79+ Best Small Business Ideas (Low-Cost & Online)

Making money is art, and working is art, and good business is the best art.” Andy War

The number of remote workers earning online rose to 3.6 million during the pandemic.

Is the competition cutthroat? Yes!

Are you the only one looking for low-cost business ideas? No,

Let’s face it, everyone wants a magical way of earning that requires no effort and no investment.

Does that mean there is nothing left for you? Absolutely No. There are hundreds of ways to earn money online.

After my years of research as an online business consultant, I have sorted out this list of business ideas that anyone can opt for and enjoy earning in the comfort of their homes.

When you will go through this list of 79+ methods, you will realize that they are thoroughly practicable, online, legal, low cost, and self-sustainable.

Online business is not as complex as it might seem to an outsider; the reality is entirely opposite to what it looks like.

Even teenagers and stay-at-home moms can run these businesses without additional effort.

Some methods like blogging and Podcasting just require a constant and honest effort with some superior skills on our part, and that’s all. Welcome to the world of digital marketing!

Best Sustainable Business Ideas

eCommerce Business

Shopify home page for business ideas

Source: Shopify.com

An e-commerce business entails purchasing and selling goods online. You can start your eCommerce business with minimum investment.

It is best for people who already have a brick-and-mortar store and now want to take it online. Even if you don’t, you can earn with this method.

Choose the products you want to sell, select a name for your business, and trademark it.

Get the permits you require from your state, including sales tax permits, signage permits, or professional licenses if the products are related to the medical or kids industry.

After clearing all your bases, make a website or select a marketplace like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Shopify is the best if you want to have autonomy in your store. Upload the photographs and write an optimized listing for your goods and start selling.

Make sure to source high-quality goods only. Make sure to market your business on different social media platforms as well.

Blogging Business

Blue Host for hosting

Source: Bluehost

For people who want to make passive income, blogging is the perfect beginning. Find a niche that you feel most comfortable with and create a website about it that is SEO optimized. For starting a website, you will need hosting; Bluehost is the best place for that purpose.

Purchase an attractive domain name from GoDaddy, choose an attention-grabbing theme on WordPress, and start posting.

Optimize the site according to modern google algorithms and associated keywords.

Post related content regularly until it starts getting traffic. You can monetize and cash this traffic in various ways and get yourself a permanent source of income.


Buzzsprout for podcasts

Source: Buzzsprout

A podcast is just a digital recording; you can make it in different formats like an interview, solo, or multi-person podcast.

This is very easy to start, choose a theme for your podcast, study the relative audience, analyze their trends and write a script accordingly.

Initially, you can record the podcast on your phone, edit it on software like adobe and wavve, etc. After selecting an appropriate podcast cover, get hosting on Buzzsprout and publish your masterpiece.

Once you start making more money, you can buy professional equipment and call local celebrities related to your theme. You can use the podcast to promote your own business or product.

Use product placements or shout-outs for the monetization of your podcast as well.

Make sure that the script for the podcast is interesting and adds value to the listener’s life. This is the only way you can earn long-term money with it.

Digital courses


Source: Thinkfic.com

If you have any skill, you can utilize it to earn money by teaching it to other people via digital courses.

These can range from academic courses to daily house chores like gardening, makeup, cooking, etc.

Choose a topic you want to teach, look into its competition and check if it is something that people want to learn. If yes, then start making an outline for the course, use animations, graphs and images to make it palatable.

You can create these courses on different marketplaces like Udemy or skillshare etc. Here, you can produce videos related to your course and directly upload them on these websites and earn money.

Course creation software can also help people who want to make their courses without being limited by these marketplaces. For that purpose, you can go to thinkfic and podia, etc. After creating the course, you will need to focus on marketing as well.

Become a Youtuber

homepage of ShareASale

Source: ShareASale

YouTube is the most popular platform of recent times. Earning money on youtube is not only sustainable but also can be quite reliable. It requires effort and consistency to create content for YouTube.

You have to make sure that your channel gets enough subscribers. Make such videos that attract many views.

You will need to take care of youtube’s SEO and likings and dislikings of your audience. Collab with other YouTubers to increase your reach.

When your channel reaches a certain amount of subscribers and viewers, then you can monetize your channel. Apart from Adsense, you can also earn through super chat, ad revenue, youtube premium, merch selling, and sponsorships.

