist file allows you to play videos sequentially on any device.

It supports macOS, Linux, and Windows platforms.

4K Video Downloader Key Features

  • It has a download capacity of 24 videos.
  • Download and conversion follow a simple copy-pasting process.
  • It lets you extract subtitles.
  • You can customize the tool in numerous ways.
  • It supports numerous video output formats, including 3G, FLV, MP3, M4A, MKV, and MP4.

What We Liked Best

  • It is free-to-use YouTube playlist downloader software.
  • The 4K Video Downloader does not have annoying ads and upsells.
  • It has fast download and conversion speeds.
  • There are no additional software downloads.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Occasional bugs may cause slight inconveniences.


It has a free plan with the option of a premium plan upgrade for a one-time $15 payment.

4k video downloader pricing plans screenshot

Click here to download this YouTube playlist downloader tool.

2. iTube HD Video Downloader

Best for super fast downloads, it is three times faster than other tools.

itube hd downloader homepage screenshot

iTube HD Video Downloader boasts a neat user interface that helps simplify your playlist downloads.

It also has a browser extension, giving you a choice of using the plugin or website.

On every video you play, there is a playlist download button.

iTube HD Video Downloader can fetch clips from over 10,000 video streaming sites.

You will enjoy HD video downloading tasks at fast speeds.

Besides YouTube playlists, this YouTube downloader lets you download YouTube Vevo and YouTube 4K UHD content.

It also transfers videos to mobile devices, giving you the convenience of watching offline saved videos on the go.

It is among the top YouTube playlist downloaders.

iTube HD Video Downloader Key Features

  • In Private Mode, you can download content using a password.
  • Supported Platforms: It has the capacity to rip videos from over 10,000 sites, including Facebook, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.
  • You can download videos using URLs or a browser extension.
  • Activating the Turbo Mode mode yields downloads three times faster than usual.

What We Liked Best

  • It has an anonymous mode that keeps your playlists private.
  • The downloader boasts fast speed.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some functions are not available on the free version.


It is a free download tool with alternative paid plans for downloading videos.

itube hd video downloader pricing plan screenshot

There are three paid plans:

  • 1 Year Subscription: $19 1PC / Year
  • Lifetime License: $39 1PC / Lifetime
  • Family License: $72.50 2-5 PCs / Lifetime

Here is the link to access iTube HD Video Downloader.

3. SnapDownloader

Best for high-quality video conversions with up to 8K resolution ability.

snapdownloader home page screenshot

SnapDownloader captures playlists on YouTube as well as sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

It also converts videos to MP3 or MP4 formats.

Video output formats that this downloader supports include 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 8K.

You can download videos in an instant or keep the process in the background. Even more satisfying is that it enables you to watch videos offline.

Besides playlists, SnapDownloader supports 3D videos, VR videos, and YouTube channel downloads.

Are there times when you’re too busy? Not to worry, as this downloader lets you schedule. Once the scheduled time arrives, it will begin downloading your videos in the background.

SnapDownloader Key Features

  • It supports batch downloads.
  • The downloader can rip videos from over 900 websites.
  • It has seven video output formats.
  • The tool allows download scheduling.
  • It comes with a built-in editor for trimming videos.
  • It offers a YouTube search feature to help you find playlists.
  • SnapDownloader can download subtitles in over 1,000 languages.

What We Liked Best

  • There are no download limitations.
  • It supports other video streaming services besides YouTube.
  • The online tool offers numerous output variations, up to 8K resolution.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The free trial lasts only 24 hours.


It has a short-term free trial.

snapdownloader pricing plan screenshot

The paid version offers three options with licenses for one computer:

  • Monthly Subscription: $7.99 / Month
  • 3-Month Subscription: $16.99 / 3 Months
  • Annual Subscription: $29.99 / Year

There is also a lifetime license whose breakdown is as follows:

  • Personal License: $39.99 for 1 Computer
  • Family Edition: $69.99 for 3 Computers

Download the playlist downloader tool here.

4. By Click Downloader

Best for downloading YouTube playlists and channels in a one-click download.

by click downloader homepage screenshot

By Click Downloader offers a simple way to download YouTube videos yet boasts advanced features.

Some of its abilities include downloading subtitles, live videos, YouTube playlists, and channels.

It automatically detects videos on your browser and prompts you to download them.

Also, you have the option of saving videos intact or converting them to audio.

Other conversion aspects include ID3 tags to MP3 and YouTube to MP3.