You can also partner with some affiliate programs like ShareASale, ImpactRadius, etc.

For these affiliations, you will review different products or simply ask your followers to check out the goods with your link. For each sale, you will get a percentage of revenue.

Best Online Business Ideas to Start Based on Your Income Goals and Needs

Self-Publishing Audiobooks

Audible home page

Source: Audible

Self-publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle and Audible allow writers to publish their ebooks and audiobooks. It can be a great income stream for people who want to enjoy the perks of a passive income stream.

Make sure to do your active research before starting the work. Choose a niche that has low competition yet great potential. Promote and share the link of your book with your family, friends, and followers for better reach.

Purchase Stocks Via Online Trading

Online trading allows users to check, purchase and sell available stocks according to their monetary goals. Money-making apps have made the process of online trading ever so convenient.

It has become easier to make investment plans with more control, reduced expenses, and time.

There are many apps with different visions for beginners, experienced investors, and traders. You can register on a site that aligns with your investment plans.

Affiliate program


Source: CJ.com

Affiliate programs can be beneficial for people with good marketing skills. You just need an audience, be it through your blog, a Facebook page, an Instagram handle, podcast, webinar, or youtube.

If your viewers trust your opinion, you can review different products for them and provide them with a link. You can earn a commission with each sale. These affiliate programs include CJ.com, Amazon Associates, ShareASale, etc.

Amazon PL

Amazon PL entails buying different products from a manufacturer (mostly from China), labeling them as your own, and selling them on Amazon.

For this business, you need to make an amazon seller account, research, and find a product with low competition and greater profit margins.

Make a listing of the product on amazon and start selling it.


Cryptocurrency is immensely popular nowadays, and you can buy this currency for selling purposes later. There is a wide variety of cryptocurrencies from which you can choose which one to buy. It includes bitcoin and etherium as well.

You purchase these coins from any site like Coinbase and then sell them later when prices are favorable.

Note: Go into this business only if you have enough previous knowledge. It might be lucrative, but there are a lot of risks involved.

Business Incubator

Business incubators in US

Source: Inbia.org

Recent studies showed there are 1400 business incubators in the US. These are programs that help in the growth of new businesses.

To start a business incubator, you need research, patience to build credibility, and lots of investment.

If you are into entrepreneurship, this is the best way of earning for you. You can start by incubating small businesses. As incubated enterprises have shown an 87% survival rate, the market trends are bending in favor of business incubators.

Start a Niche Site

An example of niche site

Source: Nichepersuits.com

Niche sites are an easier and quicker method to earn money as compared to traditional blogs. These sites revolve around a detailed product roundup article backed up with a few relevant informational pieces.

All you need to do is look for a low competition niche with high demand and start working. These sites get ranked easily with a few on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

Once you start getting enough traffic, you can monetize them and keep them as a source of passive income.

Become an Instagram Influencer:

People trust influencers more than celebrities because they are normal human beings like you and me. You can also become an Instagram influencer with a few simple steps. Identify your strengths and portray them on your Instagram account.

Your account should be your canvas on which you portray your personality, day by day, with consistent effort.

Study your audience, keep an eye on trends, start giveaways and shout-outs. These are just a few steps to become an influencer on Instagram.

Once you have an account with a sufficient audience that is interactive with you, the money-making process will follow in no time.

Website Flipping

Website flippers buy an existing website that is not making much dough, improve it and sell it at a higher price. For this process, you need to select a niche that you are familiar with. Buy a domain name that is relevant, simple, and catchy.

Opt for quality hosting like Bluehost, customize the website with a good theme. Use SEO techniques to improve the ranking of the website, make it Adsense approved.

You can also use affiliate services like commission junction. Once the website starts getting traffic, auction it and sell it to a buyer with a high bid.

SaaS Expert

SaaS is a marketing strategy that employs system software for quality lead generations.

This application-based technique increases the conversions of business. You can become a SaaS expert and help different companies reach their economic goals.

As a Saas reseller, you need to focus on system integration and custom applications for your clients.

Start an Online Magazine:

Make use of your intellect and earn money by starting an online magazine. Just focus on making unique content that will draw traffic, and you will earn money through it.

The advertisements and traffic will help you earn quick bucks. You can view the digital version of Vogue, for example.

Business Ideas Related to Art and Media.