By Click Downloader Key Features

  • It can download YouTube playlists, channels, and videos from 40+ sites.
  • The tool boasts extraction of high-quality videos of up to 8K resolution.
  • It detects YouTube videos, prompting you to download them.
  • Other advanced features include subtitles and live videos.
  • The software also converts videos to WMV and AVI formats.
  • It supports 27 languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, and French.

What We Liked Best

  • It has automatic video detection.
  • The downloader is easy to use.
  • It has fast download speeds.
  • The software has an ad-free user experience.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is Windows-only software.


It is a free tool. You only have to download and start using it.

by click downloader pricing plan screenshot

You can also choose the premium plan at $7.99 for one year or unlimited for $20.

A 50% discount applies when you upgrade to the premium plan and use the software on 2 PCs.

Download By Click Downloader using this link.

5. DVDVideoSoft

Best for quick and batch playlist video downloads.

dvdvideosoft homepage screenshot

DVDVideoSoft YouTube playlist downloader is a free downloader with a simple user interface.

A typical download experience with the software involves copy-pasting a video URL into the tool and getting things underway.

The tool lets you convert playlist videos to the preferred audio formats.

This software will get the job done if you have YouTube videos you would like to download in a swap.

You will also appreciate the download speeds, meaning you get stuff done quickly.

The YouTube playlist video downloader offers you an MP4 converter, a playlist downloader, and a subtitle downloader.

They all come as a package, and they’re free. Besides, what makes you not trust software that has over 300 million downloads?

DVDVideoSoft Key Features

  • It lets you download multiple videos.
  • You can merge videos using the software.
  • The software has a built-in video editor.
  • It supports batch video downloads.
  • The online tool supports the following output formats: OCG, AAC, M4A, MP3, FLAC, and WAV.
  • There is an FAQ page on the website which acts as a quick resource.

What We Liked Best

  • It allows screen capture.
  • The app offers you simplicity.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Its user interface gets laggy, especially with heavy downloads.


DVDVideoSoft is a free tool.

Proceed here to access and start using this video downloader.

6. Any Video Converter

Best for video editing and customization.

any video converter homepage screenshot

Any Video Converter enables you to download playlists and personalize them.

It comes with a built-in video editor that lets you shape up content to your desired settings.

Additionally, the downloader helps you add special effects, crop, and adjust color settings to your videos.

However, I’ll not lie to you that its user interface is a bit complex. Yet, once you get the hang of it, you will find the downloader very useful.

Any Video Converter is a one-click YouTube playlist downloader. Copy-paste YouTube URLs to download your favorite videos. It is that simple.

Any Video Converter Key Features

  • The downloader supports batch video downloads.
  • You can rip videos from over 100 sites besides YouTube.
  • It has a powerful editor that lets you spruce up video clips before downloading them.
  • It has a highly intuitive user interface.
  • The tool has a built-in web browser that works with Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers.

What We Liked Best

  • You can install and use it as an offline app.
  • It has tons of editing options.
  • The tool offers dozens of output formats, including WebM, M4A, MKV, and MP4.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The free version lacks batch download capabilities.


It has a free version.

any video converter pricing plan screenshot

Upgrade to Any Video Converter Ultimate for $49.95 for Windows and $54.95 for macOS.

Download the AVC YouTube playlist downloader using this link.

7. WinX HD Video Converter

Best for batching 4K video downloads.

winx hd video converter homepage screenshot

The WinX HD Video Converter YouTube playlist downloader is a simple tool equipped with powerful capabilities.

Like the other tools in my review, this downloader also works with copy and paste.

Its copy and paste is a four-step process where you:

  1. Copy a video’s URL.
  2. Paste the URL into a downloader.
  3. Select the output and quality format.
  4. Click the download button.

Since it is a batch downloader, it can process multiple videos in a queue with a single click.

Additionally, you must choose a folder to save the videos.

If you are a fan of 4K videos, then this tool is your best bet. It can also resize, format, and analyze a video’s resolution.

WinX HD Video Converter Key Features

  • It can rip videos from over 300 platforms.
  • It supports bulk video downloads.
  • WinX saves videos in FLV, WebM, MP4, and MP3 formats, among many others.
  • The app helps you download 4K videos.
  • The downloader has a video URL auto-detector.
  • The tool downloads video subtitles and takes snapshots.
  • It lets you preview videos before downloading them.

What We Liked Best

  • It has no ads prior to and after installation.
  • WinX has fast downloads.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It does not download 3D and 360-degree videos.


It is a free resource.

Click here to download WinX YouTube Playlist Downloader.