Makeup Expert

James Charles Makeup Artist Source: Sisters Apparel

Your part-time makeup hobby can become a source of earning for you. There are a lot of people who want to learn about the basics of makeup. You can teach them about this artsy skill via a youtube channel or a membership website.

You can also introduce different premium courses or hold online makeup classes as well. Makeup enthusiasts can also review other makeup products or become beauty gurus on Instagram or TikTok.

Design a Greeting Card

Pay heed to your designing skills because they might earn you some money. You can write and design different greeting cards and either sell them yourself at various marketplaces or join a greeting card company.

These companies accept submissions from remote designers and pay them accordingly—for example, Blue mountain arts, Avanti Press, etc.

Online Poster Designing

The hidden artist in you can earn money online by utilizing poster designing skills. Many websites allow you to design posters and sell them. These include Poster My Wall, Design Cuts, Art Webs, etc.

You can earn up to 35% royalty sale on these websites. So, let your creativity fly and make some bucks along the process. You can also sell this skill at freelancing platforms like Flexjobs etc.

Design on TeeSpring

Artsy folks or people with good designing skills can become a Tee shirt designer at Tee spring.

The platform is pretty simple to operate. You design a shirt, set a price, you advertise it everywhere.

If more than ten people order the shirt, then Tee spring will print and dispatch the shirts. You will get your profit without any initial investment.

Sell Handmade Art Pieces.

Etsy home page

Source: Etsy.com

If you are good at art, design, and crafting homemade items, this is for you. Even if you don’t have a creative experience, there are hundreds of DIY videos on Youtube for your guidance.

There is a huge potential in selling household items on Etsy and Shopify. Plus, you can kick start your journey with a low budget. Before starting, do a quick research about your competitors and come up with an effective marketing technique.

Print on Demand Products

Print on demand is an online business model to sell customized products on your website. You have to find a printing company, and it will do everything from printing to shipping for you.

It is an ideal business structure for people with design skills who want to start with low investments.

You can sell designed t-shirts, phone covers, engraved jewelry, tote bags, or any other household items on an e-commerce platform that gets substantial traffic.

Video Editing

Editing videos can be a simple yet tiresome task. There are plenty of YouTubers and companies constantly looking for a workforce to edit and splice their hour-long videos.

You can also earn money with this method; just polish your editing skills.

Learn about working with different paid and free tools. Practice on some videos and create a portfolio. Next, you need to contact people that are hiring video editors.

Either join a freelancing platform for the purpose or send emails to different companies or YouTubers. Many websites pay for this purpose as well; those include MOFILM, TONGAL, etc.

Graphic Designer

Sell your art at red bubble

Source: Redbubble

Graphic designing is a valuable skill. You can earn money by offering your services as a freelance graphic designer.

Selling templates on platforms like Graphic River can also be a reliable earning source for designers.

You can also teach a course, or design T-shirts on Redbubble, design twitch emotes, or social media content.

Virtual Dance Studio

Opening a dance studio is an interactive way of earning money by making people happy.

Recent studies have shown that dancing reduces stress and boosts your frame of mind.

You can create dance class videos and sell them online. You can choose between recorded dance videos and live streaming. You can also start a social media campaign to advertise your studio.

It is an impressive way of earning for choreographers who are unemployed and looking for some source of earning.

Travel Vlogs

Travel enthusiasts can document their experience in the form of blogs or vlogs. Travel blogs are very famous with people who want to visit those places themselves. Choose a platform where you want to blog; it can be Instagram, youtube, Facebook page, or a blog on WordPress.

Make sure to keep it esthetic and real. Once you get an audience, you can monetize your blog through different methods.

Voiceover Artist

Bunny studio for voice overs

Source: Bunny Studio

For people with a naturally distinct and clear voice, becoming an online voice-over artist is a good option. First, you will need to take classes related to voice acting and practice a lot by reading things aloud. Work on the clarity and pitch of your voice.

Start working on pro bono or low-paying projects to build a portfolio. Work on your accent and dialect, select a niche for you and payment rate and start working on websites like Voice bunny, Bodalgo, etc.

Food-Based Businesses

Lunch Box Service

It is a perfect way of earning money for someone who loves cooking. Homemakers can easily create a setup at home.

You can start with creating a plan and determining delivery boundaries. You can plan a savory menu and advertise it on social media.

You can also add supplementary items to the menu. Revenue generated by lunch box services is expected to grow over $7.6 billion in 2024, which means people respond positively to such services.

Start a Diet Service.

People find it difficult to follow a diet; you can make it easier for them by providing them with diet food daily. There are different diet regimes in the market like keto, portion diet, snake diet, etc.

Find out which one has the ingredients that are accessible to you, Prepare the food, and start supplying to people interested in that diet. You can make a website, business Facebook or Instagram for this purpose. You can sell it on Shopify as well.

Online Bakery Business

You can start an online bakery business by following some simple steps – defining your niche, creating an interactive online platform, registering your business, and building your brand through advertising.

You can start a new business as well as convert your existing business to an online bakery. Introduce discount codes to attract an audience.

With such endeavors, you can earn more money with little effort. With consistency, you can establish bakeries like MilkBar.

Online Grocery Shop:

This is the most effective use of business skills to earn some money through providing online groceries.

You can open your platform and deliver the requisite groceries to the doorstep. This is widely needed and can make you earn a hefty amount of money.

You can take inspiration from shops like Tesco and Ocado etc.

Online Liquor Store

Since 2011, the USA has seen an increase of 30% in the sales of alcoholic beverages. Firstly, you need a license to sell liquor online.  

By introducing secure packaging and meeting shipping requirements, you can sell liquor internationally. You can open an online store on WordPress.

You can generate reasonable revenue through your liquor store if you provide it with undivided attention.

Food Blogging

A food blog

Source: Food52.com

Either you are a cooking expert or just a food enthusiast, you can start food blogging on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or WordPress.

You can share your cooking journey in your blogs, or you can review food from different restaurants.

After getting a permanent audience, you can turn your food blog into a career.

Start a Home-Based Pickle Business.

People love getting organically produced food. You can cater to this need by creating and selling homemade pickles.

To get started, you need to decide what kind of pickle you want to make. Then, select a scale for your business. Are you going to do it from your kitchen? Do you need a plant?

Get the license from FDA and register a brand name for your business as well.

Decide a marketplace for your business; you can either sell them on social media or Amazon, Etsy, etc.

Physical Service-Based Ideas

Online Bouquets Business

You can earn money by opening an online flower shop. You can advertise your online store on social media and deliver flowers to doorsteps.

The major perk is that you don’t have to rent or buy a store; you can arrange a setup at home.

Do it yourself, or you can also hire workers. Entertain your customers with discounted deals.

Rent Your Home


Source: AirBnb

If you have an extra room or house that you don’t use, you can utilize this space by renting it out on Airbnb. Anyone can make hundreds of dollars by renting out their spare rooms. The process is simple, take a few pictures of your place and create a listing on the website. The platform will handle the rest. There is no upfront payment of security deposits.

Customized Pet Products:

If you know your target customers and meet their demand by making unique products, you can earn a lot of money.

There is a variety of pets for whom you can make different products ranging from clothes to accessories.

You can customize them according to orders, and this will pay you well. There are online service providers also like Etsy for selling such products.

Customized Gift Boxes

Featuring a flexible schedule and lower startup costs, customized gift boxes can be another way of earning for you.

You can customize gift baskets for your customers according to their interests. You can open a store, or you can also start your business online.

You can start an advertising campaign to introduce your business to the masses.

Digital Service-Based Business Ideas


Become a translator at Speakt

Source: Speakt

This job is the best for people who know two languages well. You can work as a translator of any language and get paid for it. Translators are high in demand because of the global village this world has become.

You can translate any language into English or vice versa for many purposes like studying, language mediation, politics, etc. Many platforms like Speakt pay you for translations.


You can earn money by selling products using your marketing skills.

It involves simple communication and advertising skills in which you have to talk to the customer to sell your product directly.

You can do telemarketing through any media like social media or telephone service. Platforms like Flatworld Solutions provide the opportunity for telemarketing.

Create WordPress Themes

50% of all WordPress themes on ThemeForest have generated total revenue of $1000 in a month. If you can build interactive WordPress themes, you can earn money by selling them.

You can earn a handsome amount. You can sell themes on big marketplaces by attracting an audience and convincing them to make the purchase.

Reach more audiences by getting your products mentioned in WordPress blogs. It is no doubt an amazing way of earning for developers.

Facebook Advertising Expert:

Facebook has 2740 million monthly users, making it a prime spot for advertisers who want to display their products in front of consumers. Companies are always looking for someone who can handle their marketing.