8. Ddownr

Best for users seeking non-subscription online downloaders.

ddownr homepage screenshot

Ddownr is a simple YouTube video download tool with numerous formats to choose from.

Among the formats it supports are MP4, M4A, MP3, and WebM.

The free online tool also lets you choose the desired download quality. I liked the way it gives users total control.

Regarding speed, Ddownr is on par with other downloaders in my review. You will also get used to its features quickly; it has a short learning curve.

Once you paste a video’s URL in the downloader’s text box, it will fetch your video in the stated format.

Besides, Ddownr is available online, and you don’t have to download additional software.

At the same time, this YouTube playlist downloader lets you optimize file sizes.

Ddownr Key Features

  • It has numerous download formats.
  • The app allows you to decide on the output quality.

What We Liked Best

  • Using the tool is very easy.
  • The downloader is free and appropriate for users on a budget.

What We Didn’t Like

  • There are occasional hitches that may interrupt or slow down your downloads.


It is a free-to-use resource.

Go to this link and access the free downloader.

9. Loader.to

Best for learners and pro users seeking a basic application.

loader.to homepage screenshot

Loader.to boasts a simple user interface such that inexperienced users can use the tool at the first instance.

Using this downloader only requires the URL of the entire YouTube playlist. Paste the video URL into the tool and wait a few seconds for the download.

Also, the downloader lets you choose the preferred format. It is that easy.

It has a bitrate of about 350kb/sec, a decent speed that does not compromise video quality.

Besides YouTube, the downloader rips videos from sites such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and SoundCloud.

Loader.to Key Features

  • It is an online resource accessible from any browser.
  • Loader.to downloads videos in 480p, 8K, 4K, and 1080p, among other resolutions.
  • It supports the following audio formats: M4A, AAC, OPUS, WAV, and OGG.
  • You can make bulk downloads using this downloader.

What We Liked Best

  • It is a straightforward downloader.
  • Loader.to works online and needs no software downloads.

What We Didn’t Like

  • I did not find any.


Loader.to is totally free.

You can try it out. Here is its download link.

10. YoutubePlaylist.cc

Best for downloading videos from YouTube playlists in bulk.

youtubeplaylist.cc homepage screenshot

YoutubePlaylist.cc helps you download playlist videos from YouTube and other content sites.

It boasts fast downloads and a variety of output formats. The online tool also features a simple download process.

Yet, the free user can download 15 videos per day, which is a decent limit.

YoutubePlaylist.cc Key Features

  • It allows unlimited video downloads.
  • The YouTube playlist downloader supports batch downloads.
  • Output resolutions include 4K for video and 320 kbps for audio files.
  • You can also download video subtitles.

What We Liked Best

  • The online platform has a supportive customer service team.
  • It is a web-based application and requires no software downloads.
  • It has a simple user interface.

What We Didn’t Like

  • There are annoying ads and upsells.
  • The free plan caps the number of videos you can download per day.


It has a free version alongside subscription plans.

youtubeplaylist.cc pricing plans screenshot

The paid plans are as follows:

  • 5 Days Premium: $3.99
  • 1 Month Premium: $9.9
  • 3 Month Premium: $24.9
  • 6 Month Premium: $48
  • 1 Year Premium: $84

The 3-month premium plan is the most popular. Furthermore, if you sign up for the 1-Year Premium plan, you will enjoy 30% savings.

Download YoutubePlaylist.cc through its website here.

11. iTubeGo

Best for anonymous and secure video downloads.

itubego homepage screenshot

iTubeGo comes with the huge advantage of ripping videos from over 10,000 online sites.

It downloads entire YouTube playlists, and channels, and it can extract audio files.

The software can convert your videos to MP4, MP3, M4A, AVI, and MOV.

It has a 10X faster download speed than other tools in its class.

Another cool aspect is that this online tool automatically detects playlist URLs. It then shows you all the videos in that list.

You can rename videos in a playlist or sort them in numerical order.

iTubeGo Key Features

  • The software has a password-protected folder.
  • It downloads 4K and 8K videos.
  • iTubeGo searches for subtitles for movies and TV shows you download.
  • It offers you over 40 video conversion formats.
  • The online resource detects and skips repeated videos in a playlist.

What We Liked Best

  • The tool supports over 10,000 video sites besides YouTube.
  • Its paid plans come with a 30-day refund guarantee.
  • It has SSL encryption that keeps your online activities discrete.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The free plan is only temporary.