Go to facebook’s blueprint portal and learn about the subject matter. You can also learn it through different courses or videos and start rendering your services as a Facebook advertising expert.

Email Marketing

Studies published in 2021 showed 4.03 billion email users across the world. It highlights another way of earning money which is email marketing.

You can advertise your products or offers to a large audience by using platforms like MailChimpGetResponse, and Aweber.

All you have to do is set goals, write engaging emails, introduce effective designs, and use interactive advertising techniques.

You can easily get started and drive revenue by reaching a global audience. Try to personalize your messages and automate your email campaigns.

Online Personal Shopper:

The online shopping expert

Source: Theonlineshoppingexpert

You can be an assistant for shopping lovers and get paid for your expert opinions and guidelines. You need to be aware of the latest trends and in-demand products and then guide the customers about the reliable brand.

Brands also pay you for being a shopping guide and assist their customers in shopping.

Platforms like The Online Shopping Expert pay you to be a shopping assistant.

Transcription Company

If you have a good typing speed, this is an ideal way of earning for you. You can write transcripts for the law, medicine, or business sector.

You need to start with the steps like – creating a plan, getting registered, making a business bank account, defining and advertising your business.

With limited barriers to entry, you can work with a transcription company remotely. You can make your own company, or you can work online with companies like Speak Write.

App Tester

App testers devise different manual and automated testing systems to check the operating of an app on various devices. Platforms like Ubertesters and Tester work provide opportunities to people to try unreleased apps.

To become an app tester, you need to have the necessary knowledge about programming. You also need information regarding the inner workings of various apps on iOS and Android and different tracking tools like JIRA and ALM, etc.

Call Operator For Virtual Centers

Virtual call centers are based on a business model where all the employees work remotely. A call center operator will be responsible for telemarketing and answering customer queries.

Working in a call center can be overwhelming, but there are multiple benefits and learning curves too. Plus, it is a decent option for fresh graduates and unemployed people to fill the experience section in their resumes.

Marketing Campaign Management

Marketo home page

Source: Marketo

Marketing is crucial to the success of any business. These campaigns can be email, ads, tradeshow, or print marketing campaigns.

If you have enough knowledge of CRM and various marketing tools like Marketo, Hubspot, etc., you can become a campaign manager for a startup. You can offer them services like lead generation, social media marketing, and influencer marketing, etc.

Event Planner 

You can earn money by planning events. You can arrange weddings, gatherings, parties, or conferences.

To impact the event planning industry, you need to be organized and knowledgeable about the latest trends.

Start planning small events and increase your social circle. It will consequently increase opportunities for you.

You can also start event planning without any investment – working as a freelancer for companies.

Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of companies like BELAY, Equivity, etc., that are always in search of a workforce. They require people to do simple tasks like data entry, handling appointments, etc.

You can also become a VA for them. All you need is good communication skills, a little know-how of spreadsheets and documents, and you are good to go.

Make an outstanding CV, portfolio, and an extraordinary cover letter and start applying.

Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping service is about keeping track of a company’s monetary transactions, budget, employee invoices, and documenting financial statements. Business owners start looking for competent bookkeepers the moment their businesses start growing.

It is, indeed, a rewarding career choice with a handsome salary package. You can land higher-paying jobs after gaining experience as a bookkeeper.

Online Dating Guru:

You can always channel your dating experience and advice into a way to earn money.

Start a platform where you consult people who need any relationship guidance or advice.

You can charge the fee in return and set up similar people as well. Visit DR Catherine-Dating Guru to learn about this business.

Set Up an E-décor Service

You can earn money by providing design and décor services to a client over the internet. Interior designers can easily set up an e-décor service.

You can start by building a portfolio and website. You can also sign a contract with companies if you want to work on a commercial level.

You can provide services for homes, offices, and apartments. As your social circle will grow, your earning will increase.

Image Consulting Business

If you have a positive outlook towards life, you can earn money by coaching others on different life perspectives. You can teach them how to dress, talk, or move in professional setups.

You can coach individuals as well as groups. For a startup, you need to introduce yourself to different social setups. Take part in workshops. You should be well equipped to fulfill your job efficiently.

Data Analysis Consultation

Data analysis consultants are responsible for analyzing data, examining reports, developing databases, and bringing improvements in business infrastructure.

It is a pretty lucrative career, and you need to have a college degree in computer science/ IT and experience using SQL and statistical packages. Financial and tech companies are mostly hunting for talented data analysts.

Online Social Media Manager:

This is a freelancing job but pays a handsome amount. Many companies require skillful managers to run their social media handles.

You get paid for keeping the content up-to-date and unique. The way to land such jobs is using freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to earn some money by working as a social media handler.

Sell Stock Images

alamy home page

Source: Alamy

For people with a camera and good photography skills, selling stock images is a lucrative option. Buy the essential equipment, use free or paid image editing software, e.g., PIXLR, GIMP, etc.

Join different stock image websites like Alamy, EyeEm, Foap, etc. Upload your images and start earning.

Become a Coder

A coder gives instructions to a computer system to perform a series of tasks using a programming language.

If you have a knack for problem-solving and coding, you can generate a sizable income through this skill. One of the many advantages of this skill is that it never goes out of demand, especially if you have command over C++, Java, Python, C#, or Javascript. Plus, you get the perks of location independence and consistent growth.

Freelance Writing

Flexjobs home page

Source: Flexjobs.com

For people with good command over writing, freelance writing can be a viable option. For this, you need to identify your niche and research about different types of articles you can write on that niche.

Learn what SEO is, become proficient in different types of writing, e.g., copywriting, blog writing, technical writing, etc. Start your career on freelance platforms like Upwork, Flexjobs, etc.

SEO Expert

Search engine optimization is the technique of optimizing your website for better reach and ranking. The SEO industry is increasing rapidly as every business needs organic traffic and online visibility.

Being a successful SEO expert requires a variety of skills as it is a pretty vast field. You need to have a great understanding of the latest algorithms, on-page, off-page, technical, mobile, and e-commerce SEO, to stand out from the crowd.

IoT Service Provider

IoT (Internet of things) is gaining a lot of momentum these days. If you have previous knowledge about making widgets, web infrastructure, or other premium IoT products, you can present your services to different businesses. You can help them with tracking their assets and other maintenance tasks.

For this, you need to learn javascript, python, and other essential IoT services,e.g., and then you can work as a freelancer on FlexJobs.

Data Entry

Data entry job responsibilities may include entering information into a company’s database, updating the company’s website, or transcription work. Employers offer flexible work hours for this gig. No college degree or experience is required in this field.

If you have basic computer literacy and an understanding of data processing software, you are good to go. Beware of the online scammers and market your services wisely.

Education-Based Business Ideas

Become a Career Coach

Career couches guide people about career choices and the future in general. Contrary to career counselors, they do not need an official degree for this purpose.

To pursue this business, you need to familiarize yourself with the job market and its trends. Polish your resume writing skills because some clients might expect your help in that. Select a niche for yourself and stick to it. Build your credibility on linked in.

Although certifications are not necessary, they do increase your credibility, so focus on getting them. After you are ready, create a website along with working on social media platforms. Don’t forget to try on freelancing platforms.

Business Coaching:

You can earn money by giving your expertise about business ideas and how to do it professionally. The beginners need to learn a lot about lucrative businesses and the tips which can make them profitable. You can charge a fee for your consultancy and skill. There are various business coaching services like Noomi to take as inspiration.

Host Webinars


Source: Webex.com

You can share valuable tips and information about a particular subject you are an expert in or promote a product by hosting a webinar. Software like Zoom and Webex Meeting are popular for group meetings, and you can use any of them.

You can charge an admission fee per attendant, and it could be a decent side hustle. This gig is more beneficial for people who have a solid online presence and following.

Online Fitness Expert:

You can earn a lot of money by providing your services as a fitness expert. This is in huge demand plus you can give both diet and fitness services. You can teach a fitness regime and exercises for shaping the body and losing weight both.

These services can be monetized on YouTube as well as on your website. There are many online fitness experts on platforms like MoveNfit, where you can also work as a fitness expert.

Membership Websites

If you can create useful and beneficial content, then you can start a membership site. It will allow access to users only when they pay some money after making an ID. You can give a purview of your content to make it intriguing for users. Then keep the premium features only for paid members.

You can build these websites on platforms like Wix and Square Space etc.

Tech-Based Business Ideas

Review Websites

You can get paid for reviewing websites based on designs, interface, and user experience. This gig might not make you rich, but it is a good side hustle for people looking to make some extra money.