You can download iTubeGo for free.

itubego pricing plan screenshot

There are four paid options:

  • 1-Month Plan: $9.95 1 Month/1 PC
  • 1-Year Plan: $24.95 1 Year/1 PC
  • Lifetime Plan: $24.95 Lifetime/1 PC
  • Family Plan: $39.95 Lifetime/2-5 PCs

The Lifetime Plan is the most popular.

Access the iTubeGo video downloader through its link here.

What is YouTube Playlist Downloader Software?

It is an online tool that helps you download a batch of videos from YouTube.

There are many free tools you can use to download your favorite YouTube videos. Even more advantageous is that they offer you a choice of download formats and quality.

I have examined select downloader tools in my review. For each tool, you have a short summary accompanied by its features, pros, and cons.

You will also notice that I have included a pricing plan to help you choose an affordable subscription.

How to Download YouTube Playlist

You can do so in a couple of steps. I will demonstrate by using DVD Videosoft Downloader.

Here are the instructions:

a) Launch the YouTube playlist downloader in your browser.

how to download youtube playlist step 1 screenshot

b) Copy the playlist URL from your YouTube account.

how to download youtube playlist step 2 screenshot

c) Click on the “Paste” button in the downloader’s user interface.

how to download youtube playlist step 3 screenshot

d) Use the Download button.

how to download youtube playlist step 4 screenshot

e) Save your downloaded videos in a folder for offline viewing.

how to download youtube playlist step 5 screenshot

FAQ – Download YouTube Playlist

1. How can I download an entire playlist from YouTube?

YouTube does not have a playlist download button.

A YouTube playlist downloader helps to circumvent this problem. The online tool rips an entire playlist at once.

Follow these simple steps to download a YouTube playlist:

  • Go to your online downloader interface.
  • Copy and paste the URL.
  • Specify the videos you want from the playlist.
  • Hit download.
  • 2. How can I download a full playlist from YouTube on mobile?

  • Open the video downloader on your phone’s browser.
  • Open your preferred YouTube channel on a separate tab.
  • Copy the playlist’s URL and paste it into the video downloader’s text box.
  • Tap Download and wait for your video to finish downloading.
  • Save your file in the chosen folder.
  • 3. How to create a YouTube playlist?

  • Navigate to a video you like on the YouTube channel and would want to have it in your playlist.
  • Locate the save button below the video, denoted by three lines, a plus symbol, and the word “Save.”
  • On your screen, a dropdown menu will appear.
  • Choose the last option, “+ Create a new playlist,” and type a name for your playlist.
  • Choose the privacy settings, i.e., “Public,” “Unlisted,” or “Private.”
  • Click on “Create” to complete your YouTube playlist creation.
  • 4. Is Downloading YouTube Videos Legal?

    It is illegal to download a YouTube video without permission from the platform or content creator.

    People ignore YouTube’s prohibitions and download videos anyway.

    However, you can download videos for personal use by subscribing to YouTube Premium.

    Also, YouTube does not restrict content that is in the Public Domain or under a Creative Commons license.

    I would advise you to always be cautious and avoid copyright violations.

    5. Do I need desktop Software for YouTube downloads?

    You don’t need to download desktop software when you can use a YouTube playlist downloader online.

    I have handpicked for you the 11 best playlist downloaders, and they are all free.

    Using the link at the end of each software review, you can launch the tool in seconds.

    Additionally, the software supports Mac and Windows operating systems.

    Download YouTube Playlist Videos

    I believe you now have a decent list of YouTube playlist downloaders. I have also demonstrated how to download a YouTube playlist.

    Nothing should stop you from downloading YouTube playlists for later viewing. You can generate playlists or search for databases created by other YouTube users.

    My take is that you will find the most appropriate video downloader and get down to work.

    These tools will ensure that you have downloaded videos or music files for offline enjoyment.

    Analyze them and decide whether to take the free resources or go the premium way.

    All the YouTube playlist downloader tools in my compilation have good speed and extra features.

    Nonetheless, analyze them one by one, examining the features, output format, and quality.

    In summary, here are the 11 YouTube playlist downloaders for any device. Downloading YouTube playlists couldn’t be any easier than with these tools.

    • SnapDownloader – Best for high-quality video conversions with up to 8K resolution ability.
    • By Click Downloader – Best for downloading YouTube playlists and channels in a one-click download.
    • DVDVideoSoft – Best for quick and batch playlist video downloads.
    • Ddownr – Best for users seeking non-subscription online downloaders.
    • Loader.to – Best for learners and pro users seeking a basic application.
    • iTubeGo – Best for anonymous and secure video downloads.

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