It is a relatively easy job and gives you time and location freedom. All you need is proficiency in English speaking, a mic, and UX design understanding to get hired by sites.

App Development:

For technical experts, app development is a lucrative option. You should have a clear idea about the app’s features and make it technically sound. Choose the layout, program it effectively and release it on accessible platforms.

You earn money upon downloads as well as by monetizing a few extra features. There are many platforms like Appy Pie where you can build your app and then make money with it later on.

Create Chatbots

Canva home page

Source: Canva

You can always create helpful chatbots for customers for different sites. To do this, one must have comprehensive research about the customer’s queries to program the relevant answers in chatbots.

You can use platforms like Manybot to create these chatbots. Decision trees are necessary for creating these bots, and that can be made using Canva.

Monetize Your Facebook Group

We all have tried being an admin of a Facebook group in our lives. This opportunity can seem like a dream come true for those who successfully managed a group with adequate members.

You can monetize your group by making it attractive for advertisers, use different funnels for this purpose. Focus on SEO and gather organic traffic. You can also earn money by associating with an affiliate program like CJ.com.

Reserve an AdSpace:

If you have an ongoing blog or a running website, then reserving ad space is the best idea for monetization. But you need to make sure that your blog attracts enough viewers.

Then you can ask advertisers to sell you ads, and upon every click, a cent is generated. This becomes a consistent source of money.

PPC Expert

This job will get you paid based on the number of clicks on ads. You will get hired for the management of advertisement strategies.

If you can accurately bid on keywords, you can earn more through little investment. You will be obliged to generate traffic and drive sales through the targeted audience.

 45% of small businesses use PPC advertising, which means you can find a lot of clients.

You should keep on checking the latest industry trends to become a PPC expert.

White Hat Hacking

You can get paid for hacking. Yes, but this is ethical hacking. Businesses will pay you to hack their systems. It is to make sure they aren’t vulnerable to unauthorized access.

You will be highly paid for this remote job. To start working as a white-hat hacker, you need to get certified.

You can offer freelance services through platforms like FiverrUpwork, etc.

Job-Hunting Website

You can open a job-hunting website and earn money by charging a fee from the candidate and the recruiter.

This constant source of earning boosts your status and also serves as a medium for connectivity. Do thorough research and utilize the right web development processes.

Recent studies showed almost 67% of unemployed respondents visit a job-hunting website in a month. It means you can attract a large audience through an effective strategy.

Web designing

Graphic River

Source: Graphic River

Web designing refers to skills related to creating and maintaining a website. A web designer caters to graphics, user interface, on-page experience, and standardized coding of a website. You can utilize this talent by presenting your services to different companies for individual projects and an in-house designer.

Web designers can also create themes and other stock graphics and files and sell them on marketplaces like Graphic river and creative market etc.

Build Chrome Extensions

You can build and sell chrome extensions to earn money. The simplest extensions cost up to $200.

Chrome extensions make chrome easy to use. The people who use them pay a one-off or recurring fee to their owners.

Other than increasing exposure, they are equally helpful for people. You can materialize your idea of a chrome extension by hiring a freelance developer.

Among all the other platforms, chrome has a 64.92% of share in the global browser market. It means you will have a large audience.

Lead Generation

Leads are potential customers that a company needs to make sales. Leads can be generated through organic and paid traffic. If you know how to manipulate this traffic into creating leads, you can work as a lead generator.

Leads can be of a single option (email address and name without confirmation) or double option (confirmed email addresses). These double-option ones are more valuable.

Affiliate networks have tons of companies that are looking for leads. You can create those leads and sell them to these companies to earn money.

Website Testing

Website testing is to analyze the functionality of a website without having direct ties with the company. It is important as users don’t prefer slow websites.

It is best for people who are looking for a side activity to bring in extra earning. The main perk of this job is its versatility. It isn’t a full-time job; it supplements your income.

Some companies will pay you for testing websites such as Usertesting and Userlytics.

For a better experience, you can sign up to different platforms.  

List of Business Ideas for People With Blogging Experience

  • Monetize a Blog
  • Affiliate Program
  • Start a Niche Site
  • Food Blogging

Online Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms And Dads

  • eCommerce Business
  • Online Bouquets Business
  • Print on Demand Business
  • Amazon PL
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Event Planner
  • Customized Gift Boxes
  • Diet Food Service
  • Become a Business Broker
  • Business Coaching
  • Setup an E-décor Services
  • Online Personal Shopper
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Online Fitness Expert
  • Customized Pet Products
  • Host Webinars
  • Stock Market
  • Become a Telemarketer

List of Business Ideas for College Students

  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Web Designing Services
  • IoT Service Provider
  • SaaS Business
  • Bookkeeping Service
  • Call Operator for Virtual Centers
  • Sell on Etsy
  • Data Entry
  • Data Analysis Consultation
  • Get Your Books Published
  • Social Media Manager
  • Online Grocery Shop
  • Start an E-Magazine
  • Online Dating Guru

List of Business Ideas for Teens and Kids

  • Freelance Writing
  • Start a Podcast
  • Lead Generation
  • Voiceover Artist
  • Try out Youtube
  • Become a Freelancer
  • App Tester
  • Facebook Advertising Expert
  • Monetize your Facebook Group
  • Become an Influencer
  • Chatbot Business
  • Virtual Dance Studio
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Tester

Business Ideas For people with Arts and Crafts Skills

  • Video Editing
  • Image Consultation
  • Graphic Designer
  • Makeup Expert
  • Design a Gift Card Service
  • Design on TeeSpring
  • Sell Handmade Art Pieces
  • Online Poster Designing
  • Translator
  • Become a Career Coach
  • Create Online Courses

List of Business Ideas for Tech-Savvy People

  • Build Chrome Extensions
  • Business Incubator
  • SEO Expert
  • Provide Online Security Services
  • Membership Websites
  • Virtual Reality
  • Web Development
  • Job-Hunting Website
  • Create WordPress Themes
  • Transcription Company
  • PPC Expert
  • White Hat Hacking
  • Website Flipping
  • Subscription Service
  • App Development

List of Business Ideas for Foodies

  • Online Bakery Business
  • Lunch Box Service
  • Online Liquor Store
  • Food Blogging
  • Sell Homemade Pickles

List of Business Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

  • Travel Vlogs
  • Rent your Home
  • Sell Stock Images

Online Business ideas FAQs

How do you start a successful online business?

  • Look what niches are more profitable, study the general public trends.
  • Check your compatibility with that specific business.
  • Learn more skills regarding the business, don’t go blindly into it.
  • Allocate the resources you are willing to invest.
  • Decide how many hours a day you want to spend on it.
  • Make a vision board. Define your brand’s theme and esthetics.
  • Do proper planning and give it as much energy as you would give to an offline business.
  • This is the only recipe for a successful business.

    What kind of online business is the most profitable?

    Nowadays, the e-commerce business is one the most profitable businesses. There are so many good platforms for that. Amazon is perfect for newcomers who are just testing their waters. While for seasoned players, Shopify can be their genie in the bottle.

    Apart from it, other businesses with high-profit margins include:

  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Youtube Influencers
  • Selling Digital Courses
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Niche Sites
  • Creating and Selling Digital Products
  • These businesses do not require much investment, just learn the basics, and you can start earning.

    What businesses can I start with no money?

    In the offline world, most businesses require some kind of money, either in investment or for equipment or office space. On the contrary, there are a lot of online companies that do not require any investment, these include:

  • Designing and Selling T-shirts on TeeSpring
  • Freelance Writing
  • Creating a Channel on Youtube
  • Renting your Space and Stuff
  • Website Testing
  • IoT Service Provider
  • How can I earn money fast?

    There are no shortcuts for earning money overnight. Every sustainable method demands time. That does not mean you can’t make quick cash.

    Freelance services are reliable methods for generating fast money. Focus on what skills you have and look for a way to monetize those talents.

    If you’re good at arts and crafts, you can sell your creations at Etsy. If your voice is mesmerizing, you can become a voice-over artist. People with good baking skills can earn money by selling baked goods.


    Starting a new business can always be scary. The prospect of trying and not succeeding keeps a lot of young entrepreneurs from achieving their dreams. Some don’t try because of a lack of investments. That is why I curated the above lists of businesses that are all online and low-cost.

    The opportunities are endless here. There is nothing at stake. You can become a blogger; all. you need to dedicate your time and efforts. Start eCommerce at platforms like Shopify, Amazon, etc., and see a new world unravel in front of you.

    There is no need to limit yourself to one endeavour only. You could be having a daily podcast along with managing a weekly course on skillshare. Now it is up to you to try